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A durable carpet in your bathroom is essential because the bathroom floor should not be slippery. Our carpets provide a strong grip on your floor to prevent any slip-falls. Our carpets have non-slip backs to ensure they don’t leave their place. You can add safety features with the stylish look of our bathroom carpet Dubai.

Our Best Bathroom Carpets in Dubai
Pink Color Bathroom carpets
Safety Feature

Our carpets will save you from falling in your bathroom because they are made of non-slip materials.

Strong Grip

We make sure to use high-quality adhesives while installing our carpets so they don’t leave their place.


Using our modern bathroom carpets, you can instantly enhance your bathroom’s interior design.

What Types of Bathroom Mats Are Available at Carpeter?

We have a wide variety of mats you can use in your bathrooms. They ensure extra comfort and a modern look to your bathroom. Our professionals are experts in transforming your bathroom with carpets.

You can place our carpet around the toilet or in front of your bathtub. These places are the most essential and provide significant comfort to your bathroom.

  • Chenille bath mats
  • Memory foam bath mats
  • Shag bath mats
  • Bamboo bath mats
  • Contour rugs
  • Non-slip bath mats






Durable bathroom Carpets Dubai
Modern bathroom Carpets in Dubai

Why Our Bathroom Carpets Are Important to Use?

Using our carpets will give you many benefits. Our soft carpets add extra comfort to your bathroom. They are designed to provide you with insulation also, which means that you will not feel cold while using the bathtub or toilet seat.

We design our carpets to use them in multiple places. You can use them in front of your bathtub, sanitation area, or shower. Our carpets will give you a luxurious feel while using your bathroom.

  • Water-proof
  • Most Durable
  • String grip
  • Stylish designs
  • Custom sizes
  • Non-slippery

What To Contact With Us?

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Places to Use Our Carpets in Your Bathroom

We provide different sizes and shapes of our carpets so that you can use them at multiple places in the bathroom. They complete the look f your bathroom. With our carpets, you will feel safe walking on wet floors.

Around the toilet
Toilet seat pads
In front of a bathtub
Bathroom Carpets in UAE
Trendy Bathroom Carpets

Look At Our Bathroom Carpet Designs

These are some of the designs of our bathroom rug that we installed recently. You can make your bath more beautiful by using our carpet ideas. Our professionals will give you more ideas to transform your carpets.

Bathroom carpets banner

How Our Carpets Will Add Luxurious Feel to Your Bathroom?

We offer our premium bathroom carpet to add comfort to your life. Our professionals install the carpets in a very professional way. They will not get slips from their fixed place.

Walking on a wet bathroom floor is risky. Our carpets come with water absorption properties. This will eliminate the risk of getting slipping on the wet floor. In addition, our carpet adds comfort while using a bathtub or toilet seat.

Brown color bathroom carpets
Best Bathroom Carpets

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Use Our Eco-Friendly Carpets in Your Bathroom

We know that our environment should be kept safe. We promote eco-friendly bathroom carpets in Dubai because of environmental concerns. Our carpets, made from natural materials, can provide a stylish look to your bathroom. They are very durable and affordable also. These qualities make them an ideal option to choose.

Sisal Carpets
Jute Carpets

You will get many different designs and textures of our eco-friendly carpets. They have different shades also, which will help in giving a stylish look to your bathroom.

White bathroom carpets
Trendy Bathroom carpets

Elevate Your Bathroom Decor with Our Custom Rugs

Standard sizes of bathroom carpet won’t fit perfectly. Carpter provides custom sizes and shapes of carpets to fit every carpet perfectly. Improper sizing of bathroom rugs can cause discomfort.

Custom-sized bathroom rugs are the key to transforming the decor of your bathroom. We ensure that our professionals get exact measurements of every curve and install the corner of the carpet to the corner to give it a luxurious look.

  • On-time installation
  • Highly professional staff
  • Ease of communication

Project Done

How We Make Our Customers Happy?

We aim to add comfort and luxury to the life of our customers. We install carpet in their bathrooms to give them a complete look.

Why Choose Us?

Our premium-quality bathroom carpets are an essential part of your sanitation area. They prevent you from getting slipped on wet floors. Our carpets are made of the finest materials that make them last for many years.

We offer custom-made bathroom carpets in Dubai to ensure the perfect fit around the toilet. Our professionals are highly skilled in installing custom-sized carpets to make your bathroom look stylish. Get the best bathroom carpets for sale from Carpeter.

Bathroom Carpets in UAE 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

We believe in helping people by providing them with top-notch carpet services. We also provide valuable information to our valued customers.

You can clean our bathroom carpets using a damp towel for affected areas. In addition, you washed our carpets in the washing machine also. Leave them to air dry for a better look.

Using carpets in your bathroom is trendy because they give extra comfort and beauty. Our carpets are available in the latest designs to ensure enhanced bathroom decor.

Carpeted bathroom is a better option. Because there is a lot of germ present that can make you sick. Our bath carpets are easy to clean and non-slippery, which makes them an ideal choice.

Yes, carpet tiles are suitable for your bathrooms. We have different colors and designs of carpet tiles that will make your bathroom flooring stand out.

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