Living Room Carpet; Make Your Moments the Most Comfortable

Carpeter has got you a phenomenal collection of Living Room Carpet, so as to have your quality times spent with the appropriate coziness. These carpets for the living room, with the best build quality, offer you the softest surfaces to walk over and also to complement your living room decor in a wonderful manner.

They’re easy to maintain and they tend to remain effectively serviceable for long. We’ve come up with endless amazing ideas with which you can acquire the best ornamentation and comfort sustenance within your living rooms.

Living Room Carpet

Construction and Piling:

Our Living room carpet comes with the material choices of Woven 100% Wool Fibres, Nylon, Polypropylene, olefin, and Polyester, for the long-term effective consequences. These carpets have a high-pilling that ranges from a half-inch to three-quarters of an inch. This kind of rich pilling ensures the carpet’s efficiency to bear all the wear and tear and foot traffic. Plus the pilling makes the carpet remain in the perfect state for long when installed.

Thickness and Padding:

Our all-purpose Carpets for living room have the standard thickness of 1/4 inch up to that of the 7/16 inch and is available within the variant of 3/8 inch, in terms of a somewhat low-profile version. As far as the carpet density is concerned, it is 6 lb per cubic feet and can vary till 8 lb per cubic feet as well.

Included Specifications:

Following are those significant credentials;

  • These carpets for the living room have “finest fibers” than regular carpets, ensuring enhanced comfort provision
  • They come within red, green, pink, and minimalist color schemes, so as to have extensive theme creations
  • Thepatterned loop versionof the Living Room Carpet come with a blend of multiple-heightened loops, giving off the softest textures
  • The face weight of these carpets have a standard weight of 35 oz, best suitable for the majority of the requirements
  • These carpets have the standard twist level of 5
Dark Grey Living Room Carpet

Advantages Compilation:

Our Living room modern carpet will have your lifestyle upgraded in a number of ways, following are the major ones:

  • These carpets for living room provide an effective and long-lasting resistance
  • The contribute to the creation of a well-optimized interior environment
  • They provide endless comfort within the living room interior
  • They make the flooring much more usable for many activities
  • They provide better air quality and improved aesthetics
  • They give a well put-together look to the living rooms


We bring you endless Carpet ideas for the living room with which you can successfully and timelessly acquire trendy living room decor. Moreover, these carpets not just serve best for the living rooms but can also be considered a perfect floor covering solution for other spaces, as well. You can have a number of coverage options, too, such as a single/certain spot coverage, wall-to-wall coverage, and more than one placement of the Living Room Carpet.

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