Have The Eco-friendly Mat Choice Of Our Coir Mats

Coir Mats Dubai or the famous coconut matting is one entirely unique and long-lasting matting to go for. Our exquisite coconut coir mat not only serves the ideal aesthetics but also stands out with its finest build quality and ultimately the heavy-duty usage. These marvelous mats also come within the versions of coir doormat, for the most welcoming interiors. 


Our coir Dubai mats feature the richest and truly wholesome construction and are the best investment in terms of floor ornamentation. These calmative Coir Mats are made from 100% coir natural fibers (coconut husk). This is the extraordinary delightful kind of matting that will let you cherish the sensation of having an all-natural decor around you. A totally organic and sustainable choice to go for!

We Are The First-Rate Suppliers Of Coir Mats Dubai 

Our coconut coir mat as well as the coir doormat amazingly stand out among all other types of mattings due to their prolonged and efficient utility. They will perk up your places within absolutely no time and their effective working remains the same all along. These are the legit hard-wearing and heavy-duty mats.

We’ve got you the supreme quality Coir Mats in Dubai that will be the most serviceable decor addition to your places. These classy mats are widely available both online and in stores and no matter what means of shopping you go for, you’re meant to come across the best utility.

Check Out Our Latest Varieties Of Coconut Matting

We are the Custom mat specialists in the whole UAE and therefore have got you the most luxurious and equally durable varieties of coconut matting and coir doormats. These incredibly functional mats come within all types of measurement options and can be customized according to the requirements, as well. 

Our all-purpose Coir Mats come within different shading options, in addition to the structural approaches. They are vastly available within highly attractive shades of golden and brown, apart from, of course, the standard golden brown one, giving off a wholly natural appearance. Also, there are various matting thickness levels available as well.

Beach Creel Coir Mats

Beach Creel

Plain Coco Coir Mats Dubai

Plain Coco

Powerloom Coir Mats Dubai


Rod Coir Mats Dubai

Rod Coir

Vycome Coir Mats Dubai


Classic Coir Mats Dubai

Our Coconut Coir Mat Offers Amazing Usage Advantages

This coconut matting, by all means, is the kind of decor you can never go wrong with. These are the best to place within the interiors and are the most long-lasting choice for outdoor spaces. They have a highly absorbent nature, therefore are great for putting at entrance spaces or walkways.

The Coir Mats feature all-natural and highly absorbent plus well-resistant fibers. These fibers work by effectively trapping all the dust and dirt that is likely to enter your places along with shoes and feet. Moreover, having the coir matting makes the floors extremely safe and anti-slip to walk over, thus adding to the safety sustenance for your family. 

#1 Coir Mats Dubai

Coir Mats Dubai Are The Perfect Functional Decor

These coir Dubai mats are the kind of decor that is meant to make a lot of difference, as they help you a lot in maintaining your places the right way. These mats contribute to keeping the interior spaces clean by stopping all the pollutants and allergens passage. Their entirely non-toxic nature makes them perfectly safe to use.  

These mats serve ornamental purposes ideally well, too. Post having these Coir Mats, you won’t need to be concerned about the attractiveness of your places. They are specifically best to place at entrances so as to give a warm welcome to your valuable guests and most importantly to you.

Our Sublime Quality Coconut Mats Are Ideal For All Spaces

From a general yet suave floor covering to the best floor matting, our coconut coir mat is the perfect selection to place in all areas. Its supreme build quality makes it highly resistant against all the extents of footfall, therefore this matting offers prolonged usage. Its hard-wearing nature makes it the best to use within all public places, as well.

Our Coir Mats can be utilized for all crowd-prone places such as offices, receptions, schools, walkways, entrance spaces, and others. These not only keep all the dust and dirt away but also absorb all the moisture really well. This way, you can easily put them in outdoor spaces and can benefit from them under all kinds of atmospheric conditions. 

Get The Highest Quality Mats From Us At Affordable Price

Carpeter.ae brings you the finest-grade coconut coir matting that is going to be the best and the most lucrative addition to your home decor. These mats are an entirely different thing to experience as floor covering and they are extremely beneficial as compared to other kinds of mats.

We’ve got you these amazing Coir Mats at amazingly affordable rates and within the best varieties. You can pick out those mind-blowing mats featuring eye-catching natural shades and can also acquire the finest mat customization from us. 

Stunning Coir Mats Dubai
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Having these mats will be the most advantageous investment of yours and the most durable one as well. Do give us a call now!

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