Discover The Best Places To Visit In Dubai

Discover The Best Places To Visit In Dubai

The United Arab Emirates is such a country that offers the best places to visit in Dubai. It is the land of visitors, and foreigners often come here in order to spend their vacations in a really luxurious way. You can see a lot of picnic spots, luxury destinations, amazing places, and many mind-blowing locations that can be visited and where you can avail different enjoyable and recreational activities.

But here, the most common issue that most people face is a lack of knowledge. Visitors come from all over the globe and they do not know about the proper destinations and locations which they should visit during their trip to the United Arab Emirates.

So, in order to make their trip completely hassle-free and full of thrills, we have mentioned many distinctive and mind-rendering locations that can be visited on a serious note. By visiting these places, you can also make your trip to Dubai really mesmerising and memorable.

Top 10 Best Places To Visit In Dubai

There are a lot of shopping malls, gigantic buildings, beaches, desserts, and other places worth mentioning in the United Arab Emirates. The choice of all people is not the same, so by keeping the most visited places in Dubai in mind, we have finalised an ultimate list of the best places to visit in Dubai.

These places are of great importance and will definitely contribute to making your overall trip very memorable and exceptional as well. So let us have a quick look at the names of these places that have been mentioned down here.

The above-mentioned places are the top tourist attractions in Dubai. Without visiting these places, your tour of the United Arab Emirates will be incomplete. Hence, visiting them is a must, and you will feel out of the box after seeing all these places as well.

So let us do a quick review of these places one by one in our blog down here and give a detailed overview of the features, activities that you can perform there, the contact information, and other brief details of these places also. Without any further ado, let’s go ahead with the first one.

1. Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa

Location: Burj Park by Emaar

Address: 1 Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd – Downtown Dubai – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Timing: Open 24 Hours

Owner: Emaar Properties

Contact:+971 4 888 8888

The world’s tallest building is the Burj Khalifa, and it is the topmost attraction in Dubai as well. This global icon is a piece of perfect engineering that will leave any human mind stunned. If you want to understand the conceptual soul and the heart of the City of Dubai, then no other building than Burj Khalifa will represent it to you in a subtle way.

The Magnificent Features

Some of the most appealing characteristics and mind-blowing features of this place attract tourists the most. The following are the most charming places that are present in this structure to fascinate the incoming guests and the visitors as well.

  • The total height of this gigantic structure is about 828 meters, which is a little over a half-mile.
  • Just next to this place, another very important landmark, “The Dubai Mall,” is present, which is also very famous in order to attract the attention of the visitors.
  • There are currently 2 decks from which you can easily take in the most enchanting view of Burj Khalifa.
  • The first deck is on the 124th and 125th floors of the building.
  • On the 148th floor, the second observation deck is present. This deck is the world’s highest observation deck, with a height of 555 meters.

Experiences To Be Enjoyed At Burj Khalifa

A lot of enjoyment features and many other experiences are waiting for you at Burj Khalifa. Being the most luxurious and one of the iconic buildings in the entire world and the whole United Arab Emirates, Burj Khalifa offers a variety of activities that you can enjoy on your vacations in Dubai. Let us have a quick look at these experiences.

  • If tourists want to enjoy a truly special holiday, they can choose dining options at lounges and different restaurants in Dubai.
  • Atmosphere restaurant is present on the 122nd floor of the building.
  • If you want to experience new heights along with your dining, then The Lounge Burj Khalifa is the best option, which occupies the 152nd, 153rd, and 154th floors of the huge tower. It is the highest point on the planet Earth.
  • The view of the tower is very appealing, and it is based on the structure of the Hymenocallis flower and comprises 3 sections that are arranged around the middle core.
  • You can also experience a different variety of Islamic building architecture, which is the characteristic feature of any building in Arab countries.
  • The base of this mighty tower also consists of a hub of different dining and entertainment options as well.
  • The Dubai Fountain, which is the most mentioned place in Dubai, is also present on the premises of Burj Khalifa. This is a world-famous tourist attraction that is always praised by its admirers every time they visit the fountain.

