Luxury Jute Carpet Dubai 2022

Carpeter has got you the best of carpeting manners, that is the Jute Carpet Dubai. This wonderful and entirely high-end carpet will make your places look the most presentable, that too, for reasonable time spans. Their highest build quality makes them the most effective floor covering against all the intense usage and most importantly higher levels of foot traffic.

Jute carpets serve all the purposes in greatly efficient ways, either the residential requirement or the commercial usage. This is the kind of carpeting that is the most guaranteed to last longer, without possibly getting damaged in any way.

Jute Carpet Dubai

Construction and Backing

Our Jute Carpets feature a plant-based construction and this all-natural crafting is usually Jute Rugs & Carpet. These are made from the fibers of the jute plant and therefore offer a lot of durability.

Jute Carpet Dubai are soft-to-touch yet very heavy-duty in nature. These carpets are then backed by a number of different materials such as natural fibers, polyurethane, and recycled ones, in order to enhance the carpet strength.

Thickness and Sizing

Our Jute Luxury carpets come with a relatively increased thickness, as compared to the sisal or seagrass carpets. The thickness of these rugs ranges from 0’’ to 25’’ (thin version) up to .75’’ (thick version) and more than that. The overall rugs size begins from 2’ x 3’ and goes all the way to the runner size of10’ and above.

Distinctive Features

Following is the specifications lineup of our Jute Carpet Dubai :

  • These carpets have a wholly natural construction and thus are totally allergen-free.
  • These carpets are perfectly environmentally-friendly
  • They’re waterproof in nature and extremely easy to clean
  • They’re effectively stained and spill-resistant and thus are much children and pet friendly
  • They are ideally durable in their working and offer an extensive serviceability
  • These carpets are offered handmade too.
Jute Carpet

Benefits Description

Ahead is the advantages compilation of our Jute Luxury Carpets:

  • These Carpets remain unaffected under all sorts of intense usages
  • They’re ideal to put at places where there is a higher extent of foot traffic
  • Their surface is comfortable to touch
  • Jute Carpet Dubai don’t host any dirt, dust, or bacterial build-up
  • They’re non-toxic in nature and totally free of harsh chemicals
  • Jute kitchen carpet provide improved air quality and promote a healthy decor

Areas of Application

Our carpeting from jute serves as the perfect ornamental match for all spaces, specifically those that are prone to moisture or spills. They’re the heavy-duty floor covering that can be placed within all interiors and exteriors as the best functional decor.

They remain effectively usable for longer periods of time and go ideally well for all residential (home, kitchen and living room) and commercial-grade areas.

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