Automate Windows With Our Motorized Curtains Dubai

Get our motorized curtains, also known as electric or automated curtains, that can be opened and closed using an electric motor primarily somfy motor which comes with 10 years of warranty instead of manual effort. The smooth motorized operation of our smart curtains saves you time and effort.

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Buy Our Affordable Motorized Curtains For Your Home & Office

We have the finest collection of designs and fabrics for electric curtains in Dubai, with which you can have endless convenience. Our fantastic curtains are highly cost-effective compared to their sturdy construction and detailing. We use durable fabric, sturdy metal components, reliable somfy motors, and a safe power supply to manufacture our smart curtains. Our motorized window coverings are designed under strict observation.

Besides all that, you can operate them in several ways, which include a mobile application, voice commands, wall-mounted switches, remote controls, and integration with smart home systems. Additionally, our motorized curtains are ideal for both homes and offices. Moreover, we supply and install motorized curtains in Dubai and all over the UAE without any hassle. So call us now to order our remote control curtains for your home or office.

Hire Our Installers For Motorized Curtain Installation in Dubai

We offer the most precise and quickest smart curtain installation in Dubai.
Our certified installers have 15+ years of hands-on experience.

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Select From Our Latest Fabric For Electric Curtains

Our curtain shop in Dubai is renowned for customization for window curtains and blinds, you can choose the desired fabric color that matches your home interior and our curtain fitting team will install it for them with precise measurements.

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Diverse Range of Our Motorized Curtains Dubai

At our curtain store in Dubai, we offer various types of electrical window coverings that match different interior styles. So, choose the one that perfectly complements your existing decor.

Somfy Motorized Curtains

Our curtains integrated with Somfy motors are one of best-automated curtains you can find in Dubai. Motor comes with 10 years of warranty and can lift heavy curtains easily.

Remote Control Curtains

Our remote control window curtains will add maximum privacy with smooth operation. You can control your curtain anywhere within your room.

Smart Curtains

Our smart curtains in Dubai come with multiple sensors, including light and motion detectors. These sensors control the curtain’s operation.

Electric Curtains

Our electric curtains are operated through electric motor which can lift heavy fabric curtains such as blackout and soundproof with ease.

By installing our smart window curtains at your place, you can get many innovative features. Here are some of these. Check them out:

Stylish Look 

Our smart sheer window curtains provide a stylish look to your window decor.

Light Control 

With our motorized blackout curtains, you can control the incoming light at your place.

Noise Control 

Our motorized curtains in Dubai are designed with thick fabrics to dampen the noise.


Our durable remote control window curtains can last 10+ years without much maintenance.

You can also count us in if you want customized curtains with a remote control according to your requirements. Our expert artisans understand the customer’s requirements with great attention and deliver the same window curtains they demand. Choose your desired fabrics, colors, designs, sizes, patterns, and thicknesses for your customized electric curtains.

Free Design Consultation 

We offer complimentary one-on-one design consultation sessions. Our experts suggest the ideal design for your motorized curtains in Dubai.

Timely Completion 

Our experts are highly experienced in customization and completing the project within the provided timelines.

Carpeter helps you achieve smart decor by installing electric window curtains. Additionally, we provide top-notch installation and flawless customization anywhere in the United Arab Emirates.

Besides all that, we also provide unbeatable customer support as we are available round the clock to give estimates for your motorized curtains Dubai project. Get the answers to your queries from our experts. Do contact us and have this fantastic decor upgrade, right away!

Do Your Motorized Window Curtains Make Noise? 

No, at all. Our smart curtains are designed to provide quiet operation. The approximate noise level our curtains can make is equal to a whisper. This makes them best for bedrooms, offices, and any place where you want complete quietness.

Are Your Motorized Curtains Safe For Pets And Children? 

Yes, our remote-controlled window curtains are 100% safe for children and pets. They work without any cords, which will protect them from tripping and falling. Additionally, the fabric of the curtains is tightly woven, which does not provide space for pets’ nails and minimizes pet damage.

Do Your Motorized Window Curtains Come With Obstacle Detection? 

Yes, our innovative smart curtains in Dubai come with many safety features, the prominent one being obstacle detection. These electrical curtains stop working when they detect any object in their path. Ultimately, this innovative feature minimizes the chances of accidents.

Are Your Motorized Curtains Energy-Efficient? 

Yes, our smart curtains are highly energy efficient. They regulate the incoming sunlight, ultimately maintaining the room temperature without any cooling system. This helps reduce electricity costs by keeping your place cool in Dubai’s hot weather.

Can Your Motorized Curtains Work Manually in Case Of Power Outage? 

Our comprehensive motorized window treatment comes with manual override options. Ultimately, it allows you to open and close the window using a pull cord in case of a power outage or malfunction. So, you can enjoy its functionality continuously without any breaks.