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Experience Natural Elegance With Our Sisal Carpets Dubai

Ensure your valuable investment with a trendy and sophisticated collection of sisal carpets that instantly convert your home interior into a delightful and inviting place.

Luxury Sisal Carpets in Dubai
Affordable Price
Hypoallergenic Property:

We provide Sisal carpets that are naturally hypoallergenic, making them perfect for people with sensitive skin.

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Sisal carpets are renewable and nature-friendly, making them an excellent choice for those who care and are sensitive about the environment of their place.

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Damage Resistance

 Our Sisal carpets and rugs are manufactured with Agave Sisalana fibers that highly withstand high traffic with no signs of flaws and damage.

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Affordable Prices:

We offer you the best quality with cheap sisal carpets and affordable options so that they can change their home looks cost-effectively.

Luxury Sisal Carpets in Dubai

About Us

Treat Your Place Our Sustainable Sisal Carpets

Carpeter has the incredibly luxurious and finest quality of our sisal carpets in UAE, which you can consider for nearly all the surrounding spaces like entrance doors, stairs, office areas, living rooms, and bedrooms; it is incredibly heavy-duty, soft, and the most hard-wearing flooring choice.

Our sisal carpets in dubai are a useful option for high foot-traffic areas. Also, they are the finest selection for those who love all-natural or organic stuff because they are made up of natural plant fiber and are entirely eco-friendly products.

Take a Look at our Successful Projects:

We are presenting the gallery of our modern projects that our clients highly appreciate and love.

Modern Sisal Carpets in Dubai, UAE
Luxury Sisal Carpets in Dubai, UAE
Stylish Sisal Carpets for living room
Stylish Sisal Carpets Under sofas in Living room
Brown Sisal carpets under dining table
Durable Sisal Carpets in Dubai
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Call us for your Queries About our Sisal Carpets:

We are available 24/7 to our customers for the most satisfied and perfect services for your desired place.

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Explore Different Kinds of our Sisal Carpets in Dubai

Natural sisal carpets from our shops and online stores introduce a variety of different types of sisal carpets that will make your place adorable and give a heavenly appearance to your desired location (Either home or office):

Fossilized Sisal Mats

Printed Sisal Carpets

Boucle Sisal Runners

Herringbone Sisal Rugs

Ribbed sisal carpets and mats

Wool-Blend Sisal Carpet

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How Our Grass carpets are beneficial for your lawn?

Avail the Delightful Features of Our Sisal Runners:

Our sisal carpets have exquisite and unmatched features and benefits that add beauty to your space and cast an everlasting spell on the viewer’s eye:


They are perfect for high-traffic areas because they are strong, resilient, heavy-duty, and durable.

Anti-static Property:

Because of its anti-static properties, our sisal carpets and rugs protect you against cold and electric shocks.

Customized Service
Versatile Nature:

Featuring universal profile carpeters, we provide carpets that can work with all types of interior decor, themes, and style settings.

Natural Look
Sisal Carpet Product
Non Slip Material
Noise Insulation:

Sisal’s molecular structure is thick, which allows it to absorb sound better and provides sound insulation better than other carpets.

Customer Satisfaction
Comfortable Walk:

Our Sisal carpets make you feel like a peasant when you walk on them. It works as an exfoliator and gives comfort to your foot.

Customization Service:

We’re committed to meeting the customization requests of each of our customers according to their likings and selected options.

Modern Sisal Carpets in UAE


Hire our Professional Workers for a Perfect Installation:

Our team Comes up with flawless and perfect Sisal carpet installation services with an expert professional team. Hiring our experienced team is a wiser option for our customers because if you install these carpets yourself, there are chances of damaging and imperfect installation that give an anonymous look to your place.

We offer a long journey and a good experience with customized sisal carpets in Dubai. Also, our promising warranties ensure trust and long-lasting relations with our customers. Because customers not only purchase our product but also buy our seamless and comforting quality and endurance.


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Why Choose Us for Sisal Carpets Dubai?

We specialize in delivering the best sisal carpets in Dubai. You can keep your place looking great for years with our modern carpeting solutions. Our technical team provides you with the best answers for your concerns about installation or the quality of the product. Call us for free quotes and sisal carpet samples.

Customer satisfaction is our prioritized responsibility. Our customized sisal carpet in Dubai adds a unique style and aesthetic look to your place. You don’t need to worry about sizes, color, or texture as we have many of them that will fulfill your desire. Contact us today to get quick delivery of our natural carpets at your doorstep.

Sisal Carpets for Living rooms in UAE

Customers Positive Feedbacks

Let’s see what our customers say about our sisal car[and whether they are worth buying or not:

It’s been six months since I’ve been using the sisal carpet of the carpeter. It has perfect color textures and doesn’t show any color bleeding yet.

Jason Mukaram
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We purchased carpet from our online sisal carpets sale in dubai, and I was amazed by your sisal carpets’ soft and durable quality.

Aleema Kabir
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I am highly impressed by your customer service at your shop. Your staff was very friendly and helped me find the best carpet for my place.

Yousaf Al Razi
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Yes, although our sisal carpets and rugs are not soft like other carpets, they are still comfortable to walk on. Their natural texture and beauty add a unique feel to any place and make it comfortable to walk, sit, and play.

Yes, they require low maintenance and are easily cleaned with a vacuum to remove dirt and debris. Spills and smudges should be cleaned immediately with a dry and clean cloth. Professional cleaning is consulted from our side if you want flawless cleaning.

We are the top seller of sisal carpets in UAE because of our durable nature. Our carpets have heavy-duty soft flooring choices for both commercial and residential areas. These carpets can easily last up to 10 years if cared for properly.

Yes, Carpeter offers custom sisal carpets made to your perfect desires. We have many designs, styles, colors, and textures. You can customize your sisal carpet simply by calling and telling us the personalized design you want for your space conveniently.

You can easily contact us for your online order or call us for a quick delivery and installation. Also, visit our sisal carpet shop in dubai near your place for a perfect purchase according to your choice.

Sisal Carpet

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