Glamorous Appearance

Give Your Place a Glamorous Appearance with Our Persons Carpets

Persian carpets are the assets. They have precious artistic value in their abstract. Carpeter has the finest abstract art in these carpets in Dubai. We have the most extensive range of vintage rugs. Our professionals know the exact story behind every meaningful abstract art.

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Luxury Persian Carpet
Traditional Making Techniques

We provide carpets made with traditional techniques. It is so essential for the beauty of that carpet.

Natural Dyes

Our professionals use natural dyes for the color of these carpets. We make dyes from insects or plants.

Antique Design

Our carpets are known for their antique design on them. They have meaningful and gorgeous abstract artwork.

Types of Carpets

Different Designs of Persian Carpets Dubai

Our customers know us for the versatility of our carpets. We never repeat the textures and designs of our carpets. Carpeter is the name e of the latest carpet-making company. Our professionals are making the latest designs on carpets.

We always make sure to provide all variants of carpets for all categories. We make our carpets from different techniques based on their method and origin city.

  • Kilim Carpets
  • Kerman Carpets
  • Mashhad Carpets
  • Isfahan Carpets
  • Qom Carpets
  • Tabriz Carpets






Modern Persian Carpet
Classic persian carpet


Why Should You Try Our Iranian Carpets in UAE?

Our vintage carpet in your home will make you feel like you are a great art lover. Some people use our modern carpets as showpieces on a wall or in exhibitions. We are known for providing the finest Persian rugs in Dubai.

Our carpets are made up of superior quality using all those traditional techniques and natural dyes. We also provide custom-made carpets if you want some specific kind of carpet.

  • Cultural Significance
  • Artistic Value
  • Air Purification
  • Insulation
  • Investment Piece
  • Unique Designs

Best Carpet Installers

We Are the Best Persian Carpet Installer in Dubai

Persian carpets UAE are a very precious piece of house. They need professional handling to avoid any wear and tear. Hire our professional carpet installation services to place your carpet in the best way. We provide many types of carpets. In addition, we offer free estimation, installation, and sampling for your floor.

Professional Consultaion Services
Fastest delivery anywhere in UAE
Free measurement & sampling
Persian Carpet
Versatile Persian Carpet

What To Contact With Us?

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Showcasing Our Carpets

Our modern carpets are designed to keep it a showpiece. We believe in making it like the old ways using natural dyes. Doing this helps us achieve the real look of the Persian antique carpets in Dubai.

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How Are Our Persian Rugs Good Investment?

Many customers buy carpest from us to store them or sell them. Our hand-made carpets are a good piece of investment. They are antique and made in traditional ways, which makes them highly demanding carpets.

They are the most durable and gorgeous carpets. Our professionals make the patterns with their hands using real old methods to give you that Persian look. You should take care of our carpets to get their increased value after some time.

Persian Carpet
Special Persian Carpet

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Timeless Beauty of Our Carpets

Invest in the Timeless Beauty of Our Persian Carpet

Carpeter is one of the most reliable carpets suppliers in Dubai. People know us for our quality carpets. We make sure to bring uniqueness and artistic value to each carpet. Our carpets have a long history behind them. You will get inspired to buy them immediately after knowing the meaning of their art.


We provide hand-made and machine-made Persian carpets to cater to all customers. We have every floor treatment you are looking for.

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Persian Carpet

____Custom-Made Carpets

Get Our Custom-Made Carpets

You might be needed custom Iranian carpets for a different area of your home. We are the best provider of flooring solutions. We have different sizes and shapes to fit all areas of your place.

You can order custom carpets also as per your preferences. Our professionals know the traditional making techniques using natural ingredients. We will make premium quality carpets as per your design and size requirements.

  • On-time installation
  • Highly professional staff
  • Ease of communication

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Why Do People Trust Us?

We are the most trustworthy supplier of Persian carpets Dubai. We deliver the highest quality Persian rugs to our customers. Our carpets change the whole of your place with their elegant appearance.

Why Choose Us?

When you are planning to buy the best type of carpets, you must choose the best shop in Dubai to get your carpets. Carpeter provides you with many antique designs of Persian rugs.

Our designs are unique from every other carpet that will charm your place. We provide our carpets and professional carpet services at very low prices. Contact us to get all types of carpets, or plan a meeting with our expert to order custom carpets.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The decision to buy modern Persian carpets should be made wisely. Our professionals are highly skilled in enhancing interior design with the placement of our carpets. Here are a few things you should know.

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