Where To Buy Curtains in Dubai?

Where To Buy Curtains In Dubai Best Curtain Shops UAE

Where To Buy Curtains In Dubai, UAE?
Curtains are the most appealing and efficient window covering solution without which no home is complete. It is a natural fact that without curtains your home will not make give any elevated aesthetical look. The bare windows will haunt you and turn the very magnificent beauty of your amazingly architectured property into a dull scenario.

For every place, curtains are very essential, no matter what type of property you have. It might be smaller, larger, a villa, a penthouse, a farmhouse, or any other kind of commercial property as well. But they are not co, completed without the placement of the curtains.

During the purchase of curtains, the most important factor that must be considered is the quality of the fabric. So for the highest quality curtains, you should know about the best brands and the highly reliable curtain shops in Dubai. It is the most arduous task and a challenging task to find out the best curtains and blinds shops operating on the premises of the United Arab Emirates.

So in order to lessen the problem of the curtain buyers and the readers of our blog, we have researched and credibly mentioned the top curtain shops in Dubai. From these shops, you can buy top-notch curtains, curtain accessories, and other related items for the adornment of your entire property in a true sense. Let us move forward and find out the best curtain shops in Dubai.

The 5 Top-notch Curtain Shops In Dubai

There are present a variety of shops and showrooms that are dealing in Curtains Dubai. But here the real task is to determine which shop is the best and preferred mostly by the customer of the United Arab Emirates. Undoubtedly the shops that have got the most number of positive views and an enormous amount of satisfied customers will be the best ones. Here in our blog, we have listed the top 5 curtain shops in Dubai below.

  1. Thedubaiblindsandcurtains.ae
  2. Dubai-curtains.ae
  3. Blindscurtainsshutters.ae
  4. Curtains-dubai.ae
  5. Budgetcurtains.ae

The above-mentioned names are the names of the most trusted and the best 5 brands that offer the customers of Dubai high-quality curtains in Dubai. For more detailed and appealingly brief information about all these brands, let’s dive deep into their details one by one and find out their specialties.

1. Thedubaiblindsandcurtains.ae


Website: thedubaiblindsandcurtains.ae

Address: G-C-47 (C Zone), Dragon Mart 2, Dubai

Contact No: 056 225 6825
Email: info@thedubaiblindsandcurtains.ae

The Dubai Blinds And Curtains is the most authentic and the top of the list brand on our blog. If your top priority is quality and the classiness of the curtains then this brand will definitely serve you at their best. This shop is one of the best curtain shops in Dubai from where you can get curtains of different types. Specially blackout curtains are their most sold-out product.

What Do They Offer?

The company has got a lot of products in their showroom that is present to redefine the interiors of your place in a true sense. If you are looking for the top quality curtain accessories or window covering solutions for your commercial places or residential properties then The Dubai Blinds and Curtains will be the best choice ever for you.

Besides curtains, they also offer different types of blinds that can be employed on the windows of offices and hotels on a higher note. This shop is the main hub of blinds and curtains and offers you installation services at your doorstep as well. The rates are very affordable and will not make 2ant painful blow to your pockets.

They also have got the most creative and highly efficient team that works day and night for the betterment of designs and to maintain the modernity of their curtains as well. During the visit to their showroom, the customer care staff will deal with you courteously and offer you advice to choose the right curtain just according to your needs and desires. Each design of the curtains and the curtains and the blinds by his company are manufactured under the supervision of experts by using the latest techniques and technologies.


  • The topmost curtain supplier in Dubai
  • Brings you an amazing collection of curtains and blinds
  • The materials offered by them are long-lasting and insanely durable
  • Extraordinary craftsmanship and aesthetical designs are offered
  • Speedy installation services
  • Offers you free appointments and quotations as well
  • High-quality fabrics are used for the weaving of curtains


  • No facility for website chat

Customer Reviews

Here are some of the reviews from their happy customers!

  1. The service is up to the mark and the rates of the vendor are very pocket-friendly. These curtains added a perfectly appealing look to my bedroom. Keep up the good work guys!
  2. Experienced workers of Carpeter.ae just finished the installation of amazing linen curtains in my house. They offered the best service ever. Highly recommended!

2. Dubai-curtains.ae


Website: www.dubai-curtains.ae

Address: Easy Blinds Trading LLC Al Shafar Tower 1, Al Barsha Heights, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Contact No: 0444 31950
Email: info@dubai-blinds.com

Looking for the finest blinds and curtains in Dubai? If yes, then Dubai Curtains is the topmost company that is providing you with the best and the most amazingly designed window covering products. This shop is the king of window covering including a lot of types and varieties of different solutions. Aesthetically manufactured products are the true representatives of this curtain shop, which made its place on the list of the top-ranked curtain shops in a very short time interval.

What Do They Offer?