Entry Tickets Of Burj Khalifa

The entry tickets and other compulsory expenditures that you have to pay during your visit to Burj Khalifa are discussed below.

  • The most expensive entry tickets to the Burj Khalifa start at AED 159.
  • Furthermore, for a three-course menu at The Burj Club with access to the rooftop, you have to pay about AED 259.
  • To enjoy the most charming views of Burj Khalifa and the tours of the charming fountain, the entry ticket starts from AED 20.
  • The tickets for the observation deck should have been purchased before your visit.
  • Besides this general pricing, you can visit their website to get accurate information and to book your visit as well.

2. XLine Dubai Marina

XLine Dubai Marina

Location: Skydive Dubai

Address: Al Seyahi St – Dubai Marina – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Timing: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, & Sunday (9:00 AM to 5:00 PM)

Tuesday (closed)

Contact: +971 4 346 0003

For people who love to have an adventure, the XLine is the best spot ever for such people. So, Ready, Set, & Go! The adventure experts, XDubai, are up with the globe’s highest zipline track in the city. It is located in Dubai Marina, a place that is considered tourist heaven in the United Arab Emirates.

The magnificent zipline ride will give you a glitzy scenario and a worthwhile view of the entire Dubai, and you can truly enjoy the mesmerising looks of the entire city. The 5-star yachts and sleek and high-rise towers of the city will offer you amazing views that will make your entire trip very memorable and appealing.

The Magnificent Features

This place has many mind-rendering characteristics and features that you can enjoy a lot. While having your ride, you may experience the following activities that we have mentioned down here in our blog.

  • Superman harnesses are used in this zipline, which is completely untraditional.
  • The height is about 170 meters.
  • The distance of the line is 1 KM.
  • You can experience a speed of up to 80 km per hour.
  • Perfect safety standards are observed.
  • For more panoramic scenes and an exceptionally thrilling experience, they allow the participants to lie down on their bellies with the help of these harnesses.
  • To share your ultimate experience with your loved one or any friend, two participants can take part as two concurrent running lines are present.
  • The helmets are equipped with a GoPro camera that will record your complete trip.
  • All the participants can receive a fully customised video and photographs of their entire ride.

Ride Requirements

Some requirements that must be fulfilled if you want to enjoy the XLine ride are mentioned below.

Requirements Before The Ride

Here we have written down some beneficial information that you must know before having a ride.

  • Ensure your timely arrival at the appointed time and date.
  • Before booking, ensure that you have gone through the riding requirements manual.

Requirements To Ride This Zipline in Dubai Marina

Some basic requirements to ride XLine Dubai Marina are

  • The age of the person should range between 12 years and 65 years. (For those under 18, parent consent is required.)
  • The weight should be between 45 and 100 kg, and the height of the person should be a minimum of 130 cm.
  • No flip-flop dresses or skirts are allowed. You only have to wear comfortable dresses and close shows.
  • The medical condition of the rider should be good.
  • Not pregnant.
  • No recurring or existing injuries should be present.
  • The person should not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • There should not be any mental or physical disorders.
  • Valid identification documents like ID, driving license, or original passport should be provided on entry.

Entry Tickets Of XLine Dubai Marina

When you are all set to take off for a magical ride with XLine Dubai Marina, then you have to purchase a ticket as well. The tickets to this fantastic spot start from AED 499 and you can book them at the official website of XLine, the highest zipline urban ride. Try to plan your visit from Wednesdays to Mondays because it remains closed on Tuesdays. For further details and extra information, you can visit their official platform as well.

3. Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

Location: The Dubai Mall

Address: Unit SF – 115 – شارع المركز المالي، – Downtown Dubai – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Timing: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday (10:00 AM to 10:00 PM)

Thursday, Friday, & Saturday (10:00 AM to 12:00 aM)

Number Of Animals:  33,000

Contact: +971 800 382246255

Want to discover the most expressive and splendid aquarium with the most diversified aquatic species? If yes, then Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo will be a perfect option for most of the visitors and tourists visiting different places in the United Arab Emirates.

