How to Shampoo Carpet? | 6 Effective Methods

How to Shampoo Carpet?

When it comes to the deep cleaning of your carpet, shampooing is always a great way to get it cleaned deeply and make its lifespan much longer. Shampooing the carpet is much better than the vacuuming process and that broom method to get your carpet properly cleaned. No doubt, they make it look clean, but you should shampoo the carpet to get it cleaned deeply and get rid of any dirt and debris settled deeply into the fiber of your carpets in Dubai. But the question pop-up in mind “How to shampoo Carpet?”

Of course, there is always a proper method for everything that you do, and so for shampooing your carpet. Here you will get to know a proper and much easier method to get this task done at your home without hiring any professional services.

Steps On, “How to Shampoo Carpet?”

The following steps and quite easy and simple, making this task much easier for you to perform. There are no extra requirements for the shampooing of your carpet. The following are steps on How to shampoo Carpet? All you need to have is a shampoo, a magnificent amount of water, a vacuum cleaner, shampooer / hot water extractor.

1. Clean Your Room Before Shampoo Carpet

Cleaninig Room Before Shampoo Carpets

When you are going to shampoo the home carpet, it is the most important thing to get done, in the very first place, i.e. cleaning your room. Cleaning your room means moving out the whole furniture from your room, and making it all clear. Now, before shampooing the carpet, remember to vacuum it first so that all the dirt and debris appearing over your carpet and making it look trashy could be removed. So that the deep cleaning process of your carpet, i.e. shampooing, will become easy.

During the vacuuming process of your carpet, you might see some stains over it, which, of course, need proper treatment before you start to shampoo the carpet. So, when you are done with the vacuuming, treat all those stains from your carpet, making the shampooing process quite simple.

2. Filling of the Shampooer / Hot Water Extractor


Filling of the Shampooer Hot Water Extractor

Fill the tank of shampooer / hot water extractor with the directed amount of hot water. Make sure you fill-up the tank to the line, because, if you fill the tank above that line with the water, your shampooer / hot water extractor won’t work in a very efficient way. In order to shampoo your bedroom carpet in a quite perfect way, it is necessary that the shampoo will dissolve in that water completely, hence, hot water is best for this task rather than cold water.

For your precious query, How to shampoo Carpet? Now you should add the required amount of your carpet shampoo that the manufacturer recommended you to shampoo the carpet. Make sure you are not going to add any extra amount of shampoo in it, because it won’t dissolve properly and leave the residue on your carpet behind it, making it look rougher rather than to look neat and clean.

3. Run the Shampooer / Hot Water Extractor Over Your Carpet

Run the Shampooer Hot Water Extractor Over Your Carpet

Select one corner of the room to get started and run the shampooer / hot water extractor in the direction of the wall (straight) to the other corner of the room. Then, turn back and start to run the machine in another line, slightly overlapping on the first one, and go back to the first corner of the room. Repeat this process across the whole area of the room, until you completely shampoo the carpet.

You have to shampoo the carpet with this machine in a much calm manner because it takes much more time than a simple vacuum. The slower you go with this process, the cleaner your carpet will be. First, it will execute that shampoo water deep down into the carpet and then it has to suck that up immediately. So, you have to do this task accordingly. If you rush, it might not suck the water and there will be some leftover shampoo. You will see after cleaning, popping up onto your carpet, making it look not cleaned.

4. Remove the Tank of Dirty Water

Removing the Tank of Dirty Water Carpet Cleaner

There will be another tank you going to see on the shampooer / hot water extractor, in which the dirty water will get collected while the shampooing process of your carpet. The tank has a line over it, so, make sure, when the dirty water reaches up to that line, you have to throw that water out, in order to run the machine smoothly to shampoo the carpet.

The query on How to shampoo Carpet? if you are running out the clean soapy water, go and fill it up again and start the deep cleaning process of your carpet again. Depending, upon the room size, you might have to throw the dirty water, and fill up the clean soapy water into the tank, several times.

5. Run the Machine Again Over Your Carpet

Running the Machine Again Over Your Carpet

Run the machine for a second time over your carpet, with cold water only. When you do this task a second time, there is no need to add any shampoo or soap into the water. You have to clean it with cold water only. This will help to suck up any shampoo residue, if left behind, from your carpet. There is no need to do this second-time run in a slow way.

You can do this step quicker than the first one, i.e. cleaning it with the shampooed water. And, here you are done with the deep cleaning procedure of your living room carpet, i.e. shampoo carpet.

6. Let the Carpet Dry and Add Charm to the Beauty of Your Living Space

Best Cleaned Carpet

Now, you are done shampooing your beautiful carpet, it’s time to get it dried and make your living space look attractive again. The drying process of the carpet after shampoo can take up to six to seven hours. In order to decrease the time, turn the fan on and make sure to open the windows so that it could dry itself quickly.

Move your furniture into the room once your carpet gets dried. Don’t move the furniture over the wet carpet, it can cause bad marks or gauge over your carpet, thus making it look unattractive. So, your patience matters a lot in the whole procedure, and you will get a clean and beautiful carpet enhancing the beauty of your home decor.

To Conclude

In the end, I will recommend you to apply the above method of How to shampoo Carpet and get it cleaned deeply, without hiring any professional services, and saving a lot of money. Make sure you follow all the steps carefully and do this task in a much patient way to add value to your property.

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