Being one of the most authentic and credible curtain shops in Dubai, The Dubai Curtains offer an extensive variety of window covers that add magnificently to the value of your property. Because of their high-class products and worth-mentioning customer serviceability approach. No other brand can give you the unmatched window covering services like this one.

This brand has been serving all the emirates of the United Arabs for a long time interval. The specialty of this shop is in the region of window care. So if you want to make your windows really pleasing then you can trust this company blindly. The motto of the company and its priority is to deliver quality and excellence in the form of top-notch products and services. In order to get the most mesmerizing window covering items for the embellishment of your interiors matter commercial or residential settings.

The company takes much pride in its services and satisfies the customers according to their demands. A lot of customizations can also be done for the customers by this shop. You can get many different types of curtains and blinds from this company. These window covers include Shutter, or motorized Curtains & motorized Blinds covering solutions as well.

In addition to these windows, and related products, many installation and Curtain fixing services are also provided to the customers by this unrivaled shop. Being a customer you can enjoy a lot of facilities offered by them. They always try to satisfy their clients to the next extent and never disappoint the clients at all. No matter in which place in the United Arab Emirates you live, they will provide you with high-quality services at your doorstep at cheap rates.


  • The topmost curtain supplier in Dubai
  • Brings you an amazing collection of curtains and blinds
  • The materials offered by them are long-lasting and insanely durable
  • Extraordinary craftsmanship and aesthetical designs are offered
  • Speedy installation services
  • Offers you free appointments and quotations as well
  • High-quality fabrics are used for the weaving of curtains


  • No facility for website chat

Customer Reviews

Some of the satisfied reviews of their clients are tagged below.


  1. In terms of design, quality, and aesthetics we literally got the best curtains from this company. Besides the quality approach of the products, they also provided us with top-class curtain installation and fixing services. I am really glad after experiencing the high-end services and products by Duba-curtains.ae. These guys are really worth it.
  2. Because of the never ending options of curtains by this company, it was very much easy for me to select the best curtains from their showroom. Their customer care staff was very much courteous and advised me on the most suitable velvet curtains for my bedroom according to my requirements. I will definitely recommend this vendor to others.

3. Blindscurtainsshutters.ae


Website: blindscurtainsshutters.ae

Address: Office #102 Port Saeed Building Al Khabeesi, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Contact No: +971 50 807 8429
Email: sales@blindscurtainsshutters.ae

The next brand on our list is the Blindscurtainsshutters.ae. This brand is worth-mentioning because of its high-end customization approach. They are well-known for their top-class customizations and do not let their clients down at all. No matter what type of windows you have, they might be larger, shorter, or dome-shaped as well. So the people who want to make their dreams reality and adorn the windows of their places just according to their taste and requirements.

What Do They Offer?

They are the specialists in the category of window covering solutions. If you are worried and finding high-class curtains or blinds then this shop will serve you at their level best. As it is one of the most famous and well-organized businesses in the United Arab Emirates, it takes care of its clients and always tries to facilitate them to the next extent.


At Blindscurtainsshutters.ae you can enjoy a wide variety of many window decor solutions. The designs and the aesthetics of their curtains are up to the mark and help in making your entire environment very plush and relaxing as well. All the materials employed for the manufacturing of their curtains and blinds are of high caliber and give a really insane durability approach.


The chic and the modern designs of their window covering products made them famous in the whole locality. They deliver such curtains that have been crafted by keeping both the Eastern and Western design approaches and trends in mind. Their mind-blowing Vietnamese, Greek, and Italian designs for the blinds and curtains are worth mentioning and manufactured using the latest technology in the world.


Besides providing the clients with such amazing quality window curtains and blinds, they offer top-notch curtain fixing and installation services as well. If you want professional hands for the installation of your curtains then feel free to contact this company. You can also get seating facilities and sofa upholstery services from them. And their rates are competitive as compared to the entire market. So enjoy discounted products and services from them.


  • You can book a free appointment
  • A wide collection is present to choose from
  • Unique style at budget-friendly rates
  • They are experts in providing home services
  • You can enjoy many decor services other than curtains
  • Free Samples
  • Enjoy free quotations


  • Limited samples are available online

Customer Reviews

  1. Simply mind-blowing! They have provided me with a perfect 5 Star service. I custom-designed curtains for my living room from this shop and now by the installation, my entire room is exhibiting a perfectly enchanting look. Thank you very much guys, you made my place like heaven on the Earth!


  1. The curtains that I have got from them are insanely durable and the quality is up to the mark as well. The product arrived at my place just on the promised time and it was packaged very carefully. In love with the new carpets in my bedroom. Keep up the good work boys!

