Get Blackout Blinds Dubai For Maximum Privacy in Bedroom

Blackout blinds are an absolute item in your bedroom, our made-to-measure blackout blinds will block the light will help you get the best night’s sleep. We measure and fit with precision and we have a lot of blackout fabrics to choose from.

Blackout Roller Window Blinds
Smart Blackout Blinds
Plain Blackout Blinds
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High Quality Blackout Blinds Dubai Supplier

You can also count on our blinds shop in Dubai to buy high-quality, customized blackout window shades at affordable prices. We have over 15 years of experience in customizing blackout blinds in Dubai with 100% customer satisfaction. Our artisan understands every detail our customers provide with great attention and implements all of them during customization.

Besides all that, we always use A-grade, eco-friendly materials to manufacture our custom blackout blinds. We use highly thick and heavy-duty fabrics such as Heavy microfiber, polyester, cotton, aluminum, wood, or the polyester-cotton blend. Furthermore, we also use thermal backing and some long-lasting reflective materials to enhance their functionality.

Enjoy the Fastest Delivery On Blackout Blinds All Over Dubai

We are a trustworthy supplier of blackout shades throughout the United Arab Emirates.
Moreover, we are getting so much appreciation for our quickest delivery within 4 to 5 working days.

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Choose From Our Large Blackout Blinds Fabric Collection

We customize blackout blinds in your desired fabric color, design and textures. You can select from our plain, textured, printed fabric collection and get price estimate from our salesperson.

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Types of Trending Blackout Blinds in Dubai

Visit our blinds store at Al Quoz to explore our vast collection of blackout window blinds available in different colors, designs, and textures. Check some types there.

Blackout Roller Blinds

Get installed roller blinds with blackout fabric in your bedroom, office or any other room. We fit both manual and smart blackout blinds. Book your appointment today.

Blackout Cellular Blinds

With our blackout cellular shades, you can keep your place’s temperature moderate. Our blinds have multiple layers of fabric to block out the UV rays from your space.

Blackout Motorized Blinds

Install our blackout smart blinds in your home and office to automate your windows. You can control them via mobile phone, remote control, switches, and voice commands.

Blackout Vertical Blinds

Our blackout vertical window blinds are designed using faux wood, aluminum, metals, etc. Ultimately, they will easily last for more than 10 to 12 years without damage.

Our stylish and long-lasting window blackout blinds provide countless benefits due to their innovative features. Some of the pros of our blackout shades are mentioned below.

Light Control 

You can control the incoming light at your place by installing our blackout blinds in Dubai.

Sound Insulation 

Our premium bedroom blackout shades provide the most peaceful vibe by blocking the noise.

Better Sleep Quality 

With our blackout blinds, you can enjoy the most peaceful & sound sleep during the day.


You can enjoy the functionality of our room darkening blinds for several decades.

Our blackout shade installation services are exceptionally proficient. Our services not only ensure a flawless installation but also create a perfect synchronization with your existing decor. Additionally, you can book our professional installation services for blackout blinds anywhere in the UAE.

Pocket-Friendly Charges 

Our blackout blinds installation in Dubai will not be a burden on your budget. Call now to get a free price estimate.

On-Time Arrival

We always arrive at the location 10 to 15 minutes before to avoid delay. Additionally, we also completed tasks on time.

We offer the most versatile and elegant blackout window blinds to elevate your home decor and make it more functional. The thing that makes us the reliable supplier of blackout blinds in Dubai, is our quick services and quality assurance.

Besides all that, we also offer an easy online shopping option for our customers. After exploring our blackout blinds collection, all you need to do is contact us via email or phone. After that, grab a chair and see how we will install blackout window shades quickly without any hassle.

Are your blackout blinds safe for children and pets?

If you have pets and children in your room, our smart room-darkening blinds are the ideal option. You can control their functionality via different methods, according to your convenience. Their cordless functionality reduces the chances of trips and accidents.

Are your blackout blinds easy to clean and maintain?

Cleaning our window blinds is a breeze. You can dust them with a soft duster. The best feature of our blackout window blinds is that they do not trap much dust. Additionally, you can thoroughly clean them with damp clothes to maintain their appearance.

How long do your blackout blinds last? 

Our store’s blackout blinds are made of durable, premium-quality materials. The average lifespan of our blackout shades is approximately 15+ years. If you want to enjoy their functionality for a longer duration, use them according to our guidelines.

How many styles of blackout blinds are available in Dubai? 

Our room-darkening blinds are available in roller, Roman, vertical, and Venetian styles to complement every type of decor. Moreover, these blinds are also designed using trendy color palettes and elegant designs. So, explore our collection and choose your desired one now.

Are your blackout blinds ideal for rental apartments? 

Yes, our premium-quality blackout blinds in Dubai are best for apartments and rental properties. The reason is these blinds are installed easily without permanent alteration in the window frames. To enjoy their complete functionality hire us for the professional installation.