Modern White Carpet Dubai 2023

White Carpet Dubai, by, is the kind of carpeting that brings about the creation of the most peaceful and comforting decors. They make up all spaces much more cozy to be around and lift up the appearance, as well.

They offer a luxurious decor for the majority of the spaces such as bedrooms, living rooms and provide presentable commercial decor, as well. Their soft textures provide super soft surfaces to walk over and they can improve one’s health a lot, with their pacifying properties.

White Carpet Dubai

Construction and Backing:

Our White Carpet Dubai come within the manufacturing options of wool, nylon, acrylic, olefin and polypropylene. Over and above, these carpets also feature a backing as well, which is mostly made of materials such as Polyurethane, jute fibre, natural fiber and the recycled one, too. Also, we make use of the adhesive latex as the primary backing, too. This ensures the right kind of carpet padding and cushioning.

Thickness and Measurements:

Our heavy-duty white Carpets come with a standard thickness that begins from 1/4 inch and goes all the way till a good 7/16 inch. The density of these carpets ranges from 6 lb per cubic meter to 8 lb per cubic meter. These carpets come with the standard measurement of 12 feet as well as 15 feet and the size can be totally customized, as well, in accordance with the requirement.

Specifications Compilation:

Our White Modern Carpets feature a number of special properties, ahead are the major ones:

These carpets are resistant to all color fading due to their solution dyed construction
These carpets are UV resistant and perfectly serviceable within all intense usage conditions, as well
These carpets are ideally pet and children friendly
They don’t host a lot of dust or debris build up
They’re extremely easy to maintain

White Carpet


Ahead are the excellent perks and pros of our white Dubai Carpets:

  • These carpets contribute a lot to the temperature optimization and provide better air quality
  • White & Red Carpet provide effective noise control
  • They have healthy impacts on both the physical and the mental health
  • They perfectly complement all decors
  • They give a binding effect to the whole space and accomplish it the right way

Areas of Application:

Our highest-quality White Carpet Dubai do the best accessorizing of all spaces and they can be placed within all areas. They not just offer an attractive home decor but also serve as the rightly presentable commercial-grade one, as well. In addition to that, these carpets serve the best within kids’ rooms and nurseries due to their pacifying properties. They not only feel really comfortable but also seem great to look at.

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