Get the Best Luxurious Restrooms with Bathroom Carpet Dubai has got you a wonderful way to adorn your shower rooms and restrooms i.n. The Bathroom Carpet Dubai. These amazing carpets for bathrooms are meant to induce a lot of comfort to your lifestyle and an endless luxury, as well.

They feature the best build quality and serve as the nicest functional decors for all of the bathroom spaces. While maintaining the flawless and highest extent of hygiene, this carpeting for bathroom will ensure the adequate safety of yours, to boot, within that of the somewhat accident-prone area of the bathroom.

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Construction and Backing:

Our bathroom carpet features a high-end construction within a number of material choices. These include Polyester, Chenille, Bamboo, Nylon and Cotton. This kind of material approach for manufacturing ensures that the carpeting remains serviceable for long. In addition to that, we have the quality of our carpeting enhanced by adding a 100% rubber backing to it. This makes the carpets much more safer and slip-resistant.

Thickness and Sizing:

The thickness of our carpets for bathroom lies between 1/4 inch and 7/16 inch and it can be enhanced and customized as well, so as to ensure the adequate satisfaction. As for the available carpet sizing, the variants include those measuring 17-24-inch, all the way to the 24-30-inch ones. These carpets mostly come within the Runner Shaping Profile.


Our bathroom carpet comes with a number of characteristics, making them totally worth-choosing:

  • These carpets offer a considerable absorbency
  • They feature the softest yet very slip-resistant surface textures
  • They’re totally free of allergens and microbes and don’t host the build up either
  • They require minimal to no maintenance
  • Their durability remains favorable for extended periods of time
  • They’re ideally heavy-duty under all usage circumstances
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Advantages Compilation:

Following are the long-term effective plus points of our carpets for bathroom:

  • These carpets notably enhance the bathroom decor
  • They make the bathroom floors safe and slip-resistant
  • They effectively absorb all the excessive moisture
  • They make it easy to walk barefoot in the bathroom
  • They provide additional comfort to elderly people and children
  • They diminish the watery mess within a bathroom

Usage Manner:

Our bathroom & Bedroom Carpet for ensuring your flawless safety and aesthetic improvement all along. These carpets can be placed at a number of spots within your bathroom spaces, in order to best fulfill the safety requirement as well as the ornamentation. They are the best floor covering choice to place within relatively more moisture-prone spaces such as shower stalls, shower rooms, and most importantly next to your bathtub so that there is no excessive water around you and hence no chance of accidents, too.

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