How to Wash Curtains? Step by Step Guide

How to Wash Curtains


Although curtains are considered to be essential decorative statements in the entire home space as they make the windows a focal point, elevating the entire beauty of the living place to the next level. In order to make them beautify the space, you should get them cleaned properly.

Clean curtains will add some extra charm to your living place and make it look much more attractive. Usually, most people wash the curtains improperly, not knowing what is the exact procedure to get them washed. With that being said, here in this article, you will get to know the proper method of how to wash your curtains in an appropriate way.

Easy Steps Regarding How to Wash Curtains Properly

Steps Regarding How to Wash Curtains Properly


Well, the cleaning method of the window dressings very much depends on the fabric. Because a wrong wash could damage the fabric, which results in the curtains looking dull and unworthy. Thus, it is necessary to know the cleaning procedure of curtains accordingly so that you could have your curtains for a long time with you, enhancing the beauty of your home decor.

1. Wash the Garment Fabric Curtains In An Appropriate Way

Washing the Garment Fabric Curtains


First thing first, remove all the hardware or the curtains accessories. Then shake the curtains gently in order to remove any dust and debris. This thing will make the entire washing process easy and you will get the curtains clean in no time, i.e. in one go. You can even wash the two panels of these garment fabric curtains in one go. Ensure that the water in which you are going to wash them is cold and give them a wash in the delicate cycle.

Use the regular washing detergent and let them get dried on the lowest heat settings. After that, remove them from the dryer and rehang them immediately so that they won’t get any wrinkles. Therefore, your windows will again become a focal point and continue adding beautification to your living place.

2. Give Sheer Or Lace Curtains A Proper Wash

Washing the Sheer Or Lace Curtains


Usually, when you wash the sheer or lace curtains, snagging might occur. So, the best way is to get them washed by hand or in a mesh bag. No matter, if you wash them by hand or in a mesh bag, one thing to remember is that, use cold water and mild detergent. If you are going to wash them by hand, let them soak for about 10 minutes first in the soapy water. Also, it will be better if you wash one panel at one time. After that, swirl it around and repeat the process by using only cold water until all the soapy residue is gone.

In order to restore the crisp of these curtains, soak these freshly washed curtains in the cold water and dissolve one cup of salt. After that, press the curtains to go out of the water, and hang them in order to get dry. If you are washing them in a mesh bag, there will be no need to get them soaked. Just make sure the water is cold and you are using a mild detergent. Get them dry and rehang them to intensify the living place.

3. Curtains Which Can Only Get Dry-Cleaned

Curtains Which Can Only Get Dry-Cleaned


Curtains having fabric like velvet or line cannot get washed in a washing machine. It is recommended by the manufacturers to get them only dry-cleaned. But, if you still want to get them washed, check the colorfastness by blotting them with a wet whitewash cloth. If the color transfers to the cloth, then do not even dare to get them washed.

Remove them from the windows and take them for the dry-cleaning process. Also, these dry clean-only curtains are never supposed to get dried in a dryer. Always hang them out for the drying process and then rehang them on the windows, allowing the living place to gain a beautiful look.

4. Get the Curtains vacuumed

Curtains vacuumed


The curtains can’t be removed or you don’t want to get them washed. Here is an easy method to get them cleaned by vacuuming. All you need to do is just to attach a brush with the vacuum and start to clean them up from the top to bottom.

Also, you can clean your windows coverings after a short time period so that there will be no need to get them washed for a long time. Another option is to use a steam cleaning wand in order to properly clean the curtains without taking them off the windows. Steam is actually easy and fast cleaning out procedure than vacuuming.

Some Tips To Properly Wash the Curtains

Properly Washing Curtains


The above-mentioned steps are on how to wash the curtains, depending on the fabric. Well, here are some more tips which you should use while washing the curtains no matter which of curtains they are. Follow the tips accurately and get the curtains neat and clean properly.

  • Firstly, try to vacuum them up to remove the dust and debris already. It will help with the easy washing procedure.
  • If you don’t have any vacuum, just shake them gently
  • Remove all the curtain accessories first and then remove the curtains from the rods which can be washed
  • Put them in the cold water and let them get soaked for about 4-5 minutes before you give them a wash.
  • If you are hand washing, gently do the scrubbing procedure to remove any stains
  • If you are using a washing machine, remember to use a mesh bag
  • Detergent should be mild so that the fabric won’t get affected and you will get the curtains back in their original condition

To Curl Up

At the end of this article, I will highly recommend following these effective tips in order to wash your curtains properly. Or, if they won’t get a proper wash, they will get quick wear and tear, thus running out of life before their actual lifespan. Properly cleaned out window hangings amplify the beauty of the entire home space and create a welcoming atmosphere with their graceful appearance.

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