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Premium-Quality Jute Carpets in Dubai

Add the perk of comfort and luxury to your space with jute carpet Dubai from Carpeter. We offer you sustainable and eco-friendly carpeting at a cheaper rate that brings the elegance of nature to your place.

Jute Carpet

The comfort of our handmade jute carpets is better than any machine-made carpets.

Custom Sizes
Custom Sizes:

We provide custom sizes and shapes of our carpets that fit best into your living place.

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We offer affordable jute carpets in Dubai that can add charm to your living space.

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Free Quotation:

You can request a free cost estimate for your jute floor carpet by calling or email us.

Best Jute Carpet Shop in Dubai

Buy Our Jute Carpets in UAE for Eco-Friendliness

We have a reputation for making environmentally friendly and phenomenal jute carpets. Our carpets create an ecosystem that brings a sense of modernity to your space. Their durability stands best with high traffic lasting for an extended period. They maintain a luxurious and natural environment at your place.

We offer jute floor mats for all purposes and different places for commercial, industrial, or residential requirements. Because of their golden fiber, our jute carpets give a pop-up touch of sophistication and earthy tones with a natural appearance.

Have a View of Our Recent Projects

Here are our most recent jute carpeting projects in Dubai with traditional and modern designs.

#1 Jut Carpet
Best Jute Carpet
Luxury Jute Carpet
Modern Jute Carpet
Versatile Jute Carpet
Best Quality Jute Carpet
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Call Us for Jute Carpet Design Consultation 

We provide our customers with 24/7 services for guidance or consultation about jute rugs and carpets.

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Different Types of Our Jute Carpets in Dubai

We offer a variety of cheap jute carpet Dubai that are not only beautiful but also give a unique look. Here are our different types of jute carpets that will adorn your place with perfect craftsmanship:

Flat Weave Jute Carpets

Jute Ticking Mats

Jute Boucle Carpets

Low-traffic jute Rugs

jute Woven Band Carpets

Round Jute Carpets

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Essential Features of Our Jute Carpets

There are many great benefits of our natural carpets. Get ready to enhance your place with our high-quality jute carpets in Dubai.


Our jute carpets are biodegradable as they are made from natural plant fiber and are harmless to the environment.

Low Maintenance:

Because of their natural color appearance, they are easy to clean and require low maintenance.

Low Maintenance

We assure our customers that they are investing in the right carpets made of jute material, which lasts for many years.


Long Lasting
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Elegant Appearance
Elegant Appearance:

Carpeter provides carpets that give your place an elegant look and versatile usage with their versatile design range.

Unique Designs
Unique Designs:

The unique designs of our jute carpets in Dubai will give an exciting look and add charm to your place.

Non Slip

We provide the carpets with non-slip backing and unique textures that help you keep your feet on the floor firmly.

Jute Carpet

Hire Our Professional Jute Carpet Installation Services 

We also provide flawless and perfect installation services for our jute carpets for all our customers. Hiring our professional team is a wiser option for utmost perfection because if you install these carpets by yourself, there are chances of damaging and imperfect Installation that gives a fantastic look to your space.

Also, our promising warranties ensure trust and long-lasting relations with our customers. You can buy our carpets in Dubai with quality and durability assurance. Hire our experts for low-cost and seamless jute carpet installation in Dubai. Get ready to experience the fastest and best installation of amazingly crafted carpets,


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Why Choose Us for Jute Carpet Dubai?

We are a top-rated carpet seller in Dubai, as we make our carpets directly from 100% natural jute fibers. It makes our jute carpets a standardized and amazing choice for homes and offices. They add a natural and rustic feel to your place and can be blended with different styles of furniture and decor.

Customer satisfaction is the priority for Carpeter. We are available to our customers for jute carpets online purchase or home delivery with quick service. Carpeter offers cheap jute floor coverings with perfect craftsmanship. Visit us or call us today to explore all textures and color options for these carpets.

Choose our jute carpets in Dubai


Customers Feedback

We succeed in making our customers satisfied and happy with our top-quality jute carpets in Dubai. Here we are showing you some of the views from our customers:

I purchased jute carpets from your #1 shop in Al Quoz. Your appealing textures and patterns made my place beautiful, natural, and classy.

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Carpeter is a trusted platform for jute carpets, as I ordered some. They have outstanding services and the best quality.

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Your experts are well-mannered and the best consultants as they provide me with the best ideas for jute carpet colors I could ever think of.

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Absolutely! Our jute carpets are an excellent choice for outdoor areas because they give your place a cozy and more pleasant appearance. Because of their amazing organic manufacturing resources, these carpets can conveniently be used in areas like the outdoors.

Yes, we offer the most durable and cheap jute carpets in Dubai that will last longer without losing their shine and beautiful texture. Our jute carpets strongly endure foot traffic, acting as a trustworthy protector against deterioration and maintaining eye-catching appeal.

No, they are made up of soft fibers that are a perfect fit for interiors with hardwood floors. To protect the surface of your foot, we also provide high-quality padding under these jute floor carpets to avoid any damage.

Your health and safety are our priority; therefore, our jute carpets are a good option for allergy sufferers as they do not contain synthetic materials or chemicals that give rise to allergies. However, it’s important to ensure carpet cleaning to prevent the allergens properly.

You can visit our jute carpets shop in Al Quoz, Dubai to purchase your favorite and desired floor coverings. Feel free to approach our team by calling us for a trusted and fast delivery to your location.

Jute Carpet

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