How to Get Wrinkles Out Of the Curtains?

How to Get Wrinkles Out Of the Curtains

Whenever it comes to the redecoration of your home, windows are the main things that demand much consideration. And for that sake, you hang the beautifully designed windows dressings so that they could be the focal point of your entire home decoration.

Thus, curtains are an essential ornamental piece that makes the house look much admired. But, those blackout curtains must look perfect so that they could enhance the beauty of decor statements.

With that being said, most often curtains get wrinkled and require a lot of effort to remove. Well, here in this article some easy methods are explained through which you can easily get the wrinkles out of the curtains. So that, they could again add charm to the beauty of home decoration as before.

Some Easy And Simple Methods to Get the Wrinkles Out Of the Curtains

Get Wrinkles Out Of the Curtains

Well, getting the wrinkles out of the curtains is not such a difficult thing, but for the people who might find this task somehow difficult, here are some simple methods.

You can apply these methods and make your curtain wrinkle-free in no time, allowing your space to gain an attractive look again. No matter if you want to get this task done without removing them from the curtain rod or by removing them down. Here are all the methods well-explained.

Get the Wrinkles Out Of the Curtains While Keeping Them Hanged

Wrinkles Out Of the Curtains While Keeping Them Hanged

Most people find this thing irritating to remove the curtains down from the curtain rod, then get them wrinkles-free and hang them again.

So, they seek a solution through which they could get the wrinkles out of the silk curtains while keeping them hanged, anyway. For that purpose, here is the solution defined in a few easy steps.

  • Fill a clean spray bottle with the clean water
  • Spritz the curtains with that clean water by spraying all over them
  • Alternative to this, you can fill the bottle with 50% water and 50% vinegar
  • Then, get the curtains spritzed with that solution
  • Take any wrinkle-release product and spray that as well on the curtain just like you sprayed the water
  • Let the curtains get dried on their own
  • If you still witness the wrinkles after the curtains get completely dry, then try a steam cleaner
  • Fill the steamer up with water and get the steamer turned on
  • Make sure that the face of the nozzle is towards the wrinkles on the curtains
  • Move the steamer top to bottom
  • Let the curtain get dry

Get the Wrinkles Out Of the Curtain By Removing Them Down From the Rod

Wrinkles Out Of the Curtain By Removing Them Down From the Rod

Some people won’t get satisfied by removing the wrinkles from the curtain while keeping them hanging. They want the proper satisfaction by removing them down from the rod and then getting those dressings properly wrinkled free.

For that sake, here are some steps which you can apply to get the wrinkles out of the window curtains by removing them down.

  • Get a towel damped and wring all the excess water out of it.
  • Put that towel into the dryer
  • Remove the curtains from the rod and put them into the same dryer
  • Now turn the dryer on for a few minutes
  • Immediately get them openly hanged and let them get dried on their own
  • Other than this, hang the curtains on the bathroom shower rod
  • Turn on the hot water tab
  • Close the door and windows of the bathroom for a few minutes
  • After that, turn off the tab and let the curtains hang there for about 30 minutes
  • For the proper and fast drying process, hang them on the curtain rod, again.
  • If the wrinkles are stubborn, then it will be better if you get them ironed by yourself

Get the Wrinkles Out Of the Curtains By Washing Them

Wrinkles Out Of the Curtains By Washing Them

This is the most common method that people use. Remove the curtain from the curtain rod, put them into the washing machine, and get them washed. So that, they not only get wrinkle-free curtains but also neat and clean ones.

But not all the curtains get washed into the washing machine. Some curtains like sheer and wave  need to get washed with hands, or their fiber could get damaged. Well, in order to get the wrinkles out of the curtains, it will be better to get them washed in warm water, no matter if you are using a washing machine or getting this task by hand.

After getting them washed, put them in the dryer on low heat for 10-15 minutes. It is important to get the curtains out of the washing machine immediately after drying them out or they will get wrinkled again. Hang them in an open area so that they could get properly dried. Now, put them on the curtain rod as before and let them amplify the beauty of your place by their grace.

To Sum Up

At the end of this article, I will recommend you to follow these steps appropriately accordingly. These are the most effective and simple steps. You can get the curtains free of wrinkles in no time by following these steps properly.

Either you want to get them removed from the curtain rod or not. These steps will get the wrinkles out of your window dressings. Thus, making your living place look opulent, again like before.

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