Have the Coziest Flooring of Home Carpet in Dubai

Home Carpets: Carpeter has come up with the versatile carpeting choice of Home floor Carpet in Dubai. This ideal carpeting for the home provides the most comfortable surfacing underfoot and also makes the whole interior stand out dynamically.

They effectively make every bit of a residential area a lot more usable. In addition to that, their endless functionality involves a significant cost-cutting of the energy bills and also the most perfect temperature optimization. Also, they add to the comfort factor by their acoustic protecting properties.

Classic Home Carpets In Dubai

Construction and Backing

Our Home Carpet features Nylon, Cotton, Polyester, Acrylic, Polypropylene, and Wool construction. In addition to that, there are constructions carried out of Blended fabrics, as well. 


For the purpose of carpet backing, we make use of the materials such as 100% plastic, jute, and recycled fibers. This way, our carpets turn out to be a lot more sturdy and resistant in nature. 

Thickness and Sizing

Our Modern Carpets for the home have a standard density that ranges from 6 lb per cubic feet to 8 lb per cubic feet. As for the standard thickness value, it ranges from 1/4 inch to 7/16 inch and can be customized according to the requirement, as well. These carpets are high-pile in the first place but are also available within certain low pile versions. 

Unique Features of home carpets 

Our versatile Home Carpet offers a number of distinctive functionalities:


  • These Carpets are flawlessly stain-resistant and impact resistant
  • They feature effective noise dampening properties
  • They’re super easy and inexpensive to maintain
  • These carpets feature a rich and high piled structure
  • They show an effective resistance against moisture
  • They have absolute children as well as pet-friendly nature
Home Carpet

Benefits Compilation

Ahead are the fundamental advantages of our carpets for home:


  • These home Round Carpets nicely accomplish all the decor
  • They create an ideal temperature balance all around
  • They offer an endless walking comfort
  • They secure the floors for children, elderly people, and pets
  • They show an extraordinary performance within areas with high foot traffic
  • They reduce the energy bills up to a considerable extent

Areas of Application

Our all-purpose home carpets serve within a number of diversified ways. They’re the ideal floor covering for all of the indoor spaces as well as a perfect decor accessory for the outdoor ones, as well.

From the coziest addition to your bedroom, all the way to the creation of a sleek office decor of yours, you can benefit from these carpets in a number of ways. 

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