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Buy Our Luxury Wave Curtains Dubai With Folds

Wave Curtains Dubai by Carpeter are an entirely new, smart, and contemporary way of covering your windows. They glorify both traditional and modern decor in any living area.

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We’ve Got You Incredible Varieties Of Wave Curtains

We have different kinds of wave window curtains in different styles offering their own unique features. Choose a wave curtain type that matches your decor & functional needs.

Blackout Wave Curtains

Our Blackout Curtains in wave design give off a mesmerizing ripple-like effect along with an optimal room darkening with their dense fabric build.

Sheer Wave Curtains

Our sheer wave curtain design combines lightweight and translucent sheer fabric to filter through light and maintain some level of privacy and ideal for bedroom and living room.

Ripple Fold Curtains

Ripple fold also know as S fold curtains features softly flowing pattern. We create this effect by sewing the fabric onto a track system that forms even, consistent folds.

Double Wave Curtains

Our double wave curtains are advanced versions of simple wave effect curtains and feature two layers of fabric, blackout and sheer, arranged in a wave pattern.

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Luxurious Wave Curtains Available With Up To 10% Discounts

Looking for cheap prices? We have the perfect wave curtains online Dubai collection – book an order online for mega-discounted deals.

Get Inspiration From Our Completed Wave Curtain Projects

Dive into our amazing gallery of the latest wave curtains Dubai projects. Explore the different styles to match your interior decor.

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wave curtain
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Plain Sheer Wave Curtains
modern wave curtains
Green Olive Wave Curtains
Double wave curtains
blackout wave curtains
wave fold curtains
wave effect curtains

Make The Most Out Of Our Customized Wave Curtains Dubai

We have custom-made curtain options available for our wave window coverings. These sophisticated styles of curtains depict lovely S-shaped patterns and curvy window dressing patterns respectively. Choose a supple or stiff style according to the look you’re opting for. Find the ideal decor match for both your traditional & modern interiors.

200+ colors

20+ fabrics

Limitless patterns

Custom Embroidery

Bespoke Motor Controls

Personalized Dimensions

Charcoal Wave Curtains

Choose Our Wave Curtains For Amazing Functional Benefits

At our store in Al Quoz, Dubai, we have premium standard wave curtains with extraordinary perks.


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UV Resistant Fabric

These curtains serve as the perfect barrier against intense UV rays.


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These curtains work wonders for providing privacy with their dense fabric materials.


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Room Divider

Their voluminous coverage allows them to be easily used as a room divider or a partition.



Sound Insulation

Professional fitting of these dense fabric curtains ensures moderate sound insulation.

Bedroom wave curtains

Get Our Top-Rated Installation Services For Your Curtains

We’re overjoyed to present to you our stellar service, the curtain installation. Our services come with first-rate proficiency that effectively meets all your curtain fitting requirements. Get the seamless installation of wave curtains in Dubai at affordable rates. Our expert installation service will make your curtain upgrade the most lucrative for you in the long run.

Skilled Curtain Fitters

Get our customized Home Curtainsflawless installation at the hands of skilled curtain fitters at all places.

Budget Friendly

Our wave curtains installation in Dubai is fairly cheap to hire without compromising on quality.


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Why Choose Us?

You get to choose Carpeter because of the way we stand out among all others with our excellence. We serve you with the highest-grade quality within both our S-fold wave curtains as well as services, the excellence that’s meant to uplift your lifestyle and comfort you.

Using our Wave Curtains Dubai is a spectacular way of adorning your interiors and a perfect alternative to those troublesome curtain headings. Rush and have your selection of the best curtains today!

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Frequently Ask Questions

Yes, they are great for a window covering solution as compared to traditional window curtains. These curtains feature a unique wave-like pattern which gives the interior a modern feel. They are ideal for any homeowner looking for a window covering for style & functionality.

The waves in these curtains refer to the folds which resemble the shape of waves. This term refers to the ripple pattern formed due to the even spacing between each fold of the curtain fabric. These folds are prominent on both open & close options when hung professionally on a suitable wave curtain track.

Determining the fact which company is best for wave curtains depends upon company points like their product quality, what customization service they offer and how efficient is their customer support. Carpeter has been the best company for 15 years straight with all these points covered. Feel free to call us for your curtain needs.

The choice of an ideal wave fold curtain depends upon factors such as the level of aesthetics you require, the amount of light control the curtains should provide, and the ease of cleaning the fabric. In general, velvet, linen, and polyester are the popular fabric choices for wave curtains in Dubai.

The current trend for these wave curtains is minimalistic designs with light color tones and clean fabric lines. It gives them a sophisticated yet luxurious look. The ongoing trends also include eco-friendly options due to ongoing emphasis on home decor trends with sustainability.

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