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Carpeter provides you with the latest round carpets for your floor. We know those round rugs are always in demand. That is why we keep making modern design carpets in round shapes. They give your place a fashionable look. Our circle carpet is like the cherry on the cake. Don’t think too much. Check the latest designs of carpets online on our website.

Living Room Carpet
Stylish Designs

We make beautiful designs and textures on our round-shaped carpets. You can make your place look better by using it.

Different Sizes

Our carpets are available in different sizes to fit every desired place in your house. Our professional will get an exact measurement of your home without any charge.

Custom Carpet

You can order a custom-made round carpet for your floor. Our professionals are experts in customizing our carpets according to your choice.

____Types of Carpets

What Materials Do We Use in Our Round Carpets?

We are the best supplier in Dubai for all types of floor coverings. Our highly skilled professionals are making continuous efforts to provide top-notch carpets and carpet installation services.

You can get a vast range of materials for round carpets in Dubai. We make our carpets to customers’ preferences also. Our team makes high-quality rugs using different materials.







Classic round Carpet
Modern Round Carpet


Benefits of Our Modern Red Carpets

We always consider the style and comfort of our carpets. These both things are required to make a perfect carpet for your floor. Our professional design team makes every carpet with effort and care to make it a masterpiece.

Our customers love the design of our hand-made carpets. Using our premium quality round carpet Dubai can bring a significant change in your life.

  • Fire-resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Adaptable to all interior themes
  • Highly durable
  • Latest designs
  • Non-slippery

Areas Of Use

Where Can You Place Our Circular Carpets?

We design our carpest to place anywhere in your home. Our carpets are available in different sizes, but if you want custom sizes or shapes of our carpets, we can make them for you.

Living room
Special Round Carpet
Natural Round Carpet

What To Contact With Us?

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Collection of Our Round Carpets

We offer you many designs and textures available in round-shaped carpets. You can promptly elevate the look of your floor. Here is the collection of our round rugs in Dubai.

round Carpets

Ideal Carpet Supplier

Why is Carpeter the Best Carpet Provider in Dubai?

Providing premium quality carpets and carpet installation services attracts our customers to buy from us. We make sure to satisfy every customer with their purchase.

We provide premium quality carpets and rugs at very affordable prices. You will get a special discount on your first purchase from us. Don’t get late and get carpets from the best red carpet shop in UAE for flooring treatments.

Round Crpet
Stylish Round Carpet

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How Our Different Carpets Can Enhance the Decor of Your Place?

Carpeter is the most trustworthy carpet supplier in UAE. Our gorgeous carpets can boost home decor and give you a calm look. Having a luxurious round rug in different places can give you comfort. We provide custom-sized carpets for your kitchen and bathroom to give it a modern and comfortable look.

For Kitchen
For Bathroom

In addition, you can order custom-sized carpets for the entrance, pet area, or shelves. We are the best maker of carpets in Dubai. Visit our online shop to see more designs.

Round carpet
Round carpet dubai

Hand-made Round Carpets

Increase the Beauty of Your Floor with Our Hand-Made Carpets

Hand-made carpets are the best type you can place on your floor. Our highly skilled professionals make our hand-made carpets. They make high-piled carpets for extra comfort of floor coverings.

We offer long-lasting carpets that last for many years with minimal maintenance. Our hand-made round carpets are the most durable and gorgeous. You can order custom sizes and specific designs to embed in circular carpets.

  • On-time installation
  • Highly professional staff
  • Ease of communication

Project Done


Thoughts of Our Customers

Our carpet collection is vast enough to cover your floors’ needs. Our customers always get the carpet they are exactly looking for.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing us to install round rugs in your home can give you peace of mind. Our professionals are known in UAE for installing the carpet very professionally. We have served UAE with our carpet services for more than ten years.

You can get carpets of all shapes and designs for your home or offices. We provide the best carpet for your place according to the wall color and interior design. Get an exclusive discount on our round carpets for sale collection.

Round Carpet


Frequently Asked Questions

You will be needed some information about round carpets to buy the perfect one for your house. Carpeter is here to explain some points before you buy your carpet.

You can use our modern round carpets in your bedroom, living room, or kitchen. Our carpets are designed to give your place a luxurious look.

You use round carpets in the center of the floor to give it the attraction of your guests. If you want to use carpets for a long time, try our luxury ones.

Yes, round carpets make a room look bigger. Our professionals can guide you about the perfect size and the placement of round rugs in your room to give your room a wider look.

These rugs look fashionable in a square room. We have many colors to give you the right decor for your space. They can be placed in any size of room.

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