You can see the huge number of species and animals that are placed in this aquarium to give an amazing spectacle that is not present in the entire world. So you can have a magnificent look at the beauty of nature in this underwater zoo.

The Magnificent Features

Unlike other aquariums and underwater zoos in the world, this place is the most appealing and appreciated in the whole world. So, if you do not pay to visit this location, your tour of the United Arab Emirates will be incomplete. You can enjoy a spectacular variety of marine life at this aquarium. The most charming features of the place are described below.

  • This aquarium is located on the 3rd floor of the Dubai Mall and is the most popular attraction in the city.
  • The underwater zoo is the home of about 140 species directly from the sea.
  • With 3300 animals, you can enjoy the underwater world in really distinctive and incredible ways.
  • A 48 meters long tunnel is present where you can stroll and it also envelopes the visitors from the overhead as well.
  • The most amazing fish-eye view of the overall aquarium can be viewed by having a serene walk through the tunnel.
  • You can see stingrays and many sand tiger sharks swimming around and over your head too.

The Memorable Experiences At The Aquarium

Some of the most amazing and unforgettable experiences are also waiting for you at the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. These charming experiences and activities are mentioned below.

  • An aquarium glass bottom boat tour is the most significant experience that you can have in the aquarium.
  • The gigantic aquarium also offers an oxygen tank and a swimming suit to share the water with deadly sharks.
  • A surprising variety of about 33,000 aquatic animals is placed in a single place in this zoo.
  • The sea animal named “King Croc” is also present in this zoo, which weighs an incredible 750 kg and has a length of about 5 meters.
  • In this aquarium and underwater zoo located in Dubai, you can get wet in the snorkeling cage or dress up as a mermaid.

Entry Tickets To Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

The entry tickets for this amazing place start from AED 199 for adults and children above 2 years as well. But there must be an adult (over 15 years old) with a child. Moreover, different recreational options are also available in the aquarium that can be availed by paying extra money.

The above-described AED 199 is only the fee for entry into the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. Because it is an exceptional place, the people of Dubai and visitors from all over the world appreciate it and love to visit it as well.

4. The Palm Jumeirah

The Palm Jumeirah

Location: Jumeirah Coastal Area

Address:Jumeirah coastal area of the Emirate of Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Population: 10,000

Number Of Families Residing: 500

During your visit to Dubai, if you have not visited the most iconic man-made island in Dubai, then your visit will not be completed at all. It is one of the most famous soaring skylines in the United Arab Emirates.

The entire image of the engineering world has been captured perfectly, and the engineers have left the entire world completely stunned. Let us have a quick look at the brief details of this location right here on our blog.

The Magnificent Features

Some of the most striking and incredible features of this iconic man-made island have been described here in our blog that will compel you to pay a visit to this place during your vacations in the United Arab Emirates. These irresistible features are mentioned below.

  • This island has got the most luxurious and top resorts in Dubai on its premises. These hotels include The Atlantis, Five Palms Jumeirah Hotel, The Palm, One & Only The Palm, Jumeirah Zabeel Saray, and many others as well.
  • Subtly fantastic dining options are also present on this island, including 101 dining lounges like Nobu and more than 80 restaurants.
  • A purely worthwhile promenade is also present at the tip of the palm, which makes it an even more enchanting and highly amazing spot to visit during your trip to Dubai.

Palm Jumeirah Access And Conveyance Facilities

A network of tunnels and roads is present that makes the overall access to this place very easy. Besides your own transport, you can also use a means of public transport as an option to reach your destination. Public transport includes the Palm Monorail. At the base of this rail service, you can get a car parking space, and it offers stops at the Nakheel Mall, The Palm, and Atlantis as well.

Enjoy Sailing At Palm Jumeirah

A very popular option or activity that can be done on your visit to the Palm Jumeirah is to sail in a speedboat or in a luxury yacht. This experience can be given to tourists by different private tour and travel companies.

