Wallpapers for Dressing Rooms – Trendy and Suitable for This Special Space

Wallpapers for Dressing Rooms

The dressing room is a special, intimate space in your home where you get ready for the day ahead. Unlike most other rooms, it is not meant for entertaining or family gatherings – rather, it serves the purpose of housing your wardrobe collection and providing a private area to dress. As such, the décor and styling of a dressing room, though often overlooked, can greatly impact your everyday mood and motivation when getting ready.

One of the easiest ways to make a style statement in your dressing room is through wallpaper. From classic prints to bright colours and patterns, wallpaper Dubai instantly transforms the look and feel of any space. When thoughtfully chosen, it can make your dressing room feel fresh and inspiring to start each day.

8 On-Trend Wallpaper Designs Perfect For A Dressing Room

1. Floral Prints

Floral Prints

Floral prints are one of the few wallpapers for dressing rooms that will always look good. They make you think of softness and grace right away, which is great for your dressing room. Putting peony, rose, and wildflower pictures on top of neutral walls makes for a very girly background while you choose your outfit.

Choose bloom prints that are soft and sweet or ones that are bright and bold to match your style. With enough light, flowery wallpaper makes for a happy and bright dressing room to start the day.

2. Textured Neutrals

Textured Neutrals

For those who prefer a more subtle, textured look over bright colours and prints, textured neutrals are a sophisticated wallpaper option. Think lightly grooved tan walls, woven jute fabrics, metallic silver embossing, or subtle grasscloth textures.

Layering this type of wallpaper over neutrally painted walls adds dimension and depth without overwhelming the space. This allows your fashion pieces and accessories to truly stand out displayed on the walls while giving your dressing room a refined, polished feel.

3. Damask Prints

Damask Prints

Damask prints are another standard but very trendy type of wallpapers for dressing rooms. Damask wallpaper quickly adds aristocratic elegance to any room because it usually has intricate floral patterns on bold backgrounds.

Rich burgundies, deep blues, and royal golds in vintage color schemes with fine details make for a glamorous dressing room where you can release your inner Hollywood starlet. You can pick bright colors to match your other furniture and decor with modern takes on the classic Damask print.

4. Geometric Patterns

Geometric Patterns

Prefer modern and contemporary styles? Geometric prints are ideal wallpaper choices for the fashion-forward homeowner. Triangle prints, diagonal lines, diamond emblems, curved concentric circles, and similar mathematical patterns feel crisp and clean-lined.

Matte finishes help geometric wallpaper stand out smartly against painted walls or wallpaper with different patterns. The best part about geometric designs is they work perfectly in both masculine and ultra-feminine dressing rooms depending on your preferred color scheme.

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5. Whimsical Murals

Have some fun with your dressing room by putting up some fun painting wallpaper. These days, brands offer a huge range of scene choices, such as magical forests, flower-filled garden paths, and shopfront blocks that look like real boutique storefronts. You can even add your name, a quote, or even small family photos that are mixed into the murals.

As you get ready for the day, whimsical wallpaper images take you to a different world. On top of that, they make great backgrounds for #OOTD mirror selfies that you can share on social media.

6. Girls and Beauty Makeup Prints

Girls and Beauty Makeup Prints

It was fun for all the girls to play dress up and do their moms’ makeup. A girl’s and beauty and makeup theme wallpapers for dressing rooms will take you back to the fun times you had as a child. These days, brands make fun murals that look like makeup and are great for the room.

Some examples are watercolour paintings of fun makeup items like nail polishes, lipsticks, eyeshadow sets, and blush compacts. The best thing? A lot of these wallpaper panels have shelves built right into them so you can show off your real makeup collection. Instead, some wallpapers show cute little girls playing dress up in their moms’ big hats, shoes, boas, and jewellery for a fun look.

7. Textured Wood Wallpaper

Textured Wood Wallpaper

Textured wood wallpaper adds warmth and dimension to dressing rooms, especially those with a cabin-chic style. Faux wood panels stained in natural, weathered finishes or whitewashed designs look especially charming for farmhouse-inspired spaces.

Alternately, sandwich faux wood wallpaper between painted walls for a more subtle, textural look. This nature-inspired wallpaper option contrasts perfectly against other textures like wicker baskets, linen curtains, cozy throws, and cashmere sweaters you likely have in your closet space.

8. Black and White Stripes

Black and White Stripes

Black and white stripes are a standard look that seems to go well with any locker room. As you’d see backstage, this print fits right in with the drama of a dressing room, right next to a row of clothes racks.

When you put graphic stripes around your mirror and light it up like in Hollywood, your dressing room looks like the home of a fashion star. The stark contrast of the white paneling and black stripes makes for a dramatic background for showing off your amazing outfit.


After reading these trendy ideas, what kind of wallpaper did you picture in your dream dressing room? You can make your small dressing room feel exciting with wallpaper that has a wide range of designs, from soft florals to rough woods to eye-catching geometrics.

Specialty wallpapers for dressing rooms will stay beautiful for years if you prepare it and take care of it the right way. By adding personality to your dressing room with the right style of wallpaper, you’ll feel stylish and driven every morning as you get ready.

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