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Carpeter presents you the excellent contemporary carpeting that is the Modern Carpet. These carpets add an up to the mark styling to your spaces and make them appear the most presentable. In addition to the ornamentation, these carpets provide adequate levels of comfort as well, since they feature the highest build quality which ensures a long-lasting utility.

You can have these all-purpose carpets as not just the perfect decor accessory for your places but also to benefit from the functional advantages, as well.

Modern Carpet

Manufacturing and Backing Of Modern Carpet

Our Modern Floor Carpet features expert crafting and the manufacturing materials include Nylon, Olefin, Polyester, Polypropylene, Acrylic, Wool, and Cotton.

This entirely synthetic construction approach makes this Modern Carpet effectively outlast the most intense usages, as well. In addition to that, these carpets are backed with a number of heavy-duty materials such as Rubber, Jute, and Plastic for securing all the tufting.

Thickness and Sizing

Our carpets feature the standard thickness of 8 mm to 10 mm and it can also reach up to 15 mm within the high-pile versions. These carpets are available in all sorts of shapes, the most popular and versatile of which are the squares and rectangles. As for the sizing, the standard one measures 4 x 6 and weighs around 700 g.

Modern Carpets Specifications Lineup

Our Modern Carpet is the compilation of many unique features:

  • These carpets feature the ideal structural aspects i.e. High density, High-pilling, and secure tufting
  • They are totally allergen-free, non-toxic and chemical-free in nature
  • They come with an eco-friendly construction
  • They’re effectively serviceable under all atmospheric conditions
  • These modern carpets are ideal children and pet-friendly
  • They are resistant to all the color-fading and UV damage
Modern Carpet HOME

Advantageous Aspects

Given below are the perks and pros of our Modern Carpets:

  • These carpets provide the best underfoot comfort and the safest surfacing to walk on
  • They serve as a luxurious floor covering and the best decor accessory
  • They contribute well to the temperature optimization
  • They offer considerable acoustic protection, and ultimately the comfort
  • They induce endless insulation within the interiors

Modern Carpets Areas of Utility

Our Modern Carpet provides the ultimate best match with all sorts of interiors. In addition to that, you can also benefit from their amazing ornamental properties within outdoor spaces, as well. These carpets immediately enhance the beauty of the very place they’ve been put at.

With these carpets, you can make your living room & bedroom more comfortable and your commercial spaces more pleasant and productive.

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