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We provide the best silk carpets in Dubai at very competitive pricing. Our professionals are known for their top-notch carpet services. You can get different varieties in our silk carpet collection. Contact our experts for a free estimate for your place’s carpet installation.

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Free Product Samples

Carpeter is the only shop in Dubai offering you free samples of silk carpets Dubai. It will help you to choose the best carpet for your floor.

Best Prices

We are claiming the highest quality silk carpet at the best prices available. We offer special discounts for all our luxury carpets.


Our silk carpets are designed to provide a fresh environment in your place. We make our carpets to give you better air quality.

Different Types of Silk Carpets

If you are looking for a vast range of silk carpets, we are one of the best silk carpet suppliers in Dubai. You can get different patterns and colors in silk-made carpets.

We ensure all carpets are made of the highest quality materials to give you a luxurious feel. Our Persian silk carpets in Dubai are free from volatile organic compounds to increase the quality of your indoor environment.

  • Silk Hand-Knotted Carpets
  • Modern Silk Carpets
  • Iranian Silk Carpets
  • Silk Persian Carpets
  • Abstract Silk Carpets
  • Silk Wool Carpets






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Why Must You Buy Our Silk Carpets for Your Floor?

We aim to enhance the home decor of your place with our carpets. Flooring creates an important part of the first impression of your place. It should be of higher quality.

Carpeter provides you with luxury silk carpets online in Dubai for your flooring. Our carpets add aesthetics to your place and offer many benefits for healthy environmental concerns.

  • The purest form of silk
  • Highly durable
  • Lowest prices
  • Odor-resistant
  • Appealing
  • Free from VOCs

How Are Our Carpets Good for the Environment?

We have been working as a top-notch carpet company in Dubai for ten years. Our pure silk carpets are made from the highest quality material, making them easy to clean and long-lasting. We prefer environment-friendly carpets to use in your home and offices.

No volatile organic compunds
It makes air quality better
Best Silk Carpets Dubai
Luxury Silk Carpets Dubai

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Our Luxurious Silk Carpets

We ensure that our customers get the exact design of silk carpets online they are looking for. That is why we have the most extensive design collection of silk carpets in Dubai. You can choose some designs from our gallery for your floors.

Living Room Carpet Dubai

Ideal Carpet Shop

Why Carpeter Is the Ideal Carpet Shop in Dubai?

You can visit our shop or online store to get the best carpets in Dubai. We offer many shades and patterns of carpets to match the theme of your place.

Our carpets come in different sizes and shapes to fit in every place of your home or office. Placing carpets in other places gives it a modern look. You can get our expert’s assistance for carpets placement in the right places.

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Customized Silk Carpets Dubai

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What Do We Offer More?

You will make your life easier by choosing the Carpeter. We provide the best floor coverings to make your place look more stylish. You can get our free services of estimation and sampling for trying out your carpets. We guarantee you that you will love our carpets on your floor.

Free Estimation
Free Samples

In addition, you can also get free consultation services from our professionals. We will help you to make a better decision about your floor carpets.

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Custom Sizes & Colors

Get the Custom-Made Silk Carpets for Your Home

Having custom-designed carpets in your place gives you another level of relaxation. There is no need to change your plans according to standard sizes. You can get custom sizes of carpets for your place.

To match the wall color of your place, you can get custom colors of silk carpets. We provide luxury silk carpets in UAE made of the finest materials. They are easy to clean and store. They provide many essential features that will make your life easy.

  • On-time installation
  • Highly professional staff
  • Ease of communication

Project Done


Thoughts of Our Customers

Reviews from our customers give us more motivation and inspiration to provide the highest quality carpets in UAE.

Why Choose Us?

Carpeter is the best silk carpet shop in Dubai. We have many floor solutions to provide you with many floor options. If you are still determining which carpet will be a better option, we are here to help you choose the right one.

We offer many free services to give our customers the best buying experience from our carpet shop. Our professionals provide free estimation, measurement, and sampling to our customers. Place your silk carpet Dubai order online and avail all these opportunities.

Living Room Silk Carpets Dubai

Frequently Asked Questions

Buying a luxury silk carpet online can be stressful. Look at our gallery for the latest carpet designs. These FAQs will clarify some points in your head.

A silk-on-silk carpet or rug is made from silk fibers on the pile and the foundation. We use the purest silk fibers to give you a luxurious feel while sitting or walking on it.

It is generally not recommended to walk over silk carpets with shoes as the soles of shoes can easily damage the silk fibers. Walking on silk carpets with bare feet or with socks is a better option.

Yes, silk carpets are suitable to place in your home or office flooring. Our carpets give you a calm look and a peaceful experience. We make our silk carpets using the latest designs.

Silk rugs are made from delicate fibers that make them hard to maintain. We make our silk carpets with durable materials that make them easy to maintain and clean.

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