Luxury Round Carpet Dubai

Round Carpet Dubai is the amazing ornamental flooring treatment by Carpeter. These round-shaped carpets serve as the most attractive decor element and have the tendency to lift up an entire interior much timelessly. Their spherical structures make them attractive to look at and the plush surface textures feel extremely comfortable to be on. These round carpets serve as the most harmonious and long-term serviceable decor match for all interior, exterior, residential and commercial spaces. They do the floor covering in a number of wonderful functional ways.

Round Carpet Dubai

Construction and Backing of Round Carpets in Dubai provide Round floor Carpets, that primarily have the construction out of materials like 100% Nylon, Cotton, Wool, Acrylic, Polyester, and Polypropylene, plus there are options of the synthetic fiber blends, as well.

Round carpet Dubai is then backed with either recycled materials or a wholly Plastic backing. They’re available in the pilling options of cut-pile, looped pile, cut loop, and Level loop.

Thickness and Sizing

Our Round Floor Carpet in the shape round features the standard thickness (pile height) of 30 mm. As for the sizing dimensions, these include the diameters of 4, 6, 8, and 10 inches, and above versions too.

These versions feature machine weaving and go fine with a number of usage scenarios. Also, you can acquire carpet size customization, as well.


Given below are the distinctive characteristics of our round shaped bedroom carpets:

  • These Round Carpet Dubai have the decor balancing tendency
  • They’re widely available within distinctive structural profiles so as to best suit all requirements
  • They offer a plush floor covering
  • They’re effectively resistant to all the foot traffic and impacting
  • They look the best when placed underneath beds
  • These carpets feature a sublime build quality and turn out to be extremely durable
Round Carpet



Following are the favorable advantages of our Dubai Round Carpet:

  • These carpets do an instant decor lift up and combine the entire theme well
  • They offer the minimalist yet a very attractive ornamentation
  • They create cohesive looks and makes all spaces appear roomier
  • They bring about an endless warmth and keep the room’s temperature well optimized
  • They are a wonderful accessory to add within smaller spaces and rooms in order to achieve a spacious effect

Areas of Application of Round Carpet Dubai

Our round luxury carpets can make even the dullest and boring-looking spaces stand out immediately. They pair up dynamically with all sorts of decors.

You can have this carpeting within your offices, homes, and apartments as a wonderful spot enhancing. In addition to that, they can be placed within outdoor spaces such as patios, pergolas, gazebos, and even balconies, as well.

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