Luxury Persian Carpet Dubai

Persian Carpet Dubai by is one amazing choice of carpeting for the best decor creation. These classy and all-time famous carpets look extremely attractive within all interior themes and their effective functionality remains continued all along. These carpets feature an exceptional build quality and their designs turn out to be greatly pleasing. As for the utility side, they provide a number of benefits such as energy efficiency, temperature balancing, acoustic protection, and others. This is the legit heavy-duty and all-purpose carpeting.

Persian Carpet Dubai

Construction and Backing of Persian Carpet Dubai

Our Persian floor Carpets Dubai primarily features the highest-quality wool construction. In addition to that, there is the use of Silk Fibres as well and other plants and animal-based crafting options include sisal, cotton, and jute fibers.

These excessively plush and soft-textured Persian Carpet Dubai has the most distinctive and entirely rich color schemes. They have a soft-backing that has a pattern-syncing with the topmost layer.

Thickness and Sizing

Our highest-quality Persian carpet has a standard thickness of 3 mm to 6 mm. The pile height can also reach up to 10 mm.

The standard sizes mostly come within the options of 4 x 6 feet, 3 x 5 feet, 5 x 7 feet, and 2 x 3 feet. These are the ideal size approaches that go well with the majority of the decor requirements.

Unique Features

Following the specifications lineup of our Luxury Persian floor Carpets:

  • These carpets underlay feature the most attractive and rich floral designs
  • They are created with the methods of Feature Compact Knotting and Highland Knotting
  • Several carpet designs come with the distinction of 50 knots within every square inch
  • There are no synthetic materials used within the construction
  • These carpets feature “vegetable dyes” as the coloring approach
Persian Carpet

Perks and Pros

Ahead are the major ones from the benefits compilation:

  • These Persian Carpet Dubai are the legit art works in the form of floor coverings
  • They add a lot of value and distinction to all the decors
  • They’re extremely long-lasting in their utility and effectively maintain their sparkling beauty all along
  • They’re effectively resistant to all damaging factors
  • These carpets are perfectly eco-friendly and relatively less-flammable

Areas of Application of Persian Carpet

Our Persian floor Carpets are the ideal decor accessory for all places, Be it your home, office or apartment or any other place, our Luxury Persian floor carpeting will add the most dynamic value to it.

Moreover, they can be placed within hallways, bathrooms, kitchen areas, living rooms and even at outdoor spaces such as patios, gazebos, balconies and others, as well.

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