How to Lay Carpet? DIY-Carpet Installation Guide (2022)

How to Lay Carpets


Carpet flooring always feels luxurious and soft under your feet, providing a safe spot for your family, reducing the risk of any “slip and fall”. When you are going to purchase a carpet for your home flooring, you might be thinking, “How to Lay Carpets”. Don’t you get worried about this thing, because here is the complete description of lying carpets in your living space, giving it a more adoring look

Carpets bring an obvious change to your home decor with their unique style and vibrant/neutral colors. Giving much cozy and soft surface under your feet, carpet made itself much appealing in the whole market. When you lay carpet in your bedroom, office, or living area, you, yourself, going to see some obvious differences which carpet brings.

Step-by-Step Guidance on “How to Lay Carpets”

Although laying carpets in your living space might seem a difficult task to be done, and you might feel the need for some professional services. But, when you go through yourself with these given-below some easy and simple steps for How to Lay Carpets in your space in a very short time, thus, saving a lot of money.

1. Start by Cleaning Your Floor

In the very first place, you should clean your floor, whether the flooring is wood or vinyl before installing your brand-new carpet. Clean it either with a broom or with a vacuum. If you are going to lay carpet over the floor which was already carpeted and now is going to have a new carpet in the place of an existing one. Then remove all the old tack strips and get rid of all such material.

Make sure, you get your floor free from any adhesives before you lay the new carpet over there. Your floor must be perfectly clean.

2. Install the Tack Strips

Before you lay carpet or any carpet padding, installation of the tack strip is a “must thing” to do. And, in order to get them installed properly, first of all, measure the perimeter of your room accurately. Then, cut the tack strips accordingly, i.e. equal to the length of the perimeter of your room.

Install them in such a way that the sharp point angles towards the wall. You have to get them installed with the help of nails and a hammer. Do this step carefully by wearing heavy gloves so that you couldn’t get injured.

3. Lay the Under Pad Before Laying the Carpet

Carpet Padding


After you successfully secured the perimeter of your room with the tack strips and installed them properly. Now it’s time to lay the underpad before you let to know how to lay carpet on your floor. The best way to install the underpad is to roll it out first, from one wall to another wall. Then, use a knife to cut the underpad so that it could smoothly sit on your floor by covering the whole area.

Once you have laid the underpad on the floor of your living place, cut all the excessive underpads from the edges, giving a much smoother look. Now, secure it with a staple hammer and check if it is secured properly by spacing the staple out around the edges.

4. Lay Carpet

How to Lay Carpets


Now, you are done with the installation of the tack strip and the underpad; it means your room is now ready to get the carpet installed. Bring in your carpet, and start to lay it down from one wall to another. It will be better if you do this task by cutting it into strips.

Then, you can just lay the first strip from one wall to another, then lay the second strip in the same run. Don’t install one strip obliquely to the second one, this thing will make everyone feel the difference in its design, hence, your room will not look much adorable as you want it to look. So, do this step carefully, install all the strips accordingly and make them secure by using some adhesives and a knee kicker. Cut all the extra carpet from the edges, making them smooth.

5. Clean All the Mess and Vacuum it Up

You have successfully installed the carpet in your living space, now clear up all the mess that you created while laying the carpet down on the floor. After that, give a proper vacuuming so that the dirt and debris could get removed properly.

It is recommended to vacuum your carpet before and after installation so that it will give a neat and clean look, making your entire space worth adoring, and providing you a feeling of satisfaction with the change that it brings to your place.

To Sum Up!!!

In the end, after reading the above mentioned steps on how to lay carpet, I will recommend that while you are laying your carpet down on the floor, consider some precautions, i.e. wearing heavy gloves and a dust mask. These are some quite easy and simple steps and will help you a lot in the proper installation of your carpet at your place.

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