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Carpeter has got you the trendiest accessorizing of Kitchen Carpet for your kitchen areas all over the UAE. These highest-quality and equally high-end carpets for kitchens give rise to the most attractive kitchen space decors.

They turn out to be ideally heavy-duty for all sorts of usages and provide you with an endless comfort as your lifestyle upgrade. They maintain the hygienic conditions really well and have a number of greatly positive effects on the overall health and benefit of your family.

Stylish Kitchen Carpet

Construction and Backing:

Our kitchen carpet features the construction out of 100% Cotton, Polypropylene and Wool initially, plus there are other options of natural fibres, as well. These include Sisal, Jute and Seagrass fibres. Post that, there is a 100% rubber backing, for the purpose of carpet strengthening and durability enhancement. With this sort of construction, these carpets are much easier to clean, as well.

Thickness and Sizing:

Our kitchen runners come with the standard and ideal fitting sizes of 2×3, 4×6, 2.5 x 8 or 12 feet and 5×8. This sizing approach goes best for the majority of the spaces, even the narrow ones, as well. The thickness of these carpets ranges from 1/4 inch up to 7/16 inch, adding to the comfort extent given by the carpeting.

Specific Characteristics:

Ahead is the specification lineup of our Kitchen Carpet:

  • These carpets are perfectly non-toxic in nature
  • They don’t host any bacterial, fungal, or mold build-up
  • They provide a considerable extent of moisture absorption
  • Their surface textures are perfectly slip-resistant
  • They’re extremely convenient to maintain and clean
  • They have the right kind of piling for all the wear and tear as well as foot traffic
Kitchen Carpet

Plus Points:

Our kitchen carpet come with several functions as well as aesthetic benefits:

  • These carpets serve as the ideal kitchen space decor
  • They ensure the best safety within kitchen spaces
  • They absorb all the excess moisture and greasing, thus keeping the kitchen space clean
  • They have a durable and heavy-duty nature
  • They maintain adequate levels of hygiene within kitchen spaces

Usage Versatility:

Our berber carpets for kitchen offer the most advantageous functionality, much more than just a floor covering. They serve as the most comfortable flooring beneath your feet, so that you can conveniently carry out all of your chores.

They effectively keep the kitchen floor, sink area and walkways clean. Also they add an effect of spaciousness to the kitchen space and you can use them as matting or runners as well, within any of the associated galleries or openings.

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