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We are one of the biggest sellers of Persian rugs in Dubai. Visit our website to order our rugs made with 100%natural materials. We offer different materials in our rugs, like wool, cotton, and silk. Get premium quality rugs from us at very affordable prices.

Amazing Persian Rugs
Beautiful Persian Rugs
Antique Designs

Persian carpets are known for their unique designs and patterns. They are considered a gorgeous type of floor covering.

Low Pricing

These carpets are supposed to be more expensive because of their high-quality fabric and traditional making methods.

Custom Sizes

We offer hand-made rugs in Dubai. All our carpets are made using traditional Persian methods to ensure their luxurious look.

Wide Collection of Our Stylish Rugs

Carpeter has the latest and unique designs of carpets to install on your floor. Everyone prefers something other than ordinary designs or standard sizes for their floor.

Try our modern Persian rugs in Dubai to add extra decor to your place. We ensure that these carpets are perfectly matching with your decor style. Our professionals can customize the size, color, and design of carpet specifically for your floor.

  • Custom rugs
  • Fluffy rugs
  • Vintage rugs
  • Cotton rugs
  • Hand-made rugs
  • Wool rugs






Best Persian Rugs
Classic Persian Rugs

Benefits of Using Our Persian Luxury Carpets

We ensure to fulfill the main aim of buying Iranian carpets for your home. These carpets are designed to bring the classic and most attractive look to your place.

We have a collection of vintage to modern designs of Iranian rugs in Dubai. Our customer uses our cheap Persian carpets as their welcoming mat because they are highly durable and gives a very inviting appearance.

  • Stain-resistant
  • Sound absorption
  • Fire-resistant
  • Highly durable
  • Finest fabrics
  • Gorgeous appearance

What To Contact With Us?

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Where Can You Use Our Rugs?

Our rugs can be used in hallways to provide a welcoming look to your guests. You can use these carpets in your living room to capture all the attention in the center of your living room. Their eye-catching color makes them highly notable in any corner of your home. We provide different sizes of these rugs to place them in various places for better aesthetics.

Living rooms
Top Quality Persian Rugs
Modern Persian Rugs

Collection of Our Iranian Vintage Rugs

The Iranian rug is one of the most desirable types of rug in Dubai. They are highly in demand in UAE because of their cultural attachment, which inspires them to use these carpets in their places. If you need help choosing the right rug, contact our expert to get the right rug for your place.

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Make Your Place Luxurious With Our Iranian Rugs

You must be looking for vintage Iranian rugs in Dubai. Their price might be shocking for you. They are expensive because of their artistic value and the pattern they have.

We offer the most affordable prices of such carpets to our valued customers in UAE. Get the unique design of Iranian rugs to make your place look more luxurious and peaceful.

High Quality Persian Rugs
Cheap Quality Persian Rugs

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What Do We Offer?

Carpeter is the leading brand of all types of carpets in the UAE. You will get the highest favorable reviews about our company. We offer top-notch installation services to your residential or commercial areas. Persian floor coverings can add warmth to your home’s living room or any top hotel hallway. Our flooring solutions are an ideal option for all kinds of places.

Residential Carpets
Commercial Carpets

In addition, we give exclusive discounts on our big orders for events or exhibitions. We are always on time, no matter how big an area is required to get covered by our luxurious carpets.

Persian Rugs
Stunning persian Rugs

Get Customization in Your Persian Rugs at Affordable Prices

We are here to bring your dream floorings into reality. Get the most luxurious Persian carpets from our store, and tell us the customization you want. Our experts will provide you with the exact desired carpet quickly.

Making changes in vintage hand-made rugs requires expertise in the craftmanship of Iranian rugs. Our custom rugs are designed to make your place look gorgeous. You can trust our skillful expert to demand any changes in your carpet.

  • Premium Quality Fabrics
  • Traditional Making Techniques
  • Free Installation

Project Done

Reviews of Our Customers

Consider leaving reviews on our carpets and flooring services. If you have yet to try it, read our reviews from regular customers. Make your final decision and get a free quote from our experts.

Why Choose Us?

Your home decor needs an elevation in its beauty that our Persian rugs in Dubai can create. Carpeter is one of the most reliable carpet companies in Dubai. We have different designs of Iranian carpets.

You will get the most professional installation from our experts. They are well-trained in providing you with smooth carpet floorings. Our rugs can add extra warmth to your place. Be on time to choose the best rug for your place from us.

Persian Rugs

Frequently Asked Questions

Buying real Persian rugs can be tricky in Dubai. We are here to guide you about its quality and the right place to buy a cheap Persian rug online in Dubai.

Persian rugs are supposed to be hand-woven. You can ensure its quality by checking the imperfections in the knots. You can tell if the backing of Persian carpets is handmade or machine-made.

Persian rugs can cost you from 800 AED to 1300 AED. The carpet price depends on the carpet’s quality and design. Some carpets are more expensive because of their artistic texture.

You need to find a trustworthy carpet supplier when buying a real Persian rug in Dubai. Carpeter is the most reliable source of getting premium-quality carpets. Our carpets are made from traditional methods using the finest material to ensure their originality.

Persian floor rugs can never be old-fashioned because of their traditional way of manufacturing and color varieties. These carpets are the most durable and comfortable floor coverings. We offer high-quality Persian carpets which hold artistic value.

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