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How to Make Blackout Curtains


When it comes to the curtains, people usually look out for such window coverings, which could eliminate the lith and allow them to have some pleasant hours of sleep. With that being said, blackout curtains are the perfect option to opt for. But, as they are much more expensive than other window coverings, not everyone can afford them and get them installed in his/her place. Coming up in so many different colors patterns and designs, they have made themselves much more expensive than usual.

Well, don’t you get worried because you can make the blackout curtains on your own, which gonna work in the very same way as the pre-made blackout curtains do which you get from the market at a very high price? Here, in this article, you will get to know a complete process of how to make blackout curtains so that you could save up on your money with a little bit of effort and make your space a comfortable zone for you.

Easy And Major Steps On How to Make the Blackout Curtains

Make Blackout Curtains


Talking about the blackout curtains, these outstanding window treatments tend to add some privacy to your place while eliminating the light out of your room and converting it into a most relaxing area. Making your own blackout curtains can save you up on your money, but it requires your effort and time. If you are willing to make them, then you should follow the steps mentioned below in an appropriate way to get them perfectly done.

1. Take the Measurements Correctly

Measurements Correctly Blackout Curtains


First thing first, take the measurements correctly so that you could get the perfect-sized window curtains. It is recommended to use steel tape rather than using a piece of fabric for the measurements. Start from the top of the curtain rod and come down to the floor, covering the entire window length. Stop at least 1 inch above the floor surface. Or, if you want the curtains to puddle on the floor, you can just add 1 to 6 inches extra to the actual length that you have just taken.

2. Make the Marks to Cut Out the Pieces

Cut Out the Pieces Of Blackout Curtains


Lay the curtain fabric from which you are going to make the blackout window dressings on the floor in order to make the marks and cut out the pieces. Now use that steel measuring tape to make the marks according to the measurements that you have taken. Then, add almost 4 inches for the top hem and 3 to 4 inches for the bottom hem. Also, remember that if you are going for the patterned fabric, be careful to line up the patterns accurately.

Now, fold the top hem, and take the measurement by starting from the beneath of folded top-hem. And mark out the length of the remaining entire fabric. Make almost 4 to 5 marks with the pencil along with the width of the fabric. Then, draw a straight line by using a meter stick. After that, cut out the pieces that you have marked by using a scissor.

3. Set Out the Lining Fabric to Make the Efficient Blackout Curtains

Lining Fabric to Make the Efficient Blackout Curtains

After you are done with the fabric of the curtain, now lay the lining out on the floor and get it prepared as well. So that, you could have the perfect blackout curtains which gonna work with the theme and color of your wall. Basically, the length of the lining should be the actual length of the curtains, which was before adding the extra inches as regards to top or bottom hem.

Now, by using the same measuring technique which is described above for the fabric of the curtains, cut out the pieces of lining fabric as well. Also, just because the lining fabric is going to get tucked into the curtain fabric, you must cut out the width of the lining, as well, for the perfect window coverings. In the very same manner, prepare out the second piece of lining.

4. Get the Sewing Process Done

Sewing Process Of Blackout Curtains

Now get all the pieces of fabric and the lining ironed to remove the wrinkles. In addition, get the hems pre-ironed properly so that it will make the sewing process much easier for you. After ironing, take the fabric and lay it out on the floor by keeping the right side down. Then, place the blackout lining inside it and get it secured by folding the hems over its edges.

Pinout the folded hems over the edges of the lining to get them perfectly secured for the sewing process. Now leave the bottom unpinned, i.e. open without tucking the lining bottom inside it. Start the sewing process and get all the edges sewed. In the last, fold the bottom hem and get it sewed in the very same manner. Ensure that you have done the sewing princess twice.

5. Clip the Rings On It And Get It Hanged

Hanged Blackout Curtains

Now, you are done with the making of blackout curtains, there is one last step left, which is to get them clipped with the rings so that you can easily hang them on the windows. Set out all the clips and get them installed at the top of the curtains, spacing them evenly so that only the ring will be visible when you get it to hang.

Now, install the curtain on the curtain rod with the help of these clipped rings. And, here you go with your very own made blackout curtains, giving a whole ravishing look to your place by their graceful appearance. They will work effectively by eliminating the light and heat out of your space while creating a welcoming atmosphere.

To Sum Up

At the end of this article, I will highly recommend following these incredible steps in order to make the perfect blackout hangings for your space. Although, it requires your effort and time but you can save up on your money and get these window coverings as per your preference, i.e. according to your desired color, patterns, or design or even you could match with the theme of your home interior.

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