What Size Curtains Do I Need?

What Size Curtains Do I Need


In the entire decor statements of the house, windows are the most considerable things. The windows of a house should be the focal point of its decor. And for that sake, you must install the beautifully designed window coverings so that they could amplify the beauty of your living space and make it look more admiring.

Curtains are, of course, the essential element in any or every home decor. Thus, they cannot be ignored and demand your attention in order to be chosen carefully. If the curtains that you are going to install are perfectly sized, then your precious place will surely gain an adorable look.

Otherwise, your space could gain a really flat tone. In order to make a purchase on perfectly sized curtains, check out the standard sizes. Because, mostly when you take the perfect measurements of your windows and you don’t find the curtains of exact measurements, you pick a really wrong sized curtain panel. Well, here are some tips which gonna help you in this selection.

Some Standard Curtain Sizes For Your Loving Home Place

Curtain Sizes For Your Loving Home Place


When you go out for the purchase of window dressings, pick up the ready-made curtains, but you expect those coverings to be perfectly sized according to your windows. Well, most times, you won’t find the very true measurements of dressings.

Ideally, these window curtains come up in some standard sizes from which you can make a selection accordingly. You can avail yourself of the option of custom-made curtains if you have the exact measurement and you want to have only that sized window treatment for your home.

1. Standard Size Of Curtain Panel

Standard Size Of Curtain Panel


There are five standard sizes of curtain panels in which they come. And, if you want only the pre-made window dressings, you can go for them and select the one accordingly. These sizes are 63 inches84 inches95 inches108 inches, and 120 inches. These standard-sized curtains come up in a huge mesmerizing variety regarding colors, style, pattern, or design. Hence, you are allowed to match the window treatments with the theme of your home interior.

Well, these standard-sized window panels are perfect if any room is having a standard-sized window. All you need to do is just to check what is the size of your window from above mentioned 5 sizes. Go to the market, select the one according to the theme of that area. Make a purchase, install it in your room and let it amplify the beauty of that area decor.

2. For the Short Sized Windows

For the Short Sized Windows


If your home is having windows that are short-sized. Then, it is recommended to not go for long or heavy drapes. Stick to the short ones. You can easily get these curtain panels from the standard-sized window dressings which are available in the market at the best price.

You must get them in beautiful patterns to gleam up the area. Hang some curtain accessories over them to make them look more beautiful. It is recommended to install two curtain panels rather than one for a more intensified look.

3. For Large And Open Windows

For Large And Open Windows


If your home space is having large and open windows, then it is up to you to choose the size of window dressings. You might find it difficult to find the exact sized window coverings in the pre-made option available in the market. So, jump to the custom-made option. It will cost you a little high, but you are going to have your perfectly sized window coverings.

If you want the curtains to puddle on the floor, it will be better to add up almost 6 to 12 inches to the measurement that you have taken of your windows. And, the width of the curtain panels should be double the width of your window. And that is how you will get the perfectly sized window dressings and allow your living place to turn into a whale ravishing space.

4. Standard Size Of Tier Curtains

Standard Size Of Tier Curtains


Well, some people like to install the tier curtains. So, here are the standard sizes of them. These curtains get installed in the windows, which are so small that they don’t even need to get covered. But for the ornamental statement, people usually get installed some window coverings.

Therefore, here are the window tiers which you should get if your home is having such windows. These curtains usually come up in two different length sizes, i.e. 24 inches and 36 inches. And the most common dressings’ width size is 45 inches.

These are the standard sizes of pre-made window dressings which are available in the market. But if your window-sized doesn’t meet the sizes of the variable option. Then, you get them customized just like the coverings for open and large windows.

Some Things to Consider Before Buying the Curtains

Size Of Curtains


Well, here are some important things that you should consider before making a choice on the curtains. These tips will help you in selecting the perfect curtains panel for your home windows.

  • Use a steel measuring tape to take the measurement of windows rather than using a piece of fabric
  • While taking the width measurement, including the trim and frame
  • Add 10 inches to the width of the window and that will be the width of your curtain rod
  • While taking the length measurement, place the one end of tape at the point where you want to install the curtain rod
  • A curtain rod should be installed at least 4 to 5 inches above the top of the window
  • Bring the tape straight to the bottom of the window and add extra inches accordingly.

To Curl Up

At the end of this article, I will highly recommend applying these tips if you really want to get perfectly sized window coverings in your home space. And, I hope now you know what are the standard sizes of pre-made curtains are. You can get them customized and make your precious home place look much more adorable and attractive.

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