The Palm Jumeirah Broadwalk is another option from where you can admire the boats and other yachts that are sailing in the water. This activity can also be done from Palms West Beach. If you’re looking for a thrill, Skydive Dubai, which also operates in Palm Jumeirah, is a good option.

Other Additional Activities At The Palm Jumeirah

For enjoying serene and laidback evenings, the most marvelous place is the Palm Fountain, which is the largest dancing fountain all around the globe. You can also visit Club Vist Mare, which is a chain of restaurants built on the piers and stretching over the surface of the water to give the customers a really fascinating view.

Breeze Beach Grill is such an eatery option that comes with a signature food selection of the United Arab Emirates. At Ibn AlBahr, a variety of fresh seafood will be served to you with an Arabic twist that will really give an amazing treat to your taste buds. At The Palm Jumeirah, all the restaurants offer an appealing view of the Burj Al Arab, the Dubai Skyline, and the mesmerizing scene of the Arabian Gulf as well.

5. Atlantis Dubai

Atlantis Dubai

Location: The Palm Jumeirah

Address: Crescent Rd – The Palm Jumeirah – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Owner: Kerzner International Holdings Limited and Istithmar World

Contact:+971 4 426 2000

For people who are looking for a one-stop holiday destination in Dubai, Atlantic The Palm is the most suitable place. It is a superb luxury resort, which offers you the best and most amazing experiences like no other resort or hotel in Dubai will offer.

It is one of the most visited places in Dubai, which is why you have seen this place again and again on different holiday ads, postcards, and Instagram posts of different celebrities that have come to visit Dubai. The major and most appealing details of this place have been shared right here on our blog. Let us have a quick glance at these mind-blowing facts and information about Atlantis the Palm.

The Magnificent Features

If you want to add luxury and a truly lavish experience to your trip, then this place is a must-visit location. Without exploring Atlantis The Palm, your tour to the United Arab Emirates will have no worth at all. The most mesmerising features and characteristics that will charm any visitor paying a visit to this place are described below.

  • Most top-rated restaurants, dining facilities, and eatery options are available at this luxury vacation spot.
  • You can also enjoy distinctive aquarium experiences at Atlantis The Palm in Dubai.
  • There are outclass architectural buildings present in this location that will really cast a spell over the minds of the viewers.
  • Exclusive of super suites and suites, this massive hotel contains about 1,500 rooms and is spread over many acres.
  • You can also experience underwater rooms in this most ravishing resort.
  • The lobby of this palace contains exquisite sculptures, amazing decors, and ambient lighting as well.
  • Unprecedented views of Skyline Dubai can also be experienced from your hideaways in the Atlantis The Palm resort in the United Arab Emirates.

Some Fun Activities At Atlantis The Palm Dubai

Every luxury place has got some extraordinary and appealing activities and experiences that are the true representatives of that place. The same is with Atlantis Dubai. The major fun activities that you can enjoy in this place are briefly explained below.

  • A wide range of swimming pools and a beach are present where you can enjoy the sunset in Dubai.
  • The most appealing attraction in this place is The Lost Chambers Aquarium, which is the mind-blowing aquatic animals’ home.
  • Other options are Aquaventure Waterpark and Dolphin Bay, where you can enjoy the weekends with your friends and family.
  • An extensive collection of exclusive boutiques and shops are also available on the premises of Atlantis The Palm, from where you can also do shopping during your visit to this place.
  • For a wholesome sun-soaked brunch, you can go to Saffron’s Buffet.
  • A large variety of celebrity-backed restaurants and exclusive signature resorts are also operational in this place, which makes your overall dining experience more amazing than ever before.

The Unrivaled Luxury Offerings

Besides the top-notch facilities, you can also enjoy a lot of premium quality features at Atlantis Palm Dubai. All these featured facilities are up to the mark and offer customers the most amazing experiences as well. These highly luxurious offerings by Atlantis have been described below.

