How to Choose Curtains?

How to Choose Curtains


How To Choose Curtains:
Whenever you are going to renovate or remodel your home space, windows are the first thing that wants your most attention. Because windows are the focal point as they intensify the entire decoration statement of your living space. And that is why you might be looking for some gorgeous and attractive window drawings which could elevate the beauty of your home interior to the next level by their grace and make the windows the focal point of the entire ornament.

Besides, the decoration statements, curtains Dubai tend to add privacy and block the sunlight coming to your room from the window and disturbing your peaceful sleep. But, they will work efficiently if you choose the perfect window dressings, only. And, for that sake, here in this article we brought you up with some major considerations that you should take while making a purchase on the beautifully designed window coverings for your dearest home.

Major Considerations You Should Take While Choosing the Perfect Window Curtains

Perfect Window Curtains


In order to pick up the right Blackout Curtains for your windows so that your home place could look modernized, the following are some major considerations that you should take. If you follow them properly, it is guaranteed that you are going to get the perfect window dressings for your home space. No doubt, there are a number of options available from which you can easily choose, but there are some important things that you should consider while selecting the perfect ones.

1. Decide On the Length Of Your Window Curtains

Length Of Your Window Curtains


The length of the window coverings is the most important thing to be considered. And, this thing you should decide before you go out to make a purchase on these treatments. Although, these Eyelet curtains are available in some standard sizes from which you can choose accordingly. But, before that, you must have accurate measurements of your home windows so that you could get the perfect sized curtains for your living place.

These standard sizes might include 63 inches, 84 inches, 95 inches, 108 inches, and 120 inches, etc. furthermore, in order to take the perfect measurements, measure the length starting from the top of where the curtain rod is positioned and coming to the bottom at least 1 inch above from the ground. After that, add the extra length if you want to according to your preference ranging from 1 to 6 inches.

2. Select the Type Of Curtains Correctly

Best Types Of Curtains



Well, talking about the type of curtains, it basically depends on the length of the window dressings. There are some top pickles regarding the perfect type of Home Curtains that you can choose to install in your home space. If you want to cover just a portion of your windows, then opting for the tier curtains is the perfect choice to make, because they are usually short.

Other than this, if you want to install the curtains just below the bottom of the window, then it is recommended to make a purchase on apron curtains. In addition, give your space a luxurious look by installing the floor curtains, which usually reach down to the floor and look best when get paired with the rod installed closer to the ceiling. Although, if you like to have an elegant appearance of your living place, then you must go for the puddle curtains, which puddle to the floor and usually get installed on the ord situated much higher than the top of the window.

3. Consider The Good Fabric For Your Window Coverings

Good Fabric For Your Window Curtains


However, window hangings come up in a large variety to choose from. So that, you can select the right curtains for your home windows and intensify the beauty of the entire decor statement. Although, you can choose any color, pattern, or design, when it comes to the fabric, you have to be much careful. Make a selection of the fabric of the Custom Curtains considering how much privacy you want and how much light you are going to allow to enter your room.

If you want a complete blackout in your room, then you must go with the curtains made up of heavier fabric, i.e. Velvet. Or, if you want a lot of light to come in, opting for the sheer type curtains is a perfect choice. Moreover, if you want to allow a moderate amount of light to come into your room, then you must select the window coverings having linen fabric. You can select them in your own preferred color or pattern, or design or match with the theme of your home interior.

4. Consider the Hardware For Your Window Dressings

Hardware For Your Window Dressings


The last and final thing is to select the right curtain rod on which you are going to hang these beautifully designed window dressings. In order to make your Living Room Curtains look beautiful, select the rod, which is almost 6 to 12 inches wide from each side of the window. This thing will make the room look bigger and amplify the overall look of the windows.

In addition, install the rod at least 5-6 inches above the actual height of the window. Or it will be better if you install it closer to the ceiling. Installing at this height means adding some drama to your space. Other than this, you can pick some beautiful accessories to decor the entire look of your window.

To Curl Up

At the end of this article, I will recommend taking all the above-mentioned consideration. Because these things are much more important and will help you out a lot in making a perfect choice while opting for the window dressings for your precious place windows. Also, never forget to check out your own requirements first and then go take the considerations accordingly. Therefore, you can beautify your home place perfectly while creating an opulent look and a welcoming atmosphere.

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