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Handmade Carpet Dubai are trendy flooring fashion these days. Carpeter has got you the wonderful flooring ornamentation of Hand made Carpet. These entirely hand-crafted carpets not just look the best as a floor covering but also feel to be great, as well.

We carry out their construction using high-quality materials and expert techniques. This way, the carpeting standard you get is the most sublime one and lasts considerably longer, as well. In addition to that, these carpets are ideally heavy-duty in nature and can effectively outlast all the intense usage and higher extents of foot traffic, to boot.

Handmade Carpet Dubai


We make use of the 100% pure materials within our hand-made carpets construction which include Nylon, Polyester, Polypropylene, Acrylic, Wool, Cotton, and Silk. Plus, several other versions feature the blends of these materials as well. The entire Handmade Carpet Dubai construction is carried out most considerately and there is ultimate perfection within every single knot. In addition to that, we also have our carpets backed with certain materials such as Jute, Plastic and recycled materials.


This handcrafted Persian knotted carpet feature adequate levels of thickness and the standard values begin from 1/4 inch, and reach all the way up to 7/16 inch. As for the carpet density, that ranges between 6 lb per cubic feet and 8 lb per cubic feet. Apart from that, you can also have certain customizations regarding the carpet thickness and its pilling.


Given below are the specific features of our Handmade Luxury Carpet:

  • These carpets have entirely handwoven construction with Persian & Turkish knot techniques.
  • The materials used are of the highest quality
  • They are totally chemical-free and non-toxic in nature
  • Handmade Carpet Dubai is perfectly resistant to color fading and UV rays
  • They can effectively outlast all the atmospheric conditions
  • They are easy to maintain and easy to clean
Handmade Carpet


Ahead are the amazing benefits of our handcrafted carpets in Dubai:

  • These carpets serve as the most attractive decor element and ideally complement all interiors
  • Hand made Carpet can efficiently outlast all the wear and tear as well as foot traffic
  • They provide improved air quality and better temperature optimization
  • They are effectively resistant to fire, dirt, and moisture
  • They are children and pet friendly in nature


Our Handmade Carpets Dubai provides the most attractive aesthetics for all sorts of decor themes. These carpets are the ideal floor covering choice for all residential, commercial, and professional spaces. You can have them as a ravishing home or apartment ornamentation of yours and also a super sleek addition to your workspace. They’ll be the best functional decor for all areas.

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