  • ShuiQi Spa and Fitness offers extremely high-quality calming solutions and treats the customers in a way that will make them feel completely comfortable.
  • The Palm & Luxury Dubai Holiday is the most appreciated blend that aids in making the overall trip very expressive and amazing to the next extent.
  • For the special New Year events like the grand fireworks, you have to book ahead.
  • The island’s monorail service is also present for the navigation of the visitors throughout Atlantis, which makes them feel even more ravished than ever before.

6. Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

Location: Sharjah

Address: VHGG+HW3 – Sharjah – United Arab Emirates

Timing: Open 24 Hours

Total Area: 386.87 mi²

Contact: +971 50 907 0193

For those who have a great love for nature, the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve (DDCR) is no less than heaven. It is one of the largest spaces which has been declared as a protective reserve or scantury by the government in the United Arab Emirates.

The total area of this Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve is about 225 square kilometers, which makes up almost 5 percent of the total land present in Dubai. It has become the home of natural flora and fauna and protects them as well because it is completely fenced off. Further details of this place are given below.

The Magnificent Features

Here we have mentioned the facts and the exact information about the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. This information and figures will definitely give you a way to visit this amazing place. Let us have a quick look at them.

  • The preservation of nature in this project started in 2004 and has given way to different species.
  • More than 50 species of plants reside in this reserve.
  • If we talk about the birds, then you would be astounded to know that there are about 120 species of birds nesting in this place.
  • More than 43 species of reptiles and mammals are also present in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve.
  • DDCR has also given membership to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.
  • This conservatory reserve is well-known for providing unforgettable services for the conservation of natural wildlife and their habitats as well.

7. Dubai Creek Harbor

Dubai Creek

Length: 8.7 mi

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

South End: Jumeirah Beach, Jumeirah area

Country: United Arab Emirates

North End: Al Shindagha area

Bridges: AlGarhoud Bridge, Business Bay Crossing Bridge

Cities: Dubai

This project is part of Dubai Creek and shows a creekside development in very bold expressions. Many other exciting projects are also coming soon to the Creek. The Dubai Creek Harbour brings you the next level of businesses, commercial places, and other plus points to the city as well.

Besides the commercial area, you can also witness many residential apartments and luxurious vacation spots. Many retail outlets and cultural activities are also conducted in this area. The nearest landmark or district to this place in Downtown Dubai, which is about a 10 minute drive away. This area has also got a waterfront, which defines the standards of the place and makes it an iconic place to visit also.

The Magnificent Features

Here we have mentioned some of the most appealing and captivating features of this palace. All these plus points will tell you about the importance and the major characteristics of the Dubai Creek Harbor. So, after taking a quick look at the information we’ve provided below, you’ll be able to learn a lot about this location.

  • The total length of the Dubai Creek is about 8.7 miles.
  • While the overall area of this Dubai Creek Harbor project is expected to reach about 6 sq./km after completion.
  • The size of this project is almost double as compared to the neighboring city’s central Downtown Dubai.
  • A really serene and completely scenic environment is present which draws the attention of the viewer right from his soul.

Things To Be Expected At Dubai Creek Harbor

There are a lot of experiences that tourists or visitors can enjoy during their visit to the Dubai Creek Harbour. As you know, this place has been opening in the form of phases, so the major activities that you can perform at the Dubai Creek Harbour are described as follows.

  • The most serene skyline views.
  • Really enchanting waterside views can be witnessed at this place, which is truly the feed of your soul.
  • Al Fresco Meals are also a major part of this place that can be easily accessed to enjoy the beauty of Dubai Creek Harbour.
  • A tech-driven retail outlet, Dubai Square, will also be at your service.
  • The 2.6 million square metre area is there to offer great hospitality and residential places to the tourists and locals of the city as well.
  • Besides these classical views and serene scenery, you can also enjoy a lot of dining options at this place.
  • To make your evenings really special and romantic, restaurants with waterside views are present that offer amazingly delicious food and make your meals really appreciated.

