How To Measure Curtains By Opting An Easy Method? | A Complete Guide

Measuring Curtains

If you leave your windows bare or naked, it means that you are not availing yourself of the most preferred opportunity that is considered a top trend in interior decor. Are you thinking about a curtain? If so, then you are guessing it correctly. Curtains are the biggest interior design opportunity that can be used to make the look of your place really mesmerizing instantly.

Besides being a beautification element, the curtains are also for some functional purposes. They offer different functionalities, like adding warmth to the interiors. They filter the sunlight coming into your room, offer privacy, and act as insulators as well. Here, before choosing the ideal drapes or curtains for your interiors, check out our instant tips and know about the question “How to Measure Curtains.”

Tips For Measuring Curtains In Easy Steps


Measuring Curtains In Easy Steps

Taking measurements of your window to get the perfect drapery option for your window is a bit of a technical and tricky task. But this task has got a lot of importance because if your measurements are not accurate, then your window covering will not look appealing, and despite adding beauty to your place, the curtains will have an odd look.

So in order to take flawless and error-free measurements for your curtains, here on this blog, we have got simple and effortless tips by which you can easily do the job with great perfection. So, without wasting any single second of your precious time, let us move to these basic tips and tricks and let you know about how to measure curtains.

1. Decide On The Mounting Technique

The very first thing that you have to determine before starting the measurement for your curtains is the technique by which you are going to install them. It can either be inside the window frame or outside the window frame as well. Remember that each style of mounting has got different aesthetics, and you can choose them according to your preferences also.

Measure The Curtains by mounting techniques

Inside Mounting

The inside mounting technique is not so common, but it can be done with great perfection just like the outside mounting, as it offers stunning looks and shows off unique aesthetics. For an inside mount, the curtain rod is placed inside the window frame, offering an appearance that is streamlined. Such a mounting technique is not very effective in blocking light, but you can get minimalist decor and privacy.

Outside Mounting

The most common style for mounting that all people prefer is outside mounting. In this case, the curtain rod is drilled into the walls outside the window frame, and it gives the great illusion of a gigantic window. The full window frame is covered and offers you complete blocking of light and high privacy also.

2. Check For The Rod Length

Check For The Rod Length

Now the next step is to determine the length of your curtain rod. It is the best practice that it has to be done before taking the measurement for curtains. The curtain rods are extended approximately 3 to 6 inches from the window frame on either side.

The diameter of the curtain rod must be at least 1 inch so that it can bear the weight of your drapes. Installation of the rod is also of 3 types, so choosing the type of your choice may also affect the length of the rod. Let us discuss all three possibilities one by one.

Inside Trim Mount

To get a streamlined window covering, you have to suspend your curtains within the frame of your window. If you are looking for a snug fit, then choose curtain rods that have expandable designs and protective caps as well. In this modern-day era, the rods should be as wide as the width of your windows or slightly greater.

Below Trim Mount

If you have got some beautiful engraving or molding on your window frame, then you should measure below that frame and place the rod underneath the trim. This method tends to be the best method ever to show the craftsmanship of your moldings.

Above Trim Mount

The very ideal placement of curtain rods is considered to be about 6 to 12 inches above the frame of your window. It is primarily determined by the amount of space available between your window frame and the roof. It also determines the proper aesthetical approach of the hanging curtains.

3. Choose The Length Of Your Curtains

Choose The Length Of Your Curtains

The next step is to determine the length of your curtains, which hopefully helps you a lot in achieving the best interior style. Depending upon your preferences, there are 3 ways to hang your curtains from the window. Each of which is mentioned below.

Above Sill

The curtains that you want to hang above the sill are typically 1 cm above the sill of your window.

Below Sill

Roughly 15 cm is required if you want to place your curtains below the sill of your window.

Floor Length

Some homeowners prefer that their curtains come to the length of the floor. For such orientation, the most preferred measurement is 1 cm above the floor.

4. Measure The Width For Your Curtains


Measure The Width For Your Curtains

The curtain width should be about 1.5 to 3 times the final measurement of the width of your window. But keep in mind that the style that you will get on the final installation will typically depend on the type of curtain placement that you choose. For example, curtains with larger widths give your windows a rich look, but if you go for curtains with shorter widths, they create an immensely tailored theme.

Another important thing to consider is that window panels are other items that are listed separately. So it is your responsibility to check whether your curtain comes in a pair or whether you have to buy another piece as a partner. For panel curtains, their looks will be more appealing and desirable as well.

5. Measure The Length For Your Curtains

Measure The Length For Your Curtains

The actual measurement of the window curtains is taken as the multiple of width x length. Here, length is the distance that starts from the curtain rod pocket and ends at the very bottom of your curtain panel. If you are going to put in valances that cover the upper half of your windows, then they are also measured in width by the length.

The length of your curtains will totally depend upon the style of your hanging, which is totally responsible for offering you the desired look. To measure the length of your curtains, first, place the measuring tape at the top of your window frame, or you can also place it on the inside top corner of the window.

By doing so, you can get the desired measurement of the window frame, which helps you in determining the actual length of your curtains. If you want to give your window frame an elongated appearance, you should measure at least 20 inches above the frame. It will help you out in making a perfect assumption that can be used for making a wise purchase of curtains having the appropriate and desired length.

To Wrap Up!

The entire blog tells you about the different ways of opting and how you can determine the proper length and width of your window curtains. All the possible hanging methods are mentioned in our article, which describes all the opportunities and possibilities involved in the accurate and perfect measurements for the curtains of your windows.

We hope that after reading this whole piece of writing now, you are completely able to choose the best curtains and the most authentic measurements. Most people should also have got the answer to their question about “How to measure curtains.” For more interior decor-related blogs and information, you can come to our site and enjoy our latest blogs as well.

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