Trendy & Modern Curtain Designs In The Year 2022

Trendy & Modern Curtain Designs In The Year 2022


During the early ages, curtains were only used to cover the windows, but with the passage of time and evolution, today curtains can also be used in other parts of your interiors. Curtains have become the most essential interior decor element for the modern home today. Selecting the right type of curtain rod and curtain cloth will definitely add perfection to your modern curtain design as well.


Different types and designs give various looks to your interiors that make the overall scenario of your spaces appealing and completely enticing. Other than windows, these curtains can make perfect embellishing designs on the balcony, bedroom, kitchen, and the front yard of your home also. So here in this blog, we have mentioned the top designs for curtains that you can opt for to make the interiors of your place really mesmerizing.

Top 10 Modern Curtains Designs That Will Alter Your Room’s Scenario

So we have shortlisted the top 10 modern curtain designs in our post that offer you the best of everything and the most appealing looks. But everyone has their own preferences and requirements as well. And the design also varies in accordance with the place where you have to hang these curtains.


The basic designs of various curtains have been mentioned in our article according to the different requirements and needs. Let us have a quick look at each and every design of these curtains, one by one.

1. Pencil Pleat Curtains For Living Rooms

Pencil Pleat Curtains For Living Rooms


The latest design that will give you a gleaming look in your living room is the Pencil Pleat Curtains. On the curtain, the pleats are present at the top, attracting the attention of the viewers. Pencil pleat curtains offer the most decent looks that will transform your dull space into a really pleasing environment.


Some blackout layers are also carved on these curtains, which gives these pencil pleat curtains a perfectly amazing design and allows them to attain a spell-creating view. The basic purpose of the layers on these plain curtains is that they look amazingly stunning to the next extent. So, having pencil pleat curtains in your living room is the best option ever.

2. Rod Pocket Style Of Curtains

Rod Pocket Style Of Curtains


In this modern curtain design, a squeezed stitching can be seen at the top of the curtains, which just mimics the look of the pocket. The dual-coloured border is present on the vertical line of the curtains, which makes the aesthetics of the interiors really appealing. Rod pocket-style curtains are the best option for people who want to add a truly unique touch to their space.


You can also see string floral prints done on these curtains that are light in shade and make an amazing blend of colours that work to add to the beauty of the entire palace where these curtains are installed. The curtains in the rod pocket design are always longer compared to the size of the windows, and they are manufactured generally from thick fabric that can block direct sunlight easily.

3. Eyelet Curtain Design

Eyelet Curtain Design


If you are in a search of such a curtain design that can offer you sophistication and elegance in a true sense then no other curtains than eyelets curtains would be the best option for your interiors. In eyelet curtains, the entire curtain is perfectly plain in color and the top of the curtain has got coloured lining approach.


The hanging accessories of these curtains are just like eyelets, so they are named eyelet curtains. You can also match your already present home decor accessories just like cushions with the colours of these curtains. By doing so, perfect synchronization of colours will occur, and it will present an amazingly appealing look that can attract the attention of the viewers on an instant basis as well.

4. Tab Top Curtains Style

Tab Top Curtains Style


This modern curtain design is called a “tab top” curtain because of its styling approach. The style of these curtains presents a rolled top that is further tabbed with a stylish button, which is why it is known as a tab top curtain. These curtains look very simple in appearance, yet they can add a literal elegant look to the dull scenario of your existing room.


If someone wants to add a perfectly sober look to their place, then tab topped curtains are undoubtedly the best choice ever for him. It is such a modern curtain design that it is capable of giving your interiors a really modish look.

5. Pinch Pleat Curtains

Pinch Pleat Curtains


To achieve a pinched surface on the curtains, three pleats are combined together, resulting in a pitched shape at the top of the curtain. Pinch Pleat curtains are literally thought to be the simplest design in the category of curtains that have the most ordinary looks, yet they have the capacity to adorn the interior of any place by providing it with extraordinary beauty. These curtains are the trendiest approach for modern homeowners as well.


