Modern Bedroom Carpet Dubai

Bedroom Carpet Dubai by will do the best decor accessorizing of your bedrooms and will offer you an endless comfort as your floor covering. This high-quality carpeting serves the right kind of comfort required within the bedroom and it does the best decor accentuation in a durable manner, as well. The surface texture of these carpets for bedroom are soft and they feel delightful to be on. As for the carpet quality, it’s highly heavy-duty and effectively lasts much longer.

Beautiful Bedroom Carpets

Construction and Compiling:

Our Bedroom Carpet Dubai feature a high-end construction within 4 main material options. These include Olefin, Polyester, Nylon, Acrylic, and Wool. In addition to that, these carpets have a thick padding of Prime Urethane and also of the natural and synthetic fibers, in order to increase both the density and resilience. For the bonded and re bonded padding option, we make use of the Polyurethane foam chunks that turn out to be greatly effective for everyday usage.

Thickness and Sizing:

The thickness of our carpets for bedroom ranges between 1/4 inch and 7/16 inch. As for the density, it is 6 pounds per cubic meter as the standard and initial value. For those of the low-profile versions meant for higher foot traffic, the density is about 8 pounds per cubic meter. The thickness of such carpet profiles is around 3/8 inch.

Specifications Lineup:

Our Bedroom Carpet Dubai have a structure with a plastic layering between the carpet and the padding known as Spill Trap, which proves extremely beneficial against stains, spills and pets. These carpets are antimicrobial and hypoallergenic as well. They feature a high-pilling along with soft-textures with a least 34 oz face weight. They have effective longevity that lies between a good 5 to 15 years.get our carpet for your bedroom with the best carpet underlay service in UAE.

Bedroom Carpet

Plus Points

Ahead are the major advantages of our Carpet for bedroom.

  • They make the bedroom space significantly comfortable
  • They do an effective noise reduction
  • They provide the safest surface area for both kids as well as pets
  • The maintenance is much easier
  • They offer more aesthetics and comfort extent than a regular flooring within the bedroom
  • They create ideal temperature levels in the bedroom environment


Our Bedroom Carpet serves as the best functional decor for the bedroom and can be widely used as a regular room carpet, as well. Their high build quality makes them last long for considerable periods of time and they offer the same levels of efficient working all along. The maintenance is also really convenient to carry out. These carpets are a budget-friendly and cost-effective floor covering choice at the same time.

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