Everything You Need to Know About Broadloom Carpet

Broadloom carpet is, of course, the traditional type of wall-to-wall carpet which adds more warmth to your environment and makes it much more comfortable and homier. Also, they come up in a huge mesmerizing variety of color, style, and texture, i.e. cut pile, loop, frieze, etc.

Here in this article, we have covered everything you need to know about broadloom carpets. From its types to its pros and cons, you will get to know everything about it, so that you can get the one accordingly for your place.

Some Major Types To Know About Broadloom Carpet

Before we go deep into the features and style to know about broadloom carpet. Let’s discuss its type first. These Carpets Dubai, generally, come up in 4 major types of fibers. These are as follows.

1. Nylon Fiber Broadloom

Nylon Fiber Broadloom Carpet

You probably might know that nylon is the most commonly used carpet fiber because of its durability. It is stain-resistant and has a long lifespan. Therefore, people prefer to buy a carpet made up of nylon fabric. It also provides much flexibility and is used in almost every style of broadloom carpet.

2. Polyester Fiber Broadloom

Polyester Fiber Broadloom Carpet

Polyester has much popularity in the market because of its hold on the color and softness that it provides. Having these wall-to-wall carpets made up of polyester fabric in your living space means you are having a coziest and soft surface under your feet that, of course, gonna give you a much-relaxing zone. Polyester-made blue carpet performs much better than the others because they are firmly twisted and tufted.

3. Wool Fiber Broadloom

Wool Fiber Broadloom Carpet

Wool is the most used synthetic fiber that gives, much softness to the wool carpet tiles and people having kids in their homes are most likely to install know about broadloom carpet that is made up of wool because they are soft enough to provide a cozy surface to the kids, even if they may fall down they won’t get injured. Also, it is the best choice for people having allergies.

4. Polypropylene Fiber Broadloom

Polypropylene Fiber Broadloom Carpet

Polypropylene is the first choice of most people because it does not absorb water like other fiber carpets. And, this feature, of course, makes it stand strong with the colors and dyes. The colors of such carpets (made up of polypropylene) do not fade away, either you install in the place where direct sunlight comes, or you wash them with bleach. No matter what, the color will remain the same as these broadloom carpets.

Some Major Styles of Broadloom

After knowing the major types of wall-to-wall carpet, i.e. which fiber is mostly used in these carpets. Now, let’s discuss a little bit about its styles, which are as follows.

1. Loop Styled Carpet

Loop Styled Broadloom Carpet

Berber carpet is the most commonly used loop-styled carpet, having short loops of fiber that are twisted into the back of the carpet. After twisting, the remaining fibers of these carpets are left uncut. It is the most durable option to choose for the high-commercial areas, because it is made to withstand heavy foot traffic, and hides the dirt, well.

2. Cut Pile Carpet

Cut Pile Broadloom carpets

You might have installed Saxony or Frieze Carpet in your space because of their appearance. These carpets are basically cut piles which means their ends are being cut off, making smooth ends. These ends are, no doubt, soft to touch and very comfortable, but at the same time they can easily get crushed, and that’s why you cannot use these carpets in commercial areas / high-traffic areas, so you must Know About Broadloom Carpet.

3. Cut and Loop Styled Carpets

Cut and Loop Styled Broadloom carpet

Some fabric of Cut and loop-styled carpets remain uncut, and some got tufted. They have different patterns due to this style. And, people are most likely to have such carpet in living space making it more decorative. But, make sure you match the pattern of this carpet while seaming.

Some Attributes of Wall-to-Wall Carpet

The following features/attributes of the broadloom carpet make it appealing in the market. Not only do these carpets elevate the appearance of your space to the next level, but also with so many characteristics, they make themselves worth buying.

  • These carpets are much eco-friendly, which means that most of them are made up of recycled materials, i.e. plastic bottles, etc
  • Some of the wall-to-wall carpets are stain-resistant, carpets made up of polyester or polypropylene
  • In some of these carpets, the water-proof option is also available, which means they don’t absorb the water and are much more durable (having a long lifespan).
  • The most amazing feature of these carpets is that you can have them already installed underpad. Therefore, you don’t need to install the carpet padding separately, and you can save a lot of money.

Some Pros and Cons of these Broadloom Carpets

Everything has some pros and cons it and so does Know About Broadloom Carpet’s pros & cons. Having so many options in style and features. Now, it’s time to have a look at its pros and cons so that you can make a good choice for your living space.


  • These broadloom carpets have a seamless appearance, which means your room will look more attractive.
  • Unlike vinyl carpet tiles, there will be no tile-like appearance, but a smooth and elegant look it will give to your place
  • Your room will look much larger with these broadloom carpets
  • There are so many advantages that it provides, i.e. stain-resistant, water-proof, etc.
  • These luxurious carpets provide a much softer surface under your feet.


  • The installation process is much difficult as it requires some special tools to get installed in your place so you may need to hire some professionals to get this task done
  • Unlike carpet tiles, if the broadloom carpet ever gets damaged, you need to replace the whole carpet, which is a money and time-consuming process, of course
  • The installation often leaves too much extra material which gets wasted, which means you are buying more than you need to get it installed.

Some Tips Regarding the Maintenance of Broadloom Carpet

You have read almost everything about these wall-to-wall carpets. In the end, have a look at some tips in order to keep the carpet clean and maintain so that it could last longer and give your space a whole ravishing look.

  • Do the basic cleaning process, i.e. vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, most often to get it cleaned.
  • Although some of them are stain-resistant or spill-proof, regardless of this, treat the spill or stain immediately
  • Use only those cleaning products that are recommended by their manufacturers so that their fiber couldn’t get damaged
  • Get it deep cleaned by some professionals at least once or twice a year to increase its lifespan

To Conclude

Now you Know About Broadloom Carpet, so it is safe to say that you can make a reasonable choice of the carpet when going out for making a purchase of your floor covering. Although there are some cons of it but having so many perks, it already has made itself much appealing in the flooring world.

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