7 Reliable Solutions On How to Remove Carpet – 2022 Guide

How to Remove Carpet


When your carpet reaches its last stage, completing its lifespan with you, it usually starts getting worn out. Obviously, you want to remove it from your floor and install a new floor covering that again makes your living place adorable and luxurious just like the carpeted floor. But the question pop-up in mind, “How to remove Carpet?”

While getting the installation of your carpet, you might avail some professional help, although you could do it by yourself. But, removal of carpet doesn’t require any professionalism. You can remove it on your own by considering some following steps.

Essential Steps On How To Remove Carpet With Latest Material and Equipment

How to Remove Carpet


Just like the installation of carpet might require some material and equipment, so does the removal of carpet require, that will make your work easy and you can remove your carpet with no time from the space. Make sure you have the following material and equipment before going to look at how to remove carpet without hiring some professional services.

Remove your carpet from your area on your own, saving a lot of money by not hiring professionals. Do this task in the most efficient way by following the steps mentioned below.

Tools and materials that we use during the removal of carpets are mentioned below;

  • Duct Tape
  • Pry bar
  • Utility knife with spare blades
  • Dust Mask
  • Hammer
  • Gloves
  • Vacuum with dust filter

Wear Gloves And The Dust mask

Make sure you wear gloves and a dust mask before performing any task to remove the living room carpet from your living space. Carpet removal is, no doubt, a dusty task to do therefore, wearing gloves is recommended. And, the dust mask is necessary to protect yourself and your eyes from the flying nails of the tack strip when you remove them.

Gloves should be heavy enough to protect your hands from any injury while taking those sharp nails out from the tack strips.

Prepare Your Room to Remove the Carpet

Before looking at the steps of how to remove carpet, make your whole room empty. Move the furniture out of it. Make the path clear between the room and outside. Decide an area where to put the removed carpet. The place should be dry and ventilated to avoid the waterlogged carpeting which will be heavy then, to carry.

Before removing the carpet, make sure you do a proper vacuuming of it, because, during the removing procedure of your carpet, it kicks up the dirt and debris including mites and dry mold. So, it will be better if you make your carpet clean before doing any removal step.

Remove Baseboard or Shoe Molding

It is recommended to remove the baseboard and shoe moldings because they prevent the removal of carpet and make it a much more difficult task to do than it is. Remove all other wall trims around the room to make the removal of your carpet easier. Remove them smoothly and place them aside to put them back in your room.

Start by Pulling Back the Carpet

How to Remove Carpet


In order to make this task smooth, use the hook end of the pry bar to grab a corner of the carpet and pull the carpets underlayment. Make sure you have enough grip on the corner that you can pull it back. Pull as much as you can until or unless your carpet doesn’t need to fall back.

Better to do this task with someone, because carpeting is not that light to manage on your own. So, if there is someone with you to remove the carpet, then it becomes a smooth task to perform, and pulling of carpet will be easy and fast.

Cut the Carpet into Strips for Easy Removal

If you are wondering to know “how to remove carpet?” then make sure to cut your carpet down into strips according to the width of your room with a utility knife having sharp blades on it, and make sure to frequently change the side of the knife. Cut them as straight as possible on the back of your carpet.

Now, roll up these strips and secure them with duct tape around the roll. Then, place this roll at your decided disposal location (location must be dry)., and continue this procedure until you remove the whole carpeting from your place.

Remove the Carpet Tack Strips Carefully

Now, you are done with the removal of the carpet, it’s time to remove the carpet tack strip, but make sure to do this task carefully. Wear heavy gloves while performing this task because tack strips have sharp nails.

Pull the strips with force on the pry bar or either hit the end with a hammer. Wear protective eye gear while performing this task because nails of these strips could get in your eye while pulling them off.

Clean the Floor

Now, you are done with the removal of the carpet and its accessories. Here is your empty room without any floor covering, so clean it up. The adhesives remain on the floor. Remove them with a putty knife. Sweep down the floor with a broom and clean every corner of your room. Wear a dust mask while cleaning out your room.

Now, you have a room with no floor covering, so you can install one according to your preferences. Or, you can install another carpet at that place, making it look luxurious and comforting.

To Conclude

These quite simple and easy steps on How to remove carpet will make the removal of carpet an easy task to do. You can remove the carpet within an hour or two without getting frustrated if you follow these steps properly. And, after that, install a new one to give your place a whole ravishing and elegant look again.

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