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Get Gum Out of the Carpet


Carpeting your area tends to enhance the beauty of your living space, creating an attractive look. You, obviously, won’t want your carpet to get dirt, stains, or anything else that might dull its beauty and ultimately make your room look unworthy. Sometimes, you might have faced the problem, getting bubble gum stuck to your carpet and making you feel uncomfortable while walking on it.

You want to get relaxed on its cozy surface, but rather than getting relaxed, you got frustrated with this babelicious bright wad sticking to the bedroom carpet, and now is sticking underneath your feet. While having this frustration, a question might pop up in your head, i.e. “How to Get Gum Out of the Carpet”. So, here are some very simple steps that are going to help you out to fight with this sticky thing, making you feel uncomfortable.

Some Essential Steps For How to Get Gum Out of the Carpet?

Although, gum sticking to your carpet gives an unworthy look and uncomforting feel as well. It demands some struggle to get out of your beautiful fluffy carpet. But following some below-mentioned steps makes this struggle much easier for you without damaging an inch of your carpet. So, let’s have a look at the How to Get Gum Out of the Carpet? these are easy and simple steps.

1. Get that Area of the Carpet Prepared

Take a thin piece of cardboard and cut it into the shape of gum and place it on the spot. This step is important to get performed because when you place it on the spot, it will act as a guard and protect the surrounding area of the carpet when you get the gum out from your carpet.

2. Get the Gum Freezed on the Carpet

removing gum using ice cubes


Hard/freeze gum is easy to get removed from the carpet because molecules get contracted and get their bond relaxed with the surface of the carpet. To get the gum freeze, take a cube of ice and place it in the plastic bag.

Now, place that plastic bag on that area of the carpets Dubai and start rubbing it over the gum. It gets the gum frozen quickly so that you can remove it in no time and get your carpet again, in its original condition. Continue this procedure until the gum gets hard and you feel that now it’s easy to remove from your carpet.

3. Scuff the Gum From the Carpet

If you are looking to know How to Get Gum Out of the Carpet? then we suggest applying this authentic method; When the gum gets hardened enough to get easily out of the carpet. Now, it’s time to scuff or scrap it up from the surface of your carpet. In order to scuff the gum out from the carpet, use a dull knife carefully so that it won’t damage the fiber of your carpet. Do this step with soft hands, don’t try to struggle with it, the gum will get removed slowly but easily.

4. Clean the Stain of Gum

Now, you are done removing the gum from your living room carpet. There will be a stain left behind. So, it is time to get rid of that stain. For the removal of that stain, prepare a solution by mixing one part of the oil with 8 equal parts of liquid dry-cleaning solvent.

Apply the solution to the stained area and press that area with the help of a sponge, gently. Don’t try to rub it down. Blot the area with a dry, clean cloth. Repeat this step until the stain got completely vanished from your carpet.

Some Other Solutions to Remove the Gum from Your Carpet

There are some other solutions to this problem. The above-mentioned method is not the only one. The following methods can work efficiently for How to Get Gum Out of the Carpet?

Get the Gum Out of the Carpet by Using White Vinegar

Getting gum out of the carpet using white vinegar


This is the simplest method to apply for the removal of gum from your handmade carpet. White vinegar works efficiently on porous surfaces like carpets. This method has some following steps.

  • Prepare the solution by mixing ½ tablespoon of liquid detergent into ¼ cup of white vinegar
  • With the help of a soft-bristled brush, apply the solution to that affected area of the carpet
  • Let the solution rest for a few minutes on the gum.
  • Use a clean cloth, dipped in the water, to blot the area.
  • Continue this procedure until the carpet got free from the gum
  • Now, vacuum your carpet and allow it to make your living place look glorifying.

2. Get the Gum Out of Your Carpet by Blow-Dryer

Here is another simple method to help you out in getting rid of this sticky thing from your carpet. Follow the below-mentioned steps to apply this method and get your carpet free from any gummy material on it.

  • Try to take the gum off the carpet by the freezing method.
  • If it is not working out, then start by heating the gum with a blow dryer for one to two minutes
  • Use a plastic bag to remove the gum as much as you can
  • Repeat step 3, if any residue is left behind, and then step 4 to remove it up.

To Sum Up!!!

In the end of the discussion How to Get Gum Out of the Carpet? I will recommend using the freezing method as it is the most efficient way to remove these sticky things from the carpet. Otherwise, go for the white vinegar method, because it is more effective than the blow-drying method. The bow-drying method could take time and make you get frustrated. But white vinegar is the best solution for such removals.

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