8. The Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall

Address: Financial Center Street, Along Sheikh Zayed Road, Next to Burj Khalifa – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Timing: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday (10:00 AM to 12:00 AM)

Thursday, Friday, & Saturday (10:00 AM to 1:00 AM)

Number Of Floors:  4

Owner: Emaar Properties

Contact: +971 800 382246255

The Dubai Mall! Well, this is the place where luxury, sports, recreational activities, fun, shopping, enjoyment, leisure, and many more activities are available under a single roof. This mall is the world’s largest, and no other shopping complex can still beat it in its gigantic stature and one of the best malls in Dubai for shopping. Its architecture is also mind-blowing.

For further details, we have given a brief description of this place. After reading the elucidated piece of information about the Dubai Mall, we will definitely be attracted to the beauty and the spell-creating scenic charm of the place as well. Let us have a quick glance.

The Magnificent Features

The Dubai Mall is a very amazing location that has got great importance and is considered a must-visit place in Dubai. Some of the most magnificent and remarkable features of this place are discussed below.

  • This mall is the world’s largest shopping complex, which fascinates the locals and foreigners alike.
  • It is located just next to Dubai’s iconic landmark and the highest building in the world, i.e., the Burj Khalifa.
  • You can enjoy shopping from almost 1,200 retail stores that are operating in the Dubai mall.
  • There are about 2 major department stores in the mall.
  • If you are feeling hungry, then hundreds of food outlets, eatery options, and beverage shops are also present in this mall.
  • For fashion lovers, many internationally-recognized brands are also present.
  • The total area of the Dubai mall is even more than 1 million sq m, which is almost equal to the area of about 200 football grounds or pitches.

Activities To Be Performed At The Dubai Mall

Most of the recreational activities and other amazing things are also offered in the mall, which will make your trip really very worthwhile. The mall has a lot of activities for people of all age groups. A number of fun activities for children and young people are available in the mall. These mind-blowing activities are as follows:

  • At the gold souk, the world’s finest jewellery is present, so you can buy the purest 24-carat gold from that place.
  • Level Shoes is present to provide customers with high-quality, modern footwear.
  • It is an ultimate destination for the family, and you can also get yourself entertained when coming here with your friends.
  • Bloomingdale’s and Galeries Lafayette are also present in this mall, making it the very first place in all of Asia to have these stores. So you can do elite-class shopping from them as well.
  • If you want to experience marine life then Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo are present in the Dubai Mall which will add diversification to your trip.
  • For the children, Kidzania is a good option.
  • An ice rink sized just like the Olympic ice rink is present in the mall where you can literally experience the winter season skiing.
  • The massive cinema will allow you to enjoy the most amazing blockbuster movies with your loved ones.
  • Never miss the indoor fountain in the mall.

More Experiences Are Waiting For You At Zabeel Extension

In 2019, the Dubai Mall expanded with the addition of the Zabeel extension. This extension proved itself a significant one and hosted a lot of mind-rendering options as well. The overall look and the lifestyle products of the mall have improved and elevated with the addition of the Zabeel extension to the Dubai Mall.

Manu dining and eatery options were also added in this extension and the parking space of the Mall also got extended with an addition of 3,000 parking slots. A lifestyle space of about 15,000 sq. meters got added to the mall with this extension. With an incredible array of fully air-conditioned bridges, this extension is connected to the mall.

9. Sky Views Dubai

Sky Views Dubai

Location: Downtown Dubai

Address: Emaar Square Area, Downtown Dubai 111969 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Timing: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, & Sunday (10:00 AM to 10:00 PM)

Owner: Emaar Properties

Contact: +971 4 873 8888

Want to experience the heights of the sky? If yes, then Sky Views Dubai is going to be the best choice ever for your next visit. It is present at a height of about 219.5 meters, which gives a magnificent view of the entire city. The place is considered the latest attraction for tourists and locals of the United Arab Emirates as well.

By being off your feet, you can enjoy the mesmerizing views of Downtown Dubai and witness the sublime scenario of the whole city. At the top, the Address Sky View Hotel is also present, which is an engineer’s marvel and a mind-blowing piece of architecture. At this place, three types of offerings are provided to the visitors, which add an extra charm to their trip to Dubai. Further details about the place are as below.

