How Long Should Curtain Be? Right Curtain Length

How Long Should Curtain Be


Considering the modern era, everyone out there wants to make their home look more beautiful, and up to date. And for that sake, people usually start from the window dressings. They always seek beautifully designed window curtains that can add up some charm to the entire beauty of your precious home decor.

No doubt, the perfectly colored or patterned curtains, when matched with the theme of your home interior, create a beautiful look. The other thing that matters the most in the entire decoration statement of window coverings is their length.

Mostly, people get confused about the length of curtains that what should be the length of curtains which they are going to choose curtains in order to make their living place look more admiring. With that being said, here in this article, you will get to know about different lengths of the curtains. Although there is not a specific answer to that very question. Because it all depends on you that what should length of the curtains you want for your home place.

Different Lengths Of Window Dressings For Your Precious Place

Length of Curtains For Precious Place


With the new innovations, there is obviously not only the same length of curtains. Just like there is an enormous variety of curtains regarding their color, style, pattern, or design.

In the same manner, they come up in so many lengths. Well, here are some different lengths of the curtains are explained so that you could pick up the perfect length curtains for your home place.

1. Consider the Basic Length Of Window Coverings

Basic Length Of Window Coverings


First thing first, the most common and basic length curtains are those which touch the ground or hover an inch on the ground. Actually, these long curtains give an attractive look to the area, especially when you hang the sheer curtains in this length.

Your ceiling will look much taller and the space will get an adorable look while creating a welcoming atmosphere. Try to match the color of window coverings with the theme of your home interior so that the overall look of the space will gain a decent and sophisticated feeling.

But, the problem that you might face with these long curtains is that when they hover on the ground, their bottom will collect all the dust and make itself look much dirty. This thing will give your entire living place a flat tone. But, if the dust, kids, or pets are not a concern to you, then you must go to this length in order to create a beautiful look at your place.

2. Consider Floor to Ceiling Length Curtains

Floor to Ceiling Length Curtains


Floor-to-ceiling length curtains actually hang from the ceiling. Because you might have heard that if you hang the window coverings from the ceiling, it will make your room look bigger and more attractive. Therefore, these curtains are perfect for the small places or rooms where you want the area to look bigger and more aesthetic.

Furthermore, the best thing that memes them more demanding is their ability to cut down the room into two portions while making it look more glorified. But, make sure that the length of these dressings hangings from the ceiling must touch the surface of the ground.

3. Install Short Length Curtains

Short Length Curtains


Well, if your windows are short and you consider that installation of long curtains will make the place look overwhelmed. Then, you must go for the short-length curtains for your space. Most often, people choose these short-length curtains for their kid’s room. Here, short doesn’t mean that too short to not even cover the entire window. It must cover the entire panel for privacy and safety concerns.

Also, being short, these curtains do not get themselves dirty quickly. They will themselves neat and clean for a very long period. Also, you can aim the height of these curtains like the bottom of these curtains should end up till the baseboard or the bottom of the windowsill.

4. Install Breaking At the Floor Length Curtains

Breaking At the Floor Length Curtains


Breaking at the floor-length curtains are those which hover on the ground. These curtains are usually 6 inches to 12 inches long from the exact length of the window hangings. These hovering blackout curtains give a luxurious and amazing look when installed.

No matter what color, pattern, or style you choose, these curtains will always amplify the beauty of your home decor by their grace and an opulent look. Currently, people are more likely to install these breaking at the floor length to make their home space worth appealing.

To Sum Up

At the end of this article, I will highly recommend you to first check up on your own requirements and then decide on your windows. Because these dressings and the length play an important role in bringing some charm to the entire living place. Select the length of your curtains wisely through which your home interior will grab the attention of visitors.

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