4. Curtains-dubai.ae


Website: Curtains-dubai.ae

Address: Sheikh Zayed Road Al Qouz First Behind BMW/AGMC 4th Street Showroom No 33, United Arab Emirates

Contact No: +971 50 637 9229
Email: info@curtains-dubai.ae

Curtains Dubai is a well-famed and highly-reputed home decor company in Dubai that has been providing its curtain products and interior design services since 2003. They are well-known because of providing a perfect blend of amazing and distinguishable home improvement items and services all over the United Arab Emirates.

For making the entire looks of your place completely blooming and presentable they provide the best versions of window covering solutions that are the major preference of most homeowners nowadays. Let us briefly discuss the company down here.

What Do They Offer?

Like other brands, they also have got an extensive variety of different curtains and other window treating items as well. As they are working in this field for a very long interval of time so people trust them blindly which is now their key to success. Because of its high-end services and top-quality curtains, The Curtains Dubai is considered the best and the most appreciated brand that is providing curtain products and curtain installation services in Dubai.


This brand works for both types of settings. I.e commercial and residential areas. At their showroom, you can get a wide range of home curtains and hotel curtains as well. The most trendy linen curtains, cotton curtains, blackout curtains, sheer curtains, motorized curtains, silk curtains, eyelet curtains, and many other numerous types of curtains are available at their display center.


As we have mentioned earlier that this brand comes up with a wide number of exclusive curtains collections in the market so people trust them and want to buy their window curtains from the Curtains Dubai. They are preferred by the different homeowners and business owners because they never compromise on the quality of their products at allow people to buy them at market competitive rates. Such an approach makes this shop a budget0friendly option.


In its portfolio, this shop has completed more than 500 projects which are luxury commercial projects that required great expertise. It exhibits that the company has got highly trained curtain fixing and installation staff that will offer you completely flawless installation services. They operate all around the United Arab Emirates, so no matter in which place you live you just have to book an appointment and the representative will be there.


  • You can book a free appointment
  • Free online consultation
  • Guaranteed price
  • Offers customizations
  • Provide the customers with free samples
  • A wide range of window treatments are present
  • Can also be contacted on WhatsApp
  • Professional curtain installation services
  • Free quotations


  • Products are services are less as compared to others on the list.

Customer Reviews

  1. Their outclass service and extraordinary designs make them unique among the other brands that I have tried before. A will give them 5 stars because of their timely delivery and amazingly affordable curtain installation service as well. All the workers are efficient and did the job in just two hours.


  1. I ordered a panel of curtains for my kitchen-based diner. These curtains are of high quality and created a perfect partition between my kitchen and dining space. I will definitely recommend these people. They are the most amazing workers that I have ever witnessed.

5. Budgetcurtains.ae


Website: budgetcurtains.ae

Address: Area M6 – 010 – Saif Zone – Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Contact No: 06 557 0614
Email: sales@budgetcurtains.ae

Budget Curtains is the most famous and the best shop is known because of its online services. They always try to serve the most ideal window covering curtains and blinds on their online platform. At highly affordable rates, they are providing excellently designed and crafted curtains and other made-to-measure window coverings to their clients.

The priority of Budget Blinds is to offer such products to the customer that literally worth their money in a true sense. Other additional and detailed information about this one of the best curtains shops in Dubai is mentioned below so let us have a quick look at it.

What Do They Offer?

From plain natural curtains to different measuring guides and blogs you will find everything on their website. For the people who do not like to shop by coming out of their houses and prefer online shopping, Budget Curtains is the best solution for them. You can go through their wide variety of curtains and blinds and select one just according to your needs and requirements.


The most simple and the most preferred service provided by this brand is the made-to-measure or custom-made window covering products. When it comes to the window covering solutions or other elements that are involved in the covering of your commercial or residential windows then Budget Blinds is considered a one-stop station that provides you with all the possible window decor products.


No matter which type of product you are looking for. At this place, you will be able to get traditional, soft, trendy, modern, or something completely extraordinary as well. The Budgetcurtains.ae is well-known for providing the clients with all the items just according to their place’s scenario and their requirements. So selecting them for the enhancement of your interiors is definitely a choice worth it.


They also offer different kinds of occasional and regular discounts which further lower downs the rates of their already budget-friendly curtains and other window covering accessories as well. On their website, you can go through different informational blogs which will provide you with a lot of details for effective and flawless fixing of your curtains. Different promotion offers and sales are available for the clients so that they can avail of benefits.


  • 1-year warranty
  • Free shipping
  • Buyer protection
  • High Customer Rating
  • Budget-friendly rates
  • Discounts are available on the website


  • No installation services

Customer Reviews

Some of the satisfied customer reviews about their products are:


  1. This online shop is highly recommended from my side because they have got a wide range of different window covering products. I ordered valences for my kitchen and the same product arrived just as they described on their website. Thank you very much you people are really very amazing!


