Smart and Stylish Motorized Blinds for Dubai Homes

Do you want to make your window more functional and stylish? Then look no further than our smart motorized blinds Dubai. Our smart blinds are the easiest way to automate your window and enhance the appearance of your place at the same time. Control it with a remote, mobile and switch button.

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Buy Our Motorized Blinds Dubai That Comes With 10+ Years of Warranty

We provide the most durable and premium-quality motor for smart blinds in Dubai that can easily last for more than 10 years. The main reason behind the endless durability of our electric blinds is their top-quality material and manufacturing techniques. We use transparent, translucent, and blackout fabrics with high-knot densities for our electric blinds. Moreover, we also use PVC, metals, etc, that are highly resistant to wear and tear.

Additionally, we have a comprehensive collection of motorized blinds in Dubai, so everyone can choose their blinds according to their needs. For instance, if you want to enjoy complete darkness at your place, you can select our blackout shades. Furthermore, our smart Roman blinds work best as office shades due to their sophisticated color scheme and elegant designs. So, place the order for our blinds now.

Customize The Motorized Blinds For Your Smart Home

Being a reliable supplier of blinds, we also offer the precise customization of our motorized shades.
So, choose your desired fabric, designs, pattern, and style for your electric window blinds.

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Select Your Desired Fabric For Motorized Blinds Dubai

We install motorized blinds in your desired fabric color, design and textures. You can select from our plain, textured, printed fabric collection and get a price estimate from our salesperson.

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Multiple Control Options Available For Motorized Blinds Dubai

We offer several types of motorized blinds for high windows that will help to control their operation easily. Check out some of these types below to choose your desired one.

Electric Blinds

Our electric window blinds are best for the home and children because they work without any cord. Ultimately, they reduce the chances of accidents through slips and trips.

Remote Control Blinds

Install our remote control window blinds on your hard-to-reach windows and enjoy their effortless working. You can control its operation with a button click without moving.

Battery Operated Blinds

Our battery-operated window blinds are best if you have a limited budget and want to automate your windows. Their battery needs to be replaced after approximately 8 months.

Voice Activated Blinds

You can integrate our voice-activated window blinds with different voice assistants, such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple Siri, and control their functionality with voice.

Our motorized window blinds offer many benefits due to their extraordinary features. Here are some of these benefits. Let’s Explore

Energy Efficiency 

Our smart blinds will maintain the room temperature during the hot sunny days.

Maximum Convenience

With our electric Roman blinds, you can effortlessly control the opening and closing of shades.

Noise Reduction 

Install our motorized blinds in Dubai to create a quiet environment in your home and offices.

Uv Protection 

Our blackout motorized window blinds will protect your interior from harsh UV rays for years.

Our innovative blind installation services will bring phenomenal change to your surroundings. We have 10+ years of experience installing these blinds with 100% proficiency. Besides all that, you can contact us from anywhere in the United Arab Emirates for the professional installation of blinds.

Fastest Installation

We will install the smart blinds within 3 to 4 hours without making any unnecessary mess or noise.

Quality Assurance 

After completing the installation, we will thoroughly check that the blinds are installed properly without any flaws.

Carpeter is always determined to provide every possible comfort within your lifestyle with significant and visually pleasing ornamentation. Ultimately, we offer extraordinary motorized blinds in Dubai at a very affordable price.

Furthermore, we offer free samples of smart blinds for quality assurance. You can also book a slot for the design consultation session for the best decision. So call/email us and experience the wondrous workings of these ideal blinds for yourself right away!

Are Your Motorized Blinds for High Window Easy To Clean? 

Yes, our smart window blinds are very easy and quick to clean. They are treated with a stain-resistant process, and they do not trap dust on their surfaces. You can dust them daily with a soft and clean duster or a damp cloth with a mild detergent. Avoid using concentrated cleaner over them.

Do Your Remote Control Blinds Make Noise? 

Not at all; our innovative smart window blinds work very smoothly without making any noise. Then, you can install them in your home, offices, and other places where you want complete silence. So call us to get a free price estimate for our motorized blinds in Dubai.

Can your motorized shades be programmed to operate automatically? 

Yes, our smart window blinds are programmed to operate automatically. They come with a timer that opens and closes them at a specific time of day. Additionally, they will automatically close when they detect any temperature or light intensity change.

How Long Do Your Smart Blinds Dubai Last? 

Our premium-quality smart blinds are designed using durable and long-lasting materials.  So they can last for more than 10 years without maintenance. If you use them with great care according to our guidelines, they can last for more than 12 years without damage.