Best Mosque Carpets Dubai 2022

Mosque Carpets Dubai presents you with a wonderful carpeting approach for the Holy and sacred Mosque spaces, which are the Masjid Carpets. These alluring carpets serve as the best and most comfortable floor covering as well as decor accessory for the Mosque areas.

They provide endless comfort for all and remain ideally durable all along. These carpets have the effective tendency to outlast all the highest extents of foot traffic, that too, without a single compromise over the comfort provision. 

Mosque Carpets Dubai


Our Masjid Carpets features a construction of 100% Wool, Cotton, Silk, polypropylene, and polyamide threads. Over and above, we also make use of the blended fabrics as a construction approach.

These Mosque Carpets Dubai are usually backed with a foam underlay in order to increase strength and sustainability. Another durable option for the carpet backing is the non-slip latex backing.


Our Modern Carpets for Mosques usually come within the high-pile structural profile. One standard thickness value is the 10 mm one, which goes ideal for the majority of the floor covering purposes. 


Another option is the 12 mm thickness and the thickness can be customized as well. These carpets are available within Prayer rugs style measuring around 2.5 ft × 4 ft (0.76 m × 1.22 m) – 4 ft × 6 ft (1.2 m × 1.8 m) as well as bigger sizes of the Carpet style.


Ahead are the unique features of our Mosque Carpets Dubai:

  • These carpets are print-free and odor-free.
  • They have high piling thus providing great comfort underfoot.
  • These carpets for Mosques are totally hygienic and non-toxic in nature.
  • They are easy to clean and provide adequate levels of heat insulation.
  • They offer maximum coverage area.
  • They provide the best for elegant Mosque Decor.
  • They are available in plenty of colors (red & grey) and fabrics ( berber & sisal)
Mosque Carpets Dubai


Following are the fundamental benefits of our carpets for Mosques:


  • These carpets offer endless serviceability for longer timespans.
  • They have high resistance against areas with heavy foot traffic.
  • They serve as the best all-purpose flooring.
  • They provide ideally acoustic environments.
  • They aren’t too expensive or hard to maintain.
  • They create the ideally optimized Mosque surroundings.


Our all-exclusive Mosque Carpets Dubai enhances the Mosque decor in a number of functional ways. They can be used as both prayer carpets as well as for the purpose of a general floor covering, thus are potentially very versatile.

They make up the ideal Mosque decors with just the appropriate extent and can be used at certain Preaching areas, the Mosque library or book section, or the general walkways. Furthermore we provide prayer mats with same fabrication as mosque carpets.

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