These curtains are highly decorative and a lot of fabric at the top is gathered tightly and stitched in the form of a bunch. The pleats are permanently sewn in to make a really smart finish that is accompanied by charming folds from the top of the curtain to the bottom. These curtains can be placed on tracks and on poles as well.

6. Goblet Curtains

Goblet Curtains


In Goblet curtains, the top pleat is designed in the form of a rectangular box. The top heading style is detailed in these curtains, and they are similar in look and style to the pinch pleat curtains. The top is tucked and folded, and the pleats on the top of these goblet curtains are open in order to give them a “wineglass” or “goblet” like appearance. You can also place these curtains on both tracks or poles.


Goblet-designed curtains are considered a unique concept in the design of curtains. From the inner side, the giblets are stitched with high-quality and sturdy materials so that their shape does not deform. If you are looking for curtains that you want to install in your living rooms or common rooms, then these goblet curtains are the optimal selection.

7. Box Pleat Curtains

Box Pleat Curtains


For people who are in search of an incredibly unique window covering option, these box pleat curtains will be the right choice for them. The box pleats of these curtains are broad enough to exhibit a really spell-casting look and compel the viewers to praise them unintentionally. These window covering solutions simply add grace to your rooms.


The box pleats are present on the top of the curtains, which can be in variable sizes and have the capability to add a dramatic look to the interiors of your space in a true sense. Various fabrics are employed for the manufacturing of Box Pleat curtains so that you can choose any of them according to your requirements and liking.

8. Sheer Curtains Designing

Sheer Curtains Designing


Sheer is a light fabric that allows a decent amount of light to pass into your room. This type of sheer curtain design in your room will make the entire space really bright and it will seem fresh as well. But a little bit of a privacy issue could be there because, through sheer intruding eyes, intruding eyes can easily look into your private space.


But worry not, if you are a sheer lover and want to add privacy plus beauty to your room, then you can use a combo of sheer and other thicker fabric curtains as well. When using both these curtains together, you can attain perfect privacy and worth-mentioning interior beautification looks as well.

9. Pelmet Patterned Curtains

Pelmet Patterned Curtains


The pelmet is actually a tough box-like structure that covers the top of your window and from which the curtains drape down. If you want to add next-level beauty to the aesthetical approach of your place, then you must go for the same pelmet colour as the hues of your curtains. This fine contrast will be more appealing than any other colour blending.


The curtains that come with pelmet patterns give the most luxurious approach to the beauty of the rooms. They are designed in order to conceal the fittings of the curtains that are present on the top of your respective window. Pelmet curtain design is the complementing element for any of the custom-made curtains as well.

10. Vintage Curtain Design

Vintage Curtain Design (1)


This curtain idea is a traditional one in which different patterns and styles are collected from the old grandma’s house. The vintage curtain design will take you to the past and make the entire place admirable with light-toned colours and decent minimalist styling as well. You can also see more than one colour and design in these curtains, which create a unique pattern and allow them to ameliorate your place distinctively.


If you want to add primitive glory to your space, then vintage curtain design is the best option ever. These curtain designs and styles are most commonly found in large spaces such as penthouses and farmhouses, as well as in rural residential areas.

To Wrap Up!

This article is a pure compilation of different curtain designs that you can opt for when embellishing the interiors of your places in a true sense. If you are looking for modern curtain designs, then we hope that everything that you have read in this blog will be very fruitful for you.

All the mentioned curtain designs are just according to the modern trend and will serve as the best beauty-enhancing components. To cut a long story short, now you have got enough knowledge that you can easily select any modern curtain design just according to your needs and requirements.

With such a wide collection, it will become easier to choose any desired curtain design that helps in glorifying the look of your place. So, if you want to learn more about interior design and window coverings, you should visit our website on a regular basis. Best of luck with the perfectly appealing aesthetical adornment of your windows with these modern designs!

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