How to Install Carpet? Explained In 9 Easy Steps

How to Install Carpet? 10 Easy Steps with Pictures


Nothing could beat the carpet in giving the luxurious look to your living space, and providing a safe spot for the kids so that they couldn’t get injured while playing. But the question pop-up in mind How To Install Carpet on your own. The perfect installation of carpets gives luxury look to your place,  In addition, our perfectly installed Persian carpets provide warmth and comfort to your place and are a perfect thermal and sound insulator.

Essential Steps On “How To Install Carpet?”

Now, if you are going to install the carpet in your space, the professionals will cost you a lot to install it. Better to do it yourself, saving a lot of money, but a question that might pop into your head is, “How to install Carpet?”.  However, it is not an easy task to do, but you can install it easily by following some mentioned below steps. So, let’s have a look at all those steps through which the installation of your carpet might get easier to do by yourself.

1. Measure Your Room

Measure Your Room


When you are going to buy the carpet for your living place, it’s better to first measure the room before purchasing. Don’t make a purchase on your assumptions. If you get it shorter, it will be of no use, and there will be a loss of your money as well.

Start by measuring the length and width of your room in a rectangular shape, no matter in which shape your room is. Try to keep each part of your room as perfect a rectangle as you can. Then, add two to four inches on each number, and multiply the numbers to calculate the perfect square footage of the room.

2. Try To Get Some Extra Material Of Carpet

Now, you have the complete square footage of your room. For your query on How To Install Carpet, we suggest trying to get some additional material for your carpet for your room. You can have 10%-20% of additional carpet to make sure that you have enough carpet to install in your room rather than leaving any spot of your room without carpet.

If you are getting a pattered bedroom carpet, it will be better to get 5% additional of it to account for the matching of patterns between the sections. The extra material that you get will be helpful to account for the mistakes in measuring or cutting.

3. Tools You Will Need To Install The Carpet

Tools You Will Need To Install The Carpet


In order to install the carpet in your room, you must have the following tools.

  • Utility knife
  • Tack Strips
  • Stair Tool
  • Staple Gun(for wooden flooring)
  • Tape Measure
  • Chalk Line
  • Knee kicker
  • Knee Pads
  • Hammer
  • Power Stretcher
  • Steaming Tape
  • Steaming Iron
  • Rolling pins
  • Masonry Nails(for concrete flooring)
  • Adhesives(for concrete flooring)
  • Cement-based waterproof filter(for concrete flooring)

4. Get Your Room Prepared

Before getting the carpet installed in your room, you must check whether your room is prepared to get the installation of new carpet, or it has some requirements before getting the installation.

If you are going to replace the existing one, check if you have completely removed the old carpet. If you are going to install it over the concrete flooring, check if there is any moisture or other damage. In the case of any cracks, you must fill them with the waterproof filter and get it leveled.

5. Install The Tack Strips

Install The Tack Strips


After reading the precise steps on how to install carpet and now you are ready to install the carpet in your room. Make sure you first install the tack strips, and there must be no space left between each strip. They must be angled towards the wall so that when the carpet is pulled over it, it catches the carpet and holds it in the place.

The installation of these tack strips varies from floor to floor, i.e. if the floor is of wood, you can simply nail down those tack strips. And, if the floor is of concrete, you have to secure them with construction adhesives or with masonry nails.

6. Cut And Install The Carpet

Cut And Install The Carpet


Before you install the carpet, cut its strips to size, but make sure you don’t cut it too short because they have plenty of room to trim down accordingly. Cutting it too short will waste the entire strip leaving the area of your room without carpet.

Now, install the carpet against one wall, and pull it across the room to the opposite wall. Then, draw a line on it where it meets the wall with the chalk and cut it down with the utility knife. During the installation of the second strip, make sure that the direction of the new strip lines up with the direction of the first strip.

7. Seal The Junctions

Sealing The Junctions In Carpet Installation

After knowing the steps on how to install carpet now install the strips, there might be some junctions between the section. In order to seal that junction between the two strips, use steaming tape under the carpet and secure it with the adhesives.

Then, use the steaming iron to activate the seaming tape to join the strips. Do this step carefully by making sure you run the iron only over the steaming tape and not on the carpet. Now, complete this step by pressing the strips of carpets together with the rolling pins.

8. Stretch The Carpet

Stretch The Carpet


This step is done by the knee kicker by wearing the knee pads. Place the toothed end of the knee kicker facing towards the wall about three inches away and then kick them with your knee with full force to get the carpet into the wall. Make sure to wear the knee pads so that you won’t hurt yourself while performing this step.

You can do this with a hammer instead of a knee as per your ease. Continue this step around the room until the carpet is stretched over the whole area. You can use the power stretcher for the larger spaces to ensure the proper stretching of the carpet. Use the stair tool, if you are going to install the carpets on the stairs.

9. Clear Up All The Mess

After you have done the installation of the carpet in your room. Now, it’s time to clear up all the mess that you created during its installation. Move your furniture back to the room and enjoy.

To Sum Up!!!

By following all the above-mentioned steps on How to install carpet properly, it will be much easier for you to get the carpet installed in the room by yourself, without wasting money by hiring some professionals to do it. Give your room a stylish and elegant look by installing the carpet flooring.

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