What To Consider When Buying Artificial Turf For Your Pets?

Buying Artificial Turf For Your Pets

Over the years, people have not just adopted more and more pets daily but also tried everything they could to let their household animals live comfortably. People are obsessed with artificial turf for many reasons, but they don’t know what to consider when buying artificial turf for pets.

Pets need special care and observance, especially during their playing time in the backyard or the garden. Natural grass is far more concerning than synthetic grass carpet in terms of muddy marks, germs, and things like that. Today, we will cover the things that we need to keep an eye on before buying artificial turf.

Top 5 Factors To Consider When Buying Artificial Turf For Your Pets

Buying Artificial Turf For Your Pet

Following are some of the major things to consider when buying artificial turf for your pets:

Turf Quality

While buying artificial turf for your pets, make sure that your turf is of good quality. A good quality turf is a turf that has good color and it feels like real grass. It should be UV stabilized so it doesn’t fade during the hot season or the sunlight.

Additionally, it should be porous so that water can easily pass through it even if it rains heavily. If you are looking for a good artificial turf, go with Nylon, and its pile height between 22mm-35 is best for your dog.


When you are buying artificial turf for your pets, make sure to check the warranty details of your fake turf, what sort of things it covers, and how long it is valid. Choose a synthetic turf that has a long warranty (e.g.10 years).

Additionally, make sure what sort of incidents or wear and tear the warranty covers. Every type of artificial turf has its own warranty, so always look at your warranty carefully to avoid further confusion.

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Smell Control Knowledge

If you are thinking about buying synthetic turf for your pets, don’t forget to settle on that fake turf that has micro-bacterial agents in the artificial grass fibers. This detergent minimizes the smell that is produced by the urine of the pets by killing the bacteria to make it safe for pets during your pet’s playtime. Anti-bacterial agents are important because they help maintain a good environment for your pet to avoid any germ attack.

Check Drainage System

While buying artificial turf for your pets, carefully choose your fake turf. Make sure your synthetic turf has an excellent drainage system so that it can be cleaned easily after your pet’s piss or during regulatory cleaning.

Make sure that the holes under your artificial grass are bigger, especially if you have more than one pet. The drainage system is necessary to consider because it helps in the drainage of water or any other harmful liquid to avoid bacterial infections.

Suitable Infill

If you wish to buy artificial turf for your pets, make sure to choose the right infill. Infill is like support to an artificial grass that protects your synthetic turf’s backing, it improves water or any other liquid absorption, and it controls smell as well. Infill can be found in many forms, like silica granules and multi-coloured sand. Suitable infill also helps to give artificial grass carpets a natural look so that fake grass carpets can look like natural grass.


You need to know what to consider when buying artificial turf for your pets. It includes a lot of things, like turf quality, warranty, smell control mechanism, drainage system, and infill material. All of these things greatly impact the performance of your artificial turf and the life span of your synthetic turf. Always make sure all of these things are up to the mark and can stand the pets’ behavior and playing tactics. If you don’t know about these things or don’t know how to extract this information, feel free to get some guidance from the salesman or anyone in the shop.


What is the best base for artificial turf with pets?

If you are installing artificial turf for pets, sand or silica sand infill is your best bet. If you are considering buying artificial turf for your pets, the base of the turf is an important factor because it helps in a lot of things like drainage, surface level, and things like that.

What makes artificial grass pet-friendly?

Artificial grass with soft blades, a good pile height, a better drainage system, suitable infill or base, and many other things like that. Always be careful while choosing fake grass for pets; make sure that your artificial turf is top-quality with a good warranty.

How do I keep my pet turf from smelling?

While buying artificial turf, make sure that your turf has an excellent drainage system so that your pet’s pee or any other liquid can go away easily to avoid any germs attack or bacterial infection. Don’t forget to remove any solid waste at least once a day.

Can you put pet turf on cement?

Yes, you can put artificial turf for your turf on cement because it turns out to be the best way to create a perfect play area for your pets and children that is safe and fun. Artificial turf is adorable, and it has a long life span. It is cheap and pretty simple to install.

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