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Installing a carpet might give your living space a whole ravishing look by adding a character in its style, but at the same time, you might sense an unpleasant odor coming from your new carpet.

Actually, that is the smell of volatile organic compounds used in the manufacturing of carpets. As soon as you unfold your carpet, it creates an unbearable scent in the atmosphere where you breathe, and vanishes very slowly, taking a lot of time.

Or, it might be the certain adhesives used to glue the carpet with the floor to keep it in its place. Smelling that unpleasant odor, you might get uncomfortable and think “How Can I Get Rid Of New Carpet Smell”. So, here are some tips which will help you to get rid of that odor.

How Can I Get Rid Of New Carpet Smell

Some Astounding Tips to “Get Rid Of New Carpet Smell”

Although that unpleasant smell of new carpet vanishes from the air takes time, and you are more likely to get your old home, as soon as possible, back in the way you like. One “must not do the thing” is gluing your carpet in the first place.

Gluing it will be an addition to that odor as it contains certain adhesives which have a fusty smell, causing you to breathe more uncomfortably. You can do this step later at your ease. These mentioned below tips will help you out a lot to breathe again in the fresh air and also help you to Get Rid Of New Carpet Smell.

How Can I Get Rid Of New Carpet Smell?

1. Ventilate the Area

First thing first, before installation of the new carpet in your living space, make sure to unfold it in a quite wide area. It will help in reducing that odor coming from the carpet.

Then, during and after installing the carpet at your home, open all the windows and turn all the fans on, at high speed. In general, this strategy takes almost 24-72 hours, but it is the most effective way to clear out that fusty smell.

How Can I Get Rid Of New Carpet Smell?

2. Clean Out Your Carpet Properly

Another best strategy is to clean up your carpet properly, i.e. vacuuming. If you still smell that nasty odor, vacuum the carpet regularly even if it looks clean. It will not help just to get rid of that smell, but also loosen up the fuzz and dirt particles if any.

Other than vacuuming, you can steam clean the carpet, which will, of course, rinse away the chemical residue as well. Basic steam cleaning is a good step, but it will be better if you take some professional cleaning services.

3. Baking Soda And Potted Plants

The other thing to get rid of new carpet smell is that sprinkling baking soda for 24-48 hours on your carpet is another solution to get rid of your new carpet’s smell. Baking soda absorbs the scent slowly, so you have to repeat this step when desired.

Or, install the potted plants and ventilate the room. Plants will help to create some fresh air and help to throw out that stagnant smell coming from your new carpet through windows.

How could we have gone above and beyond?

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Some Home Remedies to Get Rid of that Unpleasant Odor

While you are performing some above-mentioned steps to clear out your new carpet smell. Here are some home remedies, if they perform along with those steps, could have a much better effect and throw the unpleasant smell away.

1. Use Vinegar

If your new carpet smell is much stronger, then you can use vinegar to get rid of your new carpet smell. Place the small bowls of vinegar on some brawny pieces of furniture around the room.

Vinegar helps to absorb that smell if you leave it overnight. Make sure you don’t spill the vinegar over the carpet because vinegar could hold the substance odor on that specific spot of your living room carpet. Thus, making it difficult to clear out the smell. Be careful with this step.

2. Use a Couple of Large Onions

Another effective way that will help you in speeding up the reduction process of that unpleasant smell coming out of your new jute carpet is to use slices of onions. Cut some large onions into two halves, then place them in small bowls with some amount of water.

Place those bowls around the room and leave them overnight. It works in the same way as vinegar does, by absorbing that irritating scent and speeding up the “off-gassing” process.

3. Use Apples

Another effective way to Get Rid Of New Carpet Smell is mentioned, If you are running out of vinegar and onions, try to use some apples. Apples also do the same absorption of smell as vinegar and onion do.

Cut the apples into two halves (same like onions), and place them in the small bowls with a paltry amount of water. Make sure to place those bowls around the room in order to get rid of that fusty smell and generate a better aroma in your room.

Some “Not To Do Things” to Reduce the Off-gassing Process

When you are applying those tips or home remedies to reduce the odor, there are some things that people usually do, thinking to speed up the reduction process. But, these things probably not going to help, but increase that off-gassing process. So, here are those things that you must avoid.

1. Avoid Using Detergents

Don’t try to use detergents over a newly installed carpet. They may often leave a residue behind them, that going to mix up with that already fusty smell and make it worse rather than clearing it out.

2. Don’t Try to Replace the Smell

When you get the carpet in your room and you sense that unpleasant odor, you usually run to the air fresheners or the perfumes. Although they smell good, if you think they are going to replace that fusty smell, you are wrong.

They are going to mix themselves up with that odor, making it worse, thus increasing the time of the smell reduction process. So, it will be better not to do this thing and try to apply those above-mentioned tips only.

To Sum Up

In the end, I will recommend using the above-mentioned tips and home remedies to Get Rid Of New Carpet Smell. Knowing all the tips to avoid that smell, and what “not to do”, now you no more need to worry about that, and could easily get rid of the new carpet smell.

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