Everything You Need to Know About LVT Floor

Everything You Need to Know About LVT Flooring

When it comes to either installing a brand new flooring in your entirely new place or you are going to replace the already existing one, you have to be much careful about the choice you are going to make. Although there are so many options available in the market regarding the best flooring according to your preference, if we talk about vinyl flooring, there are so many types of it.

Here, in this article, you will get to know About LVT Flooring (luxury vinyl tile) for your space so that you could make a standard choice. Starting from what luxury vinyl tile flooring is, to the pros and cons of it, we have covered everything for you in this article.

If you remember, LVT flooring is the most traditional type of flooring, but now it has come up with many improvements or types, i.e. luxury vinyl planks, luxury vinyl tile, or simple vinyl flooring, making itself much appealing in the market.

 What Actually LVT is?

LVT (luxury vinyl tile) flooring is basically the type of vinyl flooring which is being very trendy nowadays in the entire market of floor covering. This can easily mimic the look of real hardwood flooring or the stone, thus making it difficult to identify it as to Know About LVT Flooring.

Although, its price has been raised because of the improvements that it has made over many past years. Because it can now replicate the look of hardwood flooring and feel like heaven under your feet due to its very soft surface, it is now included in the expensive floor coverings.

Manufacturing of LVT

Manufacturing of LVT


LVT floor is, ideally, the next level of simple vinyl flooring, which is getting much more demanding in the market due to its appearance and further specifications. Although, both floorings are manufactured by four layers, and use the same material still there is a difference in both of them which makes the LVT superior to simple vinyl flooring.

Talking about the layers, the first(bottom) layer is known as the backing layer, which is made to reduce the noise, thus increasing its durability. So, it is made with sound-absorbing material and a textured grip to make its bond strong with the subfloor. The second layer is the fill layer which provides much stability and protects the flooring from furniture concavities.

After that, there comes the print layer which holds the design and mimics the look of stone, tile, etc. In the last, there is a wear layer which is top coated to protect the print layer from any type of damage, i.e. scratch, color fading, etc.

As both LVT and simple vinyl are made up of the same material and same layers, there is a difference between their thickness. LVT is almost five times thicker than the simple/standard vinyl flooring, thus making itself more sustainable and appealing in the market for most homeowners.

Some Amazing Pros of LVT Flooring

Some Amazing Pros of LVT Flooring


After discussing all the basics about Know About LVT Floor, here are some astounding pros of it which makes it clear why LVT floor is so much demanded in the market. Although there are numerous benefits of installing this floor covering in your space, here are some amazing pros, mentioned below, which have elevated the luxury flooring Dubai to the next level.

  • LVT floor is much easier to get installed than the real hardwood flooring
  • The surface of luxury vinyl tile flooring is much softer than the stone or tile, thus it feels much more comfortable under feet.
  • As it has the backing layer which absorbs the sound, it is the best choice for home and business places, as well.
  • Although it is included in the expensive floor covering, it is more affordable than real hardwood flooring or stone flooring.
  • It is highly resistant to stain and scuff, thus it won’t allow itself to get cracked like tile or to get scratched like hardwood flooring, easily.
  • Another amazing feature of the LVT floor is that it is slip-resistant, thus making itself an excellent choice for hospitals, nursing homes, and commercial places, as well.
  • You can install this highly durable flooring in your bathrooms, kitchen, or basement because of its moisture-resistant nature
  • It comes up in a huge variety so that you can get it in any desired color or design of tile or stone
  • This highly sustainable flooring is eco-friendly, which makes most homeowners install it in their space.

Some Drawbacks/Cons of LVT Flooring

Some Drawbacks Cons of LVT Flooring


Everything, having so many benefits, also has some drawbacks of it and so has the LVT wood flooring. Here are the cons of it explained very well, so that you could make a choice accordingly and Know About LVT Flooring.

  • Although it is much easier to get installed than the hardwood flooring, still it requires a lot of preps to get installed, i.e. a properly prepared concrete floor. If your floor is uneven, you have to make it smooth enough for the proper and perfect installation of the LVT floor, and you might need some professional services to get this task done.
  • However, LVT is scratch or scuff-resistant, but it doesn’t mean that it is made to withstand the dragging of heavy furniture. This thing makes your LVT floor gets damaged, and you have to get it replaced.
  • No doubt, it can perfectly mimic the very look of stone or tile, but still, it won’t add that value to your property that real stone or tile could add.

Installation Process of LVT Flooring

Installation Process of LVT Flooring


For the installation of LVT, you have to check if the subfloor is properly prepared, i.e. if the subfloor is even and smooth enough to get the luxury vinyl tile flooring over it. If you notice the subfloor is uneven from anywhere, make it even. Fill up the cracks with sand. Because, if the subfloor is not properly prepared, the installation will create a structural design problem which, obviously, won’t make your place attractive.

After that, start installing the LVT boards in a structure by using a top-down method or angle click method so that the boards get joined properly and hold each other strongly, giving a perfect finishing. You have to cut the boards smoothly and carefully with the help of a knife. Don’t rush for anything, otherwise, you will injure yourself.

After the installation of LVT Parquet flooring, get it cleaned, i.e. do vacuuming and clear up all the mess created during the installation. It will be better if you hire some professional services rather than doing this process at home on your own. Because, if anything goes wrong, the entire look of your place will get a flat tone.

To Sum Up

Now, you know everything Know About LVT Flooring, its manufacturing, installation, drawback, benefits. So, it is safe to say that you are going to make a standard choice regarding floor covering to install at your place and to make your place more attractive and adorable, for sure.

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