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Sisal carpeting is considered the best type of carpeting made from natural plants. We offer you the best quality sisal carpets Dubai at very low prices. We ensure that our carpets are made of the 100% natural fibers of the sisal plant.

Most Durable

Our carpets are made from natural fibers of sisal plant, making them most durable for high foot traffic areas.

Finest Quality

The best carpets are found in our shop. We offer the most gorgeous-looking patterns in our carpets.


Place your carpet order at our Carpeter online shop and enjoy our fastest delivery services.

We Offer Best Sisal Carpets Types For Your Interior

We offer many types of sisal carpets. They are made from 100% natural sisal fibers, but making techniques can vary. Our carpets are made by using different techniques to fulfill all expectations of our carpets.

These carpets are getting in high demand because of their incredible features. We also prefer such carpets that have a minimal environmental health impact.

  • Sisal Hand-made Carpets
  • Sisal Bonded Carpets
  • Sisal Needle punch Carpets
  • Sisal Braided Carpets
  • Sisal Machine-woven Carpets
  • Sisal Tufted Carpets






Best Sisal Carpet
Unique Designs

Benefits Of Using Our Sisal Carpets in Your Home

There is a big need to use environment-friendly products. We make our sisal mats using 100% natural material. Making such carpets have no or minimal effect on environmental health.

These carpets can be used in your living room or outdoor garden without wear and tear. Their natural-looking appearance gives a calm look to your place.

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Fire-resistant
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Low maintenance
  • Biodegradable
  • Cost-effective

What Makes Our Carpet Best From Others?

You will find many sisal carpet shops in Dubai, but we provide different carpets designs. This makes them stylish and eco-friendly at the same time.

These carpets are made using different techniques to make them more unique and gorgeous. We are one of the best carpet brands in UAE. We offer free installation for your online carpet purchase from us.

Extra discount for eco-friendly carpets
Different designs and patterns
Modern Sisal Carpet Dubai
Sisal carpet in Dubai

What To Contact With Us?

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Different Patterns of Our Carpets

You might have seen similar patterns and designs on carpets made of sisal fibers. Carpeter offers a wide range of textures and patterns that make you love our carpets.

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Our Latest and Unique Designs of Sisal Carpets in Dubai

Sisal carpets are made using natural fibers, which make them more unique and stylish. Our sisal hand-made carpets require more care, but the results are worth spending effort on. We provide the highest quality carpets that will not get wear and tear easily. They can handle the high foot traffic.


If you want to blend other natural fibers within the design of sisal fibers, our professionals can do this customization for you at very low prices. Get a free quote from us online.

Best Sisal Carpets Dubai

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Modern Sisal Carpets

Buy Our Custom Sial Carpets At Low Prices

Using sisal carpets at multiple places in your home will give it a great aesthetic look. We believe in providing carpets for every place in your home. You can get custom sizes, colors, or designs on our carpets.

Suppose you are worried about measuring the small corner of your place. Hire our professional to get the precise measurement of your area to ensure perfect with our premium carpet.

  • On-time installation
  • Highly professional staff
  • Ease of communication

Project Done

Reviews on Our Floor Services

We train our professionals to listen to every detail of the customer’s needs. We provide the right carpet as per your needs to provide the best floor treatment your floor needs.

Why Choose Us for Sisal Carpets Dubai?

Carpeter is the best option in the carpet industry for all kinds of floor treatments in Dubai. We offer wall-to-wall carpets, custom carpets, hand-made carpets, or vintage carpets. We have a wide range of carpets to offer.

Natural carpets are in trend these days. They are relatively cost-effective and provide good value for their money. Our sisal carpets are made of a very durable and easy-to-clean material. This is one of the best carpets in your office or home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the right floor covering option is essential for the decor of your place. Let us clear some doubts in your mind.

Our high-quality sisal bonded carpet stays in good condition for 20+ years. These carpets are supposed to be the most durable floor coverings.

Sisal is a less expensive material than other carpets. Our sisal-bonded carpets are lower in price than different types of carpets. They provide many benefits to your place.

Sisal carpets are not waterproof. Sisal fibers are absorbent and will absorb moisture if they come into contact with it. They don’t get dry quickly; avoid using them on a wet floor.

Yes, customized sisal carpets are available in Dubai from our shop. Carpeter is located on the famous SHeikh Zayed road in Dubai.

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