The Magnificent Features

This place has become the latest tourist attraction, and behind this change, there must be a solid reason. So to find this reason, let us dive deep into the ocean of information about this palace. Some characteristics and features of this place are discussed as follows.

  • The Address Sky Towers are connected to one another by a bridge which is 85 metres long and 30 metres wide.
  • A competent team of about 300 engineers accomplished this project and made it one of the iconic places in Dubai.
  • The architects who were involved in the construction of Burj Khalifa were also involved in the construction of this iconic building.
  • A translucent glass tube is present at level 53, which is used as a slide.
  • The one-time glass slide and 30 minutes of the skywalk are the experiences that you must have when visiting this place.

Different Activities To be Performed At Address Sky Views

The Address Sky Views are a very pleasing addition to Dubai’s different attractions. It was just opened to the public in the recent past, almost in 2021, but has become one of the most visited places by tourists and visitors in Dubai.

Because of the thrilling activities and some exceptional sky view themes, this place attracts the most tourists. Let us look at the major things that make this place really distinctive from the others.

SkyWalk Dubai

If you want to enjoy a bird’s eye view of the entire city, then the skywalk will assist you in achieving this task. From this place, you can enjoy the stunning views and charming vistas of the Dubai Fountains and Burj Khalifa as well. As we have mentioned earlier, this experience comprises three parts: the first one is the observatory; the third one is the edge-walk experience; and the most thrilling glass slide.

Observatory By Sky Views

This observatory is located at a height of about 200 metres above Dubai city. So, if you want to enjoy a spectacular and mind-boggling view of the city, there is a 25-meter glass-made floor where you can walk and look down on the entire city!

In some cases, visitors hesitate to walk over the glass floors, so for such people, an elevator with a three-sided glass wall is present, which also offers a stunning view of the entire city.

Slide By Sky Views

Uniqueness is added to this place with the addition of a glass slide suspended in the sky. Yes, you have heard it right! The slide is suspended in the sky and offers a really thrilling experience to tourists who want to make their trip really memorable. This slide is actually a translucent tunnel or tube which links levels 53 and 52 together.

A 12-metre long quadruple glass which is laminated is used in the manufacturing of this tube. This glass sheet was manufactured on order in Germany and customised according to the demands. The reward of opening your eyes in this tube will be the heart-filling view of the skyline of the entire city.

Requirements For the Glass Slide

Some requirements to use the glass slide in the Sky Views Dubai are mentioned below.

  • The weight of the participant must range from 30 kg to 150 kg.
  • The height range is from 120 cm to 200 cm.
  • Any mental or physical illness disqualifies a participant from experiencing this highest slide in the world.
  • Personal belongings, such as sharp jewelry or smartphones, are not permitted.
  • Any drugs or nostalgic substances should not be consumed before taking this slide.
  • Only one person can use the slide at a time.
  • For children below 18 years of age, the consent of parents is required.

Tickets For Sky Views Dubai

The ticket pricing for this venue varies because of the 2 options that are present here. We have discussed the ticketing procedure for all two levels of Sky Views Dubai.

1. Observatory By Sky Views

In the observatory, it includes a SkyWalk and a one-time glass slide experience as well. The skywalk duration is about 30 minutes. The entry fee per adult is AED 65 and for children is AED 55, but around sunset, the children’s ticket also hikes to AED 65. By paying AED 25, you can enjoy an extra slide.

2. Edge Walk Experience

The edge walk experience is the most thrilling and is the real game-changer on your entire trip to the United Arab Emirates. If you have missed this, then your trip is incomplete. The tickets for the Edge Walk Experience cost about AED 699.

10. Gold Souk

Gold Souk

Location: Labyrinthine Bazaar

Address: Close to the old-school spice markets – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Timing: Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday (9:30 AM to 9:30 PM)

Friday (4:00 PM to 9:30 PM)

Contact: 04-2265461

Just like the whole Arab world, the United Arab Emirates is also famous for its very top-class gold jewellery. According to the setting of the primitive Arab Souk, the gold souk market is present and serves as the most attractive tourist destination and the finest place to buy gold as well.

