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Although carpets play a significant role in bringing up some luxurious style for your home decor, giving your living space some warmth, hence, making themselves a perfect choice to make, for your living space. But, at the same time, carpets take a lot of spills and abuse, i.e. a lot of foot traffic, spilled drinks, food, etc.

Maintenance of the carpet, i.e. vacuuming and deep cleaning, can increase their lifespan. Here, you are going to know exactly, “How To Clean Carpet”, in many different ways. So, let’s have a look at all those different methods to clean your carpet quite properly.

How To Clean Carpet?

Things You Will Need For How To Clean Carpet?

Carpet, of course, requires some maintenance to last longer. So, you must get it deep cleaned by some professionals at least twice a week or can do it by yourself. In order to clean up your carpet properly, you will need certain things that are mentioned below.

Equipment You Will Need

  • Vacuum with strong suction
  • Spray Bottle
  • A microfiber cloth
  • A bucket
  • Scrub brush
  • Old Towel
  • Oscillating fan
  • A steam mop,
  • And a cloth steamer

Material You Will Need

  • Distilled White Vinegar
  • Salt or baking Soda

How to Do Groove Cleaning of Your Carpet?

First thing first, if you clean your carpet on daily basis, your carpet will survive for a long time. Cleaning it up will increase its lifespan in a quite efficient way, and a clean carpet always attracts the attention of people, and make your place look adorable. Here are some easy and simple steps on how to clean carpet that help you out with your routine cleaning method of carpets.

How To Clean Carpet?

1. Don’t Let The Dirt And Debris Dull The Beauty Of Your Carpet

If you let the dirt and debris stay on your carpet, it will not only make it look dull but also cause it to quickly wear out, making its lifespan much shorter. So, it is important to clean it up. Vacuuming is the most basic and fundamental part of cleaning your home carpet. If your vacuum has strong suction, it will make your work quite easier.

And, if you don’t have a vacuum with strong suction or don’t have a vacuum at all, you can use the old methods, i.e. broom or carpet sweeper, but they take a lot of time, unlike vacuuming.

Removing stain from carpet

2. Clean Out The Stains From Your Carpet

The best method and time to clean up a stain from your carpet is to remove it immediately, i.e. if a drink gets spilled on your carpet, bolt it right away to keep your carpet clean from the stains. Always use a proper, and clean cloth to take away any stain from your carpet, better if you use a white clean cloth.

If there is any solid (food) is dropped, then you should use the edge of your credit card or the edge of a dull knife to pick them. Never rub the solid with a stain, it gets deeper into the fabric of the carpet and makes it difficult to pull off.

Different Ways to Clean Your Carpet

However, it is better to get your carpet cleaned by some professional cleaners, who use the steam deep cleaning method and some carpet shampoos or other liquid products to clean your carpet properly.

But if you want to do it yourself, you might get it done with some carpet shampoo and other products that you might have in your pantry already.

Clean Your Carpet with Distilled White Vinegar

This strategy will be applied properly and help you efficiently only if you have a vacuum with strong suction. Here are some quite easy steps on how to clean carpet that must be performed, if you going to use this strategy.

Vinegar carpet cleaning

1. Vacuum It Up Properly

When you get ready to clean up your carpet, the first thing that should be done is vacuum it up. Vacuuming is the most important thing to do in this whole process to clear out any dirt and debris from your carpet deeply.

If you skip this step, that means you are allowing those soil particles to settle down deeply into the fabric of your carpet. For the removal of coffee stains, i.e. oil, tar, or some other automotive liquids, you must treat them first before vacuuming git up.

2. Make A Solution Of Vinegar And Water

In the next step, you need to make a solution of white vinegar and distilled water. Mix up three parts of distilled water in one part of white vinegar and make a very solution in a spray bottle for easy use. Mix it up well so that it could work efficiently, you need to refill the bottle several times for a proper wall-to-wall carpet.

3. Apply The Solution, And Bolt It Up

Damp all the carpet area with that solution in a very careful manner, making sure you don’t get it saturated enough. Also, make sure you cover the whole area of the carpet with that solution. Then wait for almost five to ten minutes until the breaking of soil begins. Use a clean wet microfiber cloth to bolt your carpet up. Make sure to change the water frequently in which you are getting that cloth cleaned every time after bolting the carpet.

4. Let The Air, Dry Your Carpet

After all the above-mentioned steps for how to clean carpets are done, now it’s time for the carpet to get dried. For this purpose, simply open up all the windows and doors of that place. In addition, you can turn the fan on and let your carpet dry out quickly. Avoid the foot traffic on it unless or until it is completely dry. Or, you can use the plastic sheets over it, if necessary, on the traffic passageway so that it won’t get any stain.

How could we have gone above and beyond?

If you have any queries related to this, give us your precious suggestions and we will get back to you.

Clean Your Carpet With Baking Soda

If you don’t have vinegar at home, you can use baking soda. Now, here is the complete description of this baking soda method to clean your carpet.

Cleaning carpet with baking soda

1. Vacuum The Carpet And Make A Mixture Of Baking Soda

Vacuum the carpet first to loosen up all the dirt particles and fuzz, settled in the fabric of the carpet. You can use the broom instead of a vacuum to clean it up. Before making any other step, the removal of dirt from your carpet is necessary.

After vacuuming, now make a mixture of baking soda with salt in a small bowl. Mix them up with each other properly so that they could work efficiently in the cleaning of your carpet.

2. Sprinkle the Mixture and Scrub it Well

Sprinkle that mixture of baking soda and salt on the carpet properly, covering the whole area. Then, spritz it down with the cold water in a spray bottle. Make sure the area should be damp enough but not saturated.

Then, use a scrub brush to allow the baking soda to go deeper into the carpet. It will help to lift the soil onto the carpet so that you can clean it up easily.

3. Wipe, Dry, and Vacuum it Again

After you are done with scrubbing the carpet, now wipe off all the dirt that pop up on the carpet with the help of baking soda, and let your carpet dry out completely.

When the carpet is dried, vacuum it again to clean the baking soda or dust particles remaining in the jute carpet fiber, if any. And, here you go with your neat and clean carpet enhancing the beauty of your living space.

Clean Your Carpet Using Steam Method

If you are having the cloth steamer in your home, you can go with it for your query about how to clean carpet. Use the same above cleaning method by baking soda, to steam clean your carpet. The thing that you have to do in this method is just to use the steamer instead of using cold water in a spray bottle.

Use the steamer at least six to twelve inches away from the carpet so that baking soda could go deeper into your carpet fiber and let the soil particles come out. Therefore, you can clean up your carpet by vacuuming it again, through the steam clean method.

Some Tips To Keep Your Carpet Clean

  • Do Vacuuming regularly
  • Treat the stains immediately
  • Place doormats inside or outside the entrance of doors
  • Change / clean the air filters, most often
  • Get some professional cleaning services at least once or twice a year
  • Avoid placing shoes at the door so that dirt couldn’t get trapped in the fiber of the carpet

To Conclude

In the end, I will recommend using the above-mentioned methods on how to clean carpet in order to increase its lifespan and allow it to give a luxurious and attractive look to your home decor. Applying these methods doesn’t mean, not availing the professional cleaning services. If you do the proper cleaning of your carpet by yourself, it is still recommended to get some professional cleaning services.

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