Benefits of Switching from Natural Grass to Fake Grass

Benefits of Switching from Natural Grass to Fake Grass

Switching from natural grass to fake grass is becoming very common for a lot of reasons. People are installing artificial grass instead of natural grass because of its super popularity nowadays. Fake grass is dominating the modern world, and almost every playground, backyard, and garden has artificial grass installed.

Top 10 Benefits of Switching from Natural Grass to Fake Grass

The following are the main benefits of switching from natural grass to fake turf:

Proper Drainage System

Proper Drainage System

Fake grass has a proper drainage system as compared to natural grass, and this helps in the following ways:

  • After rain, water gets out through properly established layers.
  • Water dries easily because water gets out smoothly.
  • Due to the even surface, water doesn’t get stuck in some spots.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Unlike natural grass, grass carpet in Dubai is easy to maintain, and it saves money for the following reasons:

  • It has an even surface and lush green color due to which it stays clean almost every time.
  • It doesn’t need mowing or trimming, saving homeowners time and money on lawn care.
  • It doesn’t need pesticides because it doesn’t have any danger of being attacked by worms.

Ideal for Kids and Pets

Ideal for Kids and Pets

Synthetic grass is ideal for pets and kids because artificial grass has the following qualities as compared to natural grass:

  • It has an even surface, so kids can run and play freely without the danger of tripping or falling.
  • Pets can play on it freely as much as they want without spreading muddy spots.
  • Children’s clothes can not get dirty because there is no mud.

Stays Green All Year Long

Stays Green All Year Long

Fake grass, as compared to natural grass, stays green all year long, even without high-level maintenance due to the following reasons:

  • They don’t catch mud or any other stains.
  • They require less or very little maintenance.
  • Rainwater gets out easily through an excellent drainage system.
  • It doesn’t need mowing or trimming and can easily be cleaned with a simple cleaning brush.

No Discolouration, Patchiness, Weeds, or Mud

No Discolouration, Patchiness, Weeds, or Mud

Synthetic grass doesn’t allow discoloration, patchiness, weeds, or mud because of the following reasons:

  • Artificial grass doesn’t get affected by environmental conditions.
  • Seeds don’t grow on the artificial grass, and mud can’t spread on it.
  • It doesn’t need sunlight, so uneven sunlight doesn’t affect its color.

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Withstands Harsh Weather Conditions

Withstands Harsh Weather Conditions

Fake grass can withstand harsh weather conditions without getting wear and tear because of the following reasons:

  • It doesn’t get dry due to too much sunlight.
  • Too much rain can’t drown it.
  • It’s not sensitive to environmental factors because it’s made from man-made substances.

Long Term Solution

Long Term Solution Fake Grass

Compared to natural grass, synthetic grass is a long-term solution because of the following reasons:

  • It doesn’t get affected by environmental conditions; sun or rainwater can’t get it dry or drown it respectively.
  • It has a lush green color that doesn’t go away very easily.
  • Its drainage system doesn’t let water get stuck in one spot, due to which it’s always dry.
  • Worms can’t affect it either.
  • It doesn’t need sunlight to grow, so uneven sunlight can’t produce blank spots or brown color.

Aesthetic Appearance

Aesthetic Appearance

  • You can create a beautiful garden path by cutting it into equal parts.
  • You can put it around the pool banks to give it beautiful borders.
  • You can create a feature wall in your garden or interior to make it look amazing.
  • You can put it on your terrace or balcony to make it look beautiful.

Reduce Air Pollution

Reduce Air Pollution Fake Grass

Fake grass doesn’t need mowers, edgers, and blowers, which reduces air pollution in the following ways:

  • Gas-powered mowers, edgers, and blowers produce an alarming amount of pollution.
  • Spending an hour behind a lawn mower can spew a lot of pollution.
  • Mowers emit greater levels of air pollutants.

No Allergies

Synthetic grass creates an allergy-friendly environment for the following reasons:

  • It eliminates common allergens found in natural grass.
  • Pollen and mold spores, which can trigger allergies, are absent in synthetic grass.
  • It lets you embrace a more comfortable outdoor space for everyone to enjoy.


The benefits of switching from natural grass to fake grass include consistent beauty and water conservation, low maintenance, durability, allergy relief, and environmental benefits. Switch to artificial grass today and enjoy the long-lasting beauty and convenience that it offers.


Why switch to synthetic grass?

The reason to switch to synthetic grass is that it allows you to conserve water while eliminating often toxic fertilizers and pesticides. And it also doesn’t need too much maintenance and lawn equipment expenses.

Which is better: natural or synthetic grass?

Every type of grass has its own advantages and disadvantages, but fake grass is better than natural grass in terms of maintenance, sanitation, surface level, and many other factors. Artificial grass also requires less soil preparation and watering.

Is synthetic grass good for health?

Yes, synthetic grass is good for health, but there’s only one concern: the use of materials in artificial turf that may be harmful to human health. Some types of artificial turf may contain heavy metals or chemicals that can be harmful if ingested or inhaled.

Does synthetic grass get hot?

Well, it can get really hot. Surface temperatures of artificial grass are about 20-50° F higher than natural grass and typically reach the same temperature as asphalt pavement. The highest temperature measured during research was 200° F.

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