The place becomes more appealing to the customers because of the gleaming necklaces, stunningly displayed bangles, and, preferably, amazing diamond rings. For anyone who wants to buy gold in Arab and is on a tour to the United Arab Emirates, this gold souk is the best place for that person. All the information and major knowledge about this place are penned down below, which will help you in making your trip memorable.

The Majestic Features

If you are a gold enthusiast, then this place will definitely fascinate you. With a lot of features and characteristics, this place is one of the best places to visit in Dubai that attracts tourists the most. Let us find out the most valid reason and the magnificent reason behind its fame and uniqueness in the United Arab Emirates.

  • An extensive line of different stalls is present, which makes the overall scenario of the bazaar very appealing and beautiful.
  • Many eye-catching and attention-drawing products are displayed throughout the market, and you may eventually come across the desired product for your loved ones.
  • All the merchandise and shops are maintained and regulated by the Dubai government itself. It helps to maintain the quality of the products in a true sense.
  • The purchases from the Glod Souk are 100% genuine, and you will never be disappointed by the purity and quality of the product.
  • Besides gold jewelry, you can also shop for diamond engraved ornaments, pearl strings, and silver or platinum jewellery as well.
  • There is no such fixed price. You can even bargain with the retailers and get your lovely product at a fair price after a little bit of effort.

The Gold Prices

When you visit this market, it is very important to check the international gold prices. As you all know, the price of gold varies every single day. The fluctuation in the price of gold is very obvious and can be observed on a daily basis as well. So, once you know the current price of gold, you will be able to make a guess about the amount of gold you will purchase from the Gold Souk.

Gold Travelling Limits

People who want to purchase a significant amount of gold from this market and carry it with them should know some basics. These instructions include that they must get information from their respective airlines or customs duty authorities. By doing so, they will come to know about the amount of gold that they can carry with them back to their country on return from Dubai.

If you take more gold than is permitted, you may face severe economic consequences. You should also know that the customs duty varies for gold bars and it is entirely different for gold jewelry. So to avoid any kind of hassle or problem, you must be well-informed and completely knowledgeable about the facts to be able to carry these gold products back to your country.

Can You Bargain?

If you are a talkative person and know how to bargain to get the prices for your gold products lower, then this place will be the best option for you. The buyer can negotiate with the staff or the vendors of the Gold Souk. The prices of gold souq products are determined by only two factors. Depending upon these major factors, the prices of gold jewellery may vary, so keep both of them in your mind during your shopping in the Gold Souk.

The first one is the actual rate of gold on that day, and the second factor is the additional charges for each distinctive product and the intricate designs that you want to make on these gold jewellery according to your taste and requirements. So, for a bargain hunter, the Gold Souk is the best choice ever from where he can buy top-quality Arabian gold and make his dream come to reality also.

A Lot Of Options Are Available

At this market, there are a lot of shops and many vendors from where you can buy the desired piece of gold jewellery for you and your loved ones. So, to buy the best product at the cheapest and most amazing price range, the buyer should visit a couple of shops before deciding on the ultimate purchase.

Since you can do the negotiation on similar products in other shops, it might be a possible probability that you can get the same item at a lower price as compared to the previous store. So, moving between different stores could be very beneficial.

To Sum Up!

Dubai is a land of opportunity for tourists and visitors. Our blog is purely based on our knowledge of different places which you can see during your visit to Dubai. We have mentioned the top 10 best places to visit in Dubai that will make your entire trip to the United Arab Emirates completely memorable. If you are in Dubai and haven’t visited the above-mentioned places, then your trip will be incomplete and baseless as well.

We hope that after going through this blog, you now have authentic knowledge about the most visited and best vacation destination in Dubai. For all types of visitors, including locals, foreigners, or elite class people, these places have their own importance. You can visit these locations to feed your Instagram timeline with the best tourist spots in the United Arab Emirates and collect a lot of pleasing memories as well.

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