  1. The entire team of this shop is very much cooperative and expert. They delivered my blackout curtains just at the promised time and the parcel arrived in shockproof packaging which was very sophisticated as well. The quality of the curtains is very amazing and they are presenting a truly ideal look in my bedroom. Thank You!

Important Tips to Choose The Right Curtains For Your Place

Some of the most important things that you must consider before buying curtains because having curtains in your room is a long-term investment. So before making any final decision for the purchase of these window covering accessories you must make the decisions very carefully and wisely.

Many factors are included in the wise purchasing of the best curtains. So you should take each and every factor very seriously in order to make the purchase of a good and perfectly amazing curtain. We have mentioned all these important curtains choosing tips, let us have a look at them one by one.

1. Determine Your Budget

If you want to make a valuable buy then you must be aware of your budget on a priority basis. After determining the budget now, hunt for the best quality products that fulfill your needs and requirements and also come within the budget approach that you have determined earlier. This step will make it easy to make a good purchase that fits your pocket without making any painful blow to it.

2. Choose Between Curtain & Blinds

Curtains and blinds are 2 different categories that can adorn your windows uniquely. So before making any purchase you must know about your preference and figure out whether your window will offer an enticing look with the curtains or with blinds. That is why you should firstly know about the proper difference between curtains and blinds that will show you the proper requirement of your room.

3. Select The Right Fabric

The fabric and the manufacturing material of the curtains is a vital factors that must be considered before making any ultimate decisions. The durability and the impact looks of the room are entirely dependent upon the materials of the curtains.

There are a lot of options available in the fabrics of the curtains. You can choose one on the basis of your needs and requirements as well. The most deciding factors are the amount of sunlight that you want to filter and the decor mood of your room as well.

4. Curtain Colors

The colors of the curtains can completely make or break the overall look of your place. This factor plays a very vital role in making the overall scenarios of your interiors really enticing. The color patterns of your curtains must sync ideally with the other furnishing equipment and already existing decors of your home.

There are 2 possibilities for the synchronization of the colors. You can make a perfect blend of two contrasting colors or by using matching colors the entire theme of your room will get harmonized. So preferably select the colors that make you place spell-casting on the minds of the viewers.

5. Select Solids & Prints Wisely

To understand what you should choose between solids and prints, you have to look at the rest of your interior decor as well. If all the furnishings and the decors of your room are of solid color then it would be better to select curtains that have prints on them.

On the other hand, if the already existing decors of your interiors and the furniture of the room is traditional then will be favorable to go for the curtains with solid colors. The mixture or blend of these curtains and your interior decors make a perfect tangy look that appeals to you the most without showing any flaw or negativity in the interiors at all.

6. Select Curtains With Ideal Lengths

For a more dramatic look, the curtains of your windows should have a larger length. If you want to make the size of your window feel taller then you must go for that curtains which have longer length measures. Drapes that flow directly on the floors offer a really impressive and amazing type of luxurious look.

But if you have pets and kids in your house, then it would be a better choice to have curtains with a shorter length. Your curtains must be a few inches above the floor so tangling issues in them will become minimum. Another classic option is to end the curtains at the sill of your windows. It is vintage style and looks quite traditional as well.

7. Select Curtains With Ideal Width

Just like length, the width of the curtains also plays a very important role in making the overall looks of your windows really very appealing. The curtains with an ideal width will add to the beauty of your window quickly on an instant basis. It totally depends upon the proper measurement that is taken.

For getting the proper measurement for the ideal width of the window. Take the actual measurement of your window and then multiply it with a factor of 2/2.5. By doing so you can get an ideal width for your curtains will show exceptionally appealing looks.

8. Buy Related Accessories

Always try to buy such curtains that make complete sense with the related accessories and add unconditional beauty to your place as well. So dressing and toning your curtains down is a very important factor.

Keep one thing in mind that some curtains and other window covering solutions come up with a light amount of accessories as well. So choosing them will also save your money in a true sense. Selecting such curtains from the top companies working in Dubai will be very beneficial for the customers.

9. Select Lined Or Unlined Curtains

This is the point where the functionality of your curtains or drapes can be determined very perfectly. If you have got such a window that is directly exposed to the sun and the colors of your curtains can fade out then you should prioritize using lined curtains. In this option, you can use any of the valances or sheer fabric with your curtains. With the functional approach, you can also add to the beauty of your place by doing so.

The Final Words!

Here in this blog, we have told you about the best curtain shops in Dubai. This entire piece of writing is a perfect answer to the most circulating question on the web which states “Where To Buy Curtains In Dubai?” The best and top 5 shops of curtains are mentioned in our article that serves the clients of the entire United Arab Emirates in a true sense.

Next, it is accompanied by amazing tips that will be very much helpful for you in making a wise purchase of the best curtains for your place. We hope that after reading this post, now you have got enough information about these shops and can make a worthy purchase from one of your favorite curtain shops in Dubai.

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