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Ikea Carpet Dubai by Carpeter is the all-time trendy manner of floor covering. We’ve got you the best versions of these unique carpets featuring the highest build quality.

These carpets are meant to do the best decor accessorizing of your place and also to do the most favorable floor covering at the same time. We’re glad to present you our versatile collections of Ikea modern Carpets, so as to have you choose your ideal decor match, right away.

Ikea Carpet

Construction and Piling:

Our Ikea branded carpets primarily have the construction material choices of Wool, natural fibers, cotton, Recycled Polyester, Cowhide, Sheepskin, Viscose/Rayon, and synthetic fibers. As for the piling options, they include Flat woven, low-pile, and High-pile types. The majority of the Ikea carpet Dubai is hand-woven and features a 100% woolen construction. This is the reason that this carpeting is ideally heavy-duty and hand-wearing in an extended manner.

Langsted Yellow


Langsted Biege


Langsted Grey


Langsted Light Blue

Langsted-Light Blue

Langsted Light Grey

Langsted-Light Grey

Thickness and Sizing

The carpet sizing comes within distinctive options, in order to have the best fulfillment of all requirements. To begin with, there are two major assortments, i.e. length and width. The width options include 0-1’ 11’’, 2 – 2 ‘ 11 “, 4 – 4 ‘ 11 ” and the rest are 5+’ ones. Talking about the length choices, these come as 0 – 4 ‘ 11 “, 5 – 5 ‘ 11 “, 6 – 6 ‘ 11 “, 7 – 7 ‘ 11 ” and lastly there are the Ikea Dubai Carpets measuring 8+’.

Specifications Lineup:

Our Ikea Carpets feature a number of Pattern Options that go thus; Geometric, Striped, Graphics, Solid Color, Checkered, and Chevron. The major carpet shapes of Ikea Carpet Dubai include Squares and Rounds and several others, too.

In addition to that, there are certain other selections available as well, in terms of relatively more sustainable materials for carpet construction. The major ones of this construction genre include Fibres and Recycled ones and several other highly sustainable textiles.

Ikea Carpet

Advantages of Ikea Carpet Dubai

Ikea’s Carpets serve as the best decor accessory in the first place. Following are the rest of the benefits compilation:

  • Ikea floor carpets are widely available within amazingly extensive ranges and are multi-purpose in a number of ways.
  • They go well with all sorts of decorative themes
  • These carpets are much budget-friendly
  • Ikea Dubai Carpets offer remarkable levels of durability
  • These carpets are perfectly cost-effective in many ways.

Areas of Application

Our Ikea Floor Carpet has a wonderful and absolutely extensive usage spectrum. They do a ritzy pairing up with all sorts of interior themes and appear as the most attractive elements within all. This Ikea carpet Dubai  is ideal for all sorts of personal and professional uses and can be used within any and every one of the spaces of your homes, offices, and apartments.

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FAQ’s | Frequently Asked Questions

The Ikea sheepskin rug is one remarkable option to go for, in order to acquire some really perked up and alluring decor themes. These sheepskin rugs look mesmerizing in appearance and are heavenly plush to touch.

There are four main sizes available from Medium size ones to the large carpets. These include 133 x 195 cm (Medium Size), 170×240 cm (Medium size), 200×300 cm (Large size) and lastly the 250 x 350 cm (Large size).

If you want more plush surfacing you can go for the piled carpets which also have the added benefit of noise reduction. For the high foot traffic areas, it’s always best that you choose the flatwoven one.

Of course you do and the initial factor that matters is the surrounding walls i.e. they should have a nice syncing with the carpeting. Post that, you can consider the furniture and associated decor of the room.

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