Make Your Outdoor Area Look Stylish with Our Outdoor Rugs Dubai

Your outdoor area needs a modern carpet to add a stylish look. We offer carpets made of highly durable materials to make them the best choice for outdoor places. Our outdoor rugs in Dubai can face the sunlight and water pressure without getting faded. You can hide your old flooring tiles with our gorgeous-looking rug.

Best Outdoor Rugs
Outdoor Rugs
Non-Slip Back

It is one of the main features of our outdoor mats to provide non-slip back to avoid slips and falls.


As you know, the intensity of sunlight in Dubai. So we use the highest quality material to maintain refreshing look for years.

Custom Sizes

Outdoor areas require some custom sizes of carpet for a good interior design. We offer different sizes of rugs to meet your needs.

What Materials Are Used in Our Outdoor Carpets?

To make the rugs long-lasting, we offer carpets made of synthetic fibers. They can bear harsh environments, temperature fluctuations, and water pressure.

Natural rugs are made from natural fibers that look gorgeous but are unsuitable for high foot traffic areas. Get our most durable outdoor synthetic rugs to give your place an exciting look.

  • Nylon rugs
  • Polypropylene rugs
  • Acrylic rugs
  • Polyester rugs
  • Sisal rugs
  • Grass rugs






Classic Outdoor Rugs
High Quality Outdoor Rugs

Why Does Your Outdoor Area Needs Our Luxury Rugs?

Our outdoor carpets in Dubai can transform your boring place into an exciting place. We offer bright and exciting colors to place on your outdoor areas for more aesthetics. Our bright-colored rugs look stunning in natural light.

Having some rugs at different places on your balcony, lawn, or garden can change the whole feel of the pace. Hardwood flooring gets dull with exposure to sunlight. Install our eye-catching outdoor mats to increase the comfort level of your place.

  • Modern look
  • Extra aesthetics
  • Stain resistant
  • Water absorption
  • Protection of floor
  • Extremely comfortable

What To Contact With Us?

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Where Can You Use Our Rugs?

Carpeter provides you with all types of materials for floor carpeting. We have many options to transform the look of your outdoor area. Our rugs are designed to use as a centerpiece between chairs, as a runner rug near the wall, and many more. You can get custom sizes also to place our high-quality rugs anywhere you want.

Pet Areas
Lawn & Balcony
Luxury Outdoor Rugs
Cheap Quality Outdoor

Our Modern Rugs

Outdoor places require some decorative items to look beautiful. One of the most notable things is the flooring. We offer various shades and textures to cover your outdoor floor. Try our modern rugs for your outdoor area.

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Get Our Professional Consultation Services for Trendy Ideas

We have a team of interior designers who always suggest the perfect color and design for a rug placed in a specific place. Their thinking is different, making them more creative and unique.

Get consultation services without any charge for a better interior design for your place. Call our experts to request a free home visit. We always succeed in making your place look ten times better with our luxury rugs.

Outdoor Rugs
Stunning Outdoor Rugs

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Buy Our Luxury Synthetic & Natural Rugs in Dubai

Carpeter has one the most extensive stock of outdoor rugs in Dubai. You will get a carpet of every shape and material to place in your desired area. Outdoor areas in the home place that is not used frequently but get exposure to light and water are permanent. We offer natural and synthetic rigs to match your needs.

Synthetic Rugs
Natural Rugs

You can get advice from our experts to choose the right type according to your need. We offer both rugs with supreme quality fabrics.

Beautiful Outdoor Rugs
Versatile Handmade Carpets Dubai

What Makes Our Rugs Most Durable?

Carpeter is renowned for providing top-quality flooring treatments for the year. We have installed floor coverings in every place in UAE. Our professionals always ensure that they install carpets most professionally.

Getting the carpet torn quickly means that the installation staff needed to be more expert. Our experts double-check your floor after installation to ensure that everything is perfect.

  • Highest quality materials
  • Professional installation
  • Non-slip back

Project Done

What Do Our Clients say?

When choosing outdoor rugs, you must check the properties and features of that material. Carpeter provides rugs of the highest quality to place outdoors.

Why Choose Us?

Outdoor mats are supposed to be the most durable. They must bear rain, sun, temperature fluctuations, dirt, and rough use. Consider getting our most durable outdoor mats for all kinds of places.

We have specific designs of outdoor welcome mats, garden mats, entrance rugs, and more. You can also get custom-sized and custom-shaped rugs from us to ensure the perfect fit for any desired place. Contact our professionals to get much information about the pricing or design availability.

Outdoor Rugs

Frequently Asked Questions

Many people don’t know much about the material’s durability and quality. Carpeter shows you the right path to buy the best outdoor mats in Dubai.

Try to get durable, weather-resistant materials for your outdoor carpets. We offer polypropylene, nylon, or acrylic rugs to provide durable rugs with non-slip back padding.

Rugs made from nylon and Polypropylene usually have good strength and stylish designs. Our outdoor rugs can transform your space into a fashionable area. So visit our store to choose the perfect one for your needs.

The lifespan of an outdoor rug will depend on the specific conditions and usage. Our indoor rugs in Dubai can last more than 10 years with bearing challenging conditions. We offer eco-friendly rugs also that are very cost-effective and durable.

You can find the best rug online in Dubai at Carpeter’s official website. We provide various outdoor carpets in different materials, shapes, or sizes at very affordable prices. You can get the custom color or size of outdoor mats according to your preferences.

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