Acquire the Calmative Comfort of Silk Carpet in Dubai

Carpeter presents to you the Suave floor covering of Silk Carpet in Dubai. This highest-quality carpeting features the purest silk within its construction and resultantly you get the most comfortable surfacing to enjoy. Our silk Dubai Carpets provide the endless comfort of softest surface textures and the quality is ideally durable, to boot.

These carpets are the most favorable investment in terms of the best home decor and their utility remains the same all along. Moreover, our Silk Carpets are widely available at greatly affordable prices all over the UAE.

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Construction of Silk Carpet Dubai

Our Silk floor Carpets feature 100% pure Silk fabrication, obtained from the raw silk cocoons of Fibroin. These highest-quality silk fibers are then woven into the carpet structure. Moreover, there are other Silk Carpet versions that feature wool pilling as well. There are more than 15,000 knots per square, within extremely fine weaves ensuring the best tensile strength. And all together they form brilliant intricate designs.

Thickness and Sizing

One standard value of the thickness of our carpets is 0.7 mm and it can reach up to a good pile height of 3 mm. Talking about the sizing, they are available within the sizes of 2 x 6, 4 x 6. 5 x 7. 6 x 8 and 6 x 9. In addition to that, you can also acquire your desired size carpet & rug customizations, as well.


Ahead are the unique features of our all-purpose Silk Persian Carpets:

  • These carpets feature a totally organic construction and thus are perfectly eco-friendly
  • They feature incredibly intricate designs
  • These carpets have the finest build quality and are durable under all usage circumstances
  • They offer an extensively resilient usage
  • They have an amazing ability to outlast higher extends of foot traffic
  • Silk Carpet is extremely easy to maintain
Silk Carpet

Advantageous of Silk Carpet

Our Silk floor Carpets come with a number of benefits and the following are the salient ones:

  • These carpets provide a nice functional decor for extended periods of time
  • They improve the aesthetics and the air quality
  • They optimize the room temperature really well
  • They offer a considerable noise cancellation
  • These carpets are ideally comfortable to walk over
  • They have positive impacts on both mind and body
  • They are offered in handmade Persian and Turkish knots as well.

Areas of Application:

Our Silk Luxury Carpets offer a wide usage spectrum. You can have these carpets in living room as the decor addition for already organized spaces of yours and can even begin new decorative themes by considering them as the decor foundation, as well.

These Silk Carpet provide the coziest residential flooring and a sleek-looking decent professional-grade decor. Also, these carpets can be flaunted within certain outdoor spaces.

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