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We sell affordable yet superior-quality curtains online in Dubai with quick fitting services. Our window curtains create a style statement for your commercial and residential spaces.

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We Have the Most Luxurious Range Of Curtains Dubai

As a premier supplier of curtains in Dubai, we have luxury and functional curtain types based on fabrics and header styles. From residential to commercial window decor, our window covering treatments are available in diverse styles and designs.

Our blackout window curtains offer total sunlight blockage to promote peaceful sleeping. Get effective light & privacy control with acoustic features for different rooms.

Enjoy the filtered sunlight in your room with our sheer window coverings. They are available in different materials like organza, voile, and more.

Get these convenient motorized curtains in Dubai with smart home integration or remote control. Experience effective light control with a touch of luxury.

Featuring the metal rings for the top part, our eyelet curtains are easy to install and offer a modern aesthetic appeal to any interior decor whether commercial or residential.

Select From Our Gorgeous
Curtain Fabric Samples 

We have the most amazing collection of curtain designs, fabrics, colors, patterns, and
textures. Check out our gallery of the latest curtains in Dubai and get inspired.

























1279 Serial No 5

1279-Serial No 5

Linen Sheer 08

Linen Sheer 08

Linen Sheer 05

Linen Sheer 05

Linen Sheer 04

Linen Sheer 04

Linen Sheer 03

Linen Sheer 03

Linen Sheer 02

Linen Sheer 02

Linen Sheer 01

Linen Sheer 01

8538 Serial No 2

8538-Serial No 2

7726 Serial No 4

7726-Serial No 4

6487 Serial No 6

6487-Serial No 6

4660 Serial No 1

4660-Serial No 1

3873 Serial No 3

3873-Serial No 3

2769 serial 15 min

2769-serial 15-min

2151 serial 5 min

2151-serial 5-min

1261 serial 7 min

1261-serial 7-min

8566 serial 16 min

8566-serial 16-min

8212 serial 29 min

8212-serial 29-min

8160 serial 28 min

8160-serial 28-min

6704 serial 11 min

6704-serial 11-min

6589 serial 23 min

6589-serial 23-min

5029 serial 24 min

5029-serial 24-min

4890 serial 1 min

4890-serial 1-min

4681 serial 14 min

4681-serial 14-min

3861 serial 2 min

3861-serial 2-min

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Save Money With Our Luxury Curtains Dubai – 15% Discount

We are offering amazing discount deals of up to 15% on all our curtains online in Dubai. Get better price quotes with free window measurements & free design consultations to select the best window coverings.

Get Customized Curtains Dubai To Match Your Décor

We are not just selling pre-made curtains online. Our services extend to providing customized drapes to meet your interior decor needs. We offer customization for all our curtain types, from pinch pleat curtains to grommet curtains to rod pocket curtains. We offer our custom-made curtains in Dubai at low prices without compromising quality.

  • 20+ Custom fabrics
  • Bespoke Decorations
  • Customized Motor Controls
  • Custom Sizing
  • Bespoke Patterns
  • Tailored Embroidery
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Advantages of Having Our Curtains in Your Home

At, you are getting curtains that are not only just a window covering but add to the overall decor of the room. With our wide range of curtains Dubai, experience the benefits unlike before.


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Color Fade Resistance

You get curtains that offer the best light control with color fade resistance for fabrics.



Thermal Insulation

They help you get better thermal insulation, especially in high-rise buildings.



Aesthetic Appeal

For the best aesthetic appeal, our curtains have vibrant colors & colorful designs.



Easy To Clean

Our curtains have mesh-like weaves for the fabrics which prevent dust in your room.

Hire Our Professional Curtain Fitters For A Flawless Look

We provide the best curtain installation service in Dubai with a team of expert curtain fitters. From accurate window measurements to seamless curtain fitting, we employ the best methods and techniques. Our curtain fitting crew takes care not to damage your walls. Call us today to get a low-rate curtain installation service.

Quality Curtain Hardware

We use quality accessories like brackets, poles, and braces to ensure the durable fitting of your curtains.

Quality Checks

We let you do post-installation quality checks for your curtains in Dubai, ensuring that they open & close properly.

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Our Curtains Dubai Installation Projects

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Why Choose Our Curtains Dubai Online Shop?

Our curtain store in Dubai has been serving its customers for 15+ years. Over track record with 2000+ satisfied customers is what makes us a top-rated company for luxury curtains. With us, you get the best window coverings in premium fabrics, stunning patterns, exquisite designs, and any customization option you like.

Our quality control for each curtain order is a commitment to excellence; this is so we exceed your expectations for our store. Browse our premier gallery of luxury curtains in Dubai and book an order online any time of the day.

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The Valuable Feedback Of Satisfied Customers

Are you still deciding whether to buy curtains from this store? To make it easier for you, read these reviews by our happy customers. They will surely ease you into buying our curtains.

Frequently Ask Questions

We offer the best discounts on all our online curtain purchase orders. You can expect discounts of up to 15% on all our curtain types. For more information on discounts, call our sales team.

Being the best curtain company in Dubai depends on factors like the size of the curtain collection, the quality rating of the curtains, the track record, and whether the prices are affordable without compromising on quality. Luckily for you, is the store that has all these qualities, making us the best store for curtains for five years straight.

The definition of the best type of curtain changes from type to type. But specifically for a city like Dubai, the best curtains are the options like blackout curtains, which offer superior light control. Sheer curtains are also the best in Dubai and are mostly used for providing diffused light and an airy feel indoors.

The color choices for curtains depend on the overall decor of the room and the ambiance you want. For most interiors, neutral color tones such as gray or beige are ideal. But if you wish for colors that can add a little flair to the private environment, darker shades are recommended.

The lifespan of curtains in Dubai depends on their fabric type, maintenance, and sunlight exposure. If our curtains are properly maintained and cared for, they can last an average of 15+ years.

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