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Carpeter.ae has got you the Classic way of carpeting with a significant enhancement in the form of Turkish Carpet Dubai. These vintage carpets featuring the entire excellence of ours will add endless value to your place, right away.

They not just are the legit beautifying ingredients but also seem very delightful to be around. They offer the plushest surfacing under feet and keep the interiors perfectly balanced, in terms of temperate. Other functional benefits include endless aesthetics, acoustic protection, and more.

Turkish Carpet Fabric.

Our Turkish Carpet Collection

Construction and Backing of Turkish Carpet

Our Carpets feature construction of 100% Wool, Cotton, and Nylon of the highest quality, in the first place. In addition to that, there are carpet versions that have the blends of these materials as a construction approach, as well.

Another manufacturing distinction is that the carpets are either machine-spun or hand-spun. These double-knotted carpets of looped yarn are then backed with high-quality felt.

Thickness and Sizing of Turkish Carpet

The standard pile height begins from 0.4 inches. Other values of standard thickness range between 3 mm and 6 mm.

As far as the turkish carpet sizing is concerned, there are a number of variants that include 2’3″ x 3’11”, 2’3″ x 7’3″ (Runner), 2’7″ x 9’10” (Runner), 3’11” x 5’3″, 5’3″ x 7’3″ and 7’10” x 9’10” size ranges of the Turkish Dubai Carpet.

Distinctive Features

Following is the specifications lineup of our Carpets:

  • These carpets are available within endless versions of alluring floral designs, brilliant color schemes, and special geometric patterns
  • They feature exquisite Turkish hand-woven techniques rather than Persian Carpet woven and symmetrical knotting techniques within the construction
  • The average knot extent is up to 500 or above
  • These carpets are colored using all-natural dyes from plant sources
Turkish Carpet

Advantages Compilation

Given below are the fundamental benefits of our Turkish carpet:

  • These carpets are the most privileged decor accessories, that will add a lot of value to your interior
  • These carpets feature the highest build quality, thus are meant to last extremely longer
  • They are entirely organic therefore are the safest floor covering option
  • These carpets are the best and most timeless decor investment
  • These carpets can be placed in living room to give a significance impact for visitors.

Areas of Application of Turkish Carpet:

Our all-exclusive Turkish carpets are the ideal versatile and supremely artistic floor covering choice for all spaces.

You can use the Turkish carpet for the home and also have it as the perfect decor accessory for your bedrooms and guest rooms. In addition to that, Turkish carpet can serve as wonderful commercial-grade decor as well and can be flaunted within all public spaces, too.

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