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Wall to Wall Carpets Dubai, the all-time best manner of carpeting. This plush carpeting makes all the spaces much more comfortable and satisfying to be around. In addition to that, these carpets make every bit of a certain area a lot more usable.

Their highest build quality makes them a finely serviceable floor covering for years straight, ensuring the best protection and sustenance of your floors. We are the best Wall To Wall Carpet Supplier in Dubai, dealing with a number of amazing carpet varieties.

Commercial Wall to Wall Carpets Dubai

Construction and Backing of Wall to Wall Carpet:

Our heavy-duty wall to wall floor carpets primarily has Nylon construction which is the most durable one. However, there are other options too, such as Acrylic, Natural Fibres, Olefin, Wool, and Polyester. As for the backing purpose, we generally make use of certain substances like felt, woven textile, thin latex and thick latex, as the most preferable ones. Other options include the backing made from PVC and bitumen.

Thickness and Sizing of Wall to Wall Floor Carpet:

Our all-purpose Wall to Wall Carpets Dubai come with the standard thickness of 7/16 inch, yet there are less thicker versions, as well, that are nearly 1/4 inch thick and more than that, too.

As for the density carpets ranges from 6 pounds per cubic meter to 8 pounds per cubic meter. These carpets have a standard width of 12 feet, which, of course, varies according to the user’s requirement. Also, you can acquire your desired handmade carpet customizations, as well.

Specifications Description:

Our wall to wall Carpet tiles have the native sizing that best suits all room profiles of your home. These carpets have a perfectly allergen-free and non-toxic nature. They’re resistant to many factors such as UV rays, dust and dirt accumulation, color fading, impacting and atmospheric damage. The coloring is the solution to dyeing one, making the carpets serviceable without getting affected in any way.

Wall to Wall Carpets

Benefits Compilation:

Following are the endless perks and pros of our first-rate Wall to Wall Carpet UAE.

  • These carpets provide better air quality.
  • They reduce the noise production to a considerable extent
  • They offer dlawless temperature optimization
  • They make all spaces much more useable
  • They do the best and long lasting preserving of floors
  • They make the floor slip-resistant and totally safe

Versatility Distinction:

Our Best Carpets are the kind of floor covering that can be considered for all spaces, either personal or professional. They provide an immensely comfortable floor covering within not just bedrooms and living rooms, but also offer sleek commercial-grade decor, as well. Wall To Wall carpets Dubai is ideal to install at places such as kids’ rooms, nurseries, play areas, etc, as they make the floors a lot more safe for both children and pets.

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