How to Measure Windows For Curtains In Easy Steps?

How to Measure Windows For Curtains


As you know that curtains play an essential role in bringing up the glorification of every area of your home by making it look much more modernized. You must lookout for the curtains that could make your precious place more adorable and attractive.

Well, there is a huge mesmerizing variety available in the market from which you can easily select the window dressings. These beautifully designed coverings are available in any color, pattern, style, design, or size.

Well, windows can only gain an attractive look and will add beauty to your space only if the perfect window coverings get installed over them. And, for the perfect sized window coverings, you must have the perfect size of your windows.

Many people don’t know about this and make a purchase in the wrong sized curtains which don’t amplify the beauty in that way. Therefore, here in this article, you will get to know about how to measure the windows for making a purchase on the perfect window dressings.

Steps Regarding the Measurement Of Windows For Curtains

Measurement Of Windows For Curtains


Some people try to measure the window with a piece of fabric and do not cover everything while taking measurements. Well, first, taking measurements with a piece of fabric is wrong. You must have a measuring tape for the exact measurements.

Following are some steps through which you can take every and perfect measurement of the window for the curtains. So that you could have the perfectly sized window coverings for your home once to make it more decorative.

1. Decide On the Panels Of Curtains

Decide On the Panels Of Curtains


First thing first, before taking any measurement, you must decide on how many panels of curtains you want for the windows. Because the number of panels helps in taking the exact windows’ width measurements.

People like to install two panels, but nowadays, people prefer more than two panels for a more luxurious look. This decision is important because after that the total width of the panels should be double the width of the windows.

2. Decide On the Light You Want To Allow in Your Room

Decide On the Light in Room Curtains


After that, decide on how much light do you want to allow in your room from the window? So that, you could decide the type of curtains accordingly. These two decisions are important to get the perfect window coverings.

Like if you want to allow enough light, then you must go for the sheer curtains. Sheer curtains are usually made up of really soft and light fabric, and you might need over two panels of it.

Other than this, if you want a complete blackout in your room, then you must go for the blackout curtains. Even the two panels are enough of these effective blackout curtains to blackout the light from your room and make it a comfortable and peaceful zone.

3. Take the Width Measurement Of Windows

Width Measurement Of Windows


As you know that the total width of your curtain panel should be double the width of your windows. That’s why whenever you go out for the selection of perfectly sized window coverings, you must know the exact width and height of your windows.

For the perfect measurements of windows, it will be better if you use a steel measuring tape rather than using a piece of fabric. Ensure to take the straight measurement, including any frame or trim.

Take this measurement verily for at least three times. For one time, take the measurement from the top, then take the measurement from the center and at the last from the bottom.

These measurements will probably vary from each other, so you should write the largest one of them. And then, multiply it by 2 for the width of your curtain panel. Also, the width of the window will also be the width of your curtain rod by 10 inches extra. Add 5 inches on both sides, and that will be the exact width of your curtain rod.

4. Take the Length Measurement Of Windows

Length Measurement Of Windows


Talking about the length of window curtains, you must have the exact length measurements. And for that purpose, decide how long do you want for your window curtains? Well, it is up to you. How much do you want to add extra? In the very first place, take the perfect window length measurement. Use a steel measuring tape for this purpose.

Now place the one end of the measuring tape at the point where you want to install the curtain rod. And bring the measuring tape to the bottom of the window. Now, decide if you want the windows curtains just exact the length of the windows. Or you want the curtain to puddle on the ground. If so, add almost 6-12 inches extra. Or, add the extra accordingly.

To Curl Up

At the end of this article, I will highly recommend following these tips in order to take the perfect measurements of your windows. These tips will help you out to make a purchase on perfect;y sized curtains for your windows, which will make your room glorified. Because the size of the window dressings is as much important as their color, pattern, or design.

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