How to Measure Curtains?

Measure Curtains
How to Measure Curtains:
Curtains, no doubt, are the essential decorative elements that add beauty to your entire home space with their grace and make your windows the focal point. Proper window dressing is important to create an opulent look for your dearest home space. With so many options available, people still get confused while choosing the right curtains for their homes. The problem actually occurs in the size of these coverings.

Because a wrong sized curtain can make the whole appearance of your room dull and flat. Therefore, the size of the Curtains Dubai should be perfect so that your room could gain an appealing look while creating a welcoming atmosphere. With that being said, in this article, you will get to know about how to actually measure the curtains for your living space and make it look more decorative.

Step On How to Measure Curtains For Your Living Space

Most often people go without taking the measurements of the Custom made curtains and bring up the wrong sized window treatments, which as a result make the place look unworthy. Or, sometimes, people take measurements but don’t know how to make a purchase.

Although they get the exact size, that is not the perfect one, which could add an opulent touch to the space. Therefore, the following are some steps on how to measure curtains for your living place through which you could make a purchase on the perfect window dressings.

1. Prepare Yourself With the Necessary Material

Necessary MaterialFirst thing first, in order to take the perfect measurements, it is necessary then to have the exact material. For example, avoid using the fabric to take the measurements because it can get stretched and can result in the purchasing of wrong-sized window coverings. Thus, always use steel tape. In addition, you might need a ladder and someone who could just write the measurement down.

However, Blackout Curtains are available in different lengths, from which you can check out if any of them are matched with the measurements that you have taken of your windows or not. These sizes are usually 63 inches, 84 inches, 94 inches, 108 inches, 120 inches, etc. Ensure to match up with the measurements that you have taken with the help of steel tape, not by the piece of any fabric.

2. Decide On the Length Of Curtains For Your Windows

Curtains For Your WindowsGenerally, there are so many options from which you have to decide the perfect length for your window coverings, accordingly. However, longer curtains are best for the opulent look of your home space, even if you are going to hang them behind the furniture. If you are going to make a purchase for the dining of bedroom window curtains, it is recommended to lean on the curtains which puddle on the floor.

For such Electric curtains, you have to add about 1-12 inches extra length after taking the exact measurements of the window. And, that how could get the perfect curtains that gonna puddle on floor while giving your place a luxurious look. But, keep in mind that these curtains are not easy to handle. Although they are perfect for creating privacy they are difficult to open and close. Moreover, they are more likely to gather dust and debris on their bottom.

3. Position Of Curtain Rods Matters the Most

Position Of Curtain Rods Matters the MostIdeally, the curtain rod should be positioned at some height than the window’s actual height so that the window dressings could gleam up the area at their best. This also makes the windows look bigger and wider. Also, this thing will allow the maximum light to enter your room through the window. If you don’t want the extra light to enter, you can just install a shade in the windows and then beautify them with some gorgeous window coverings.

Therefore, it is recommended to hang the curtains rod at least 8 to 12 inches above the actual height of your room windows. Also, that rod should be wider almost 10 to 12 inches from each side to give a more attractive effect on your precious place.

4. Measure the Exact Length Of Your Window Curtains

Measure the Exact Length Of Your Window CurtainsStart taking the measurements of your window curtains from the bottom, leaving almost 1cm from the floor. Go right up to the curtain rod, which you positioned almost 8 to 12 inches high above the actual window height.

Then, add 3 to 4 inches in the length of measurement that you have taken. Or, if you want your curtains to puddle on the floor, then it is recommended to add almost 6 to 12 inches extra to the length measurement of your window dressings.

5. Measure the Exact Width Of Your Window Curtains

Measure the Exact Width Of Your Window CurtainsFor the width of the curtains, it is not a big task. Just grab your steel tape and take the measurements. The width measurement should not be according to the window width. But, it should be according to the curtain’s rod with which is already 6 to 12 inches wide from each side. Installing the curtains exact width of the curtain rod will make your dearest home space look more modernized and elegant.

To Sum Up

At the end of this article, I will recommend you to follow the above steps appropriately so that your entire home space could gain an adorable look. Don’t go for the piece of fabric in order to take measurements. The use of steep tape will be much better. Also, first, decide on whether you want the curtain to puddle on the floor or not. And, then take the measurements accordingly to glorify any or every area of the living place.

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