How to Remove Vinyl Flooring?

How to Remove Vinyl Flooring

Flooring, obviously, is the most important element of any house decor, making it look more adorable by its beautiful surface and some other furnishing. Most often, people like to install vinyl flooring due to its replica feature. It can mimic the exact look of hardwood flooring and is available at a very affordable price. But, obviously, when it comes to its end age, you have to remove it, and for this purpose, people hire professionals and also wondering to know How to Remove Vinyl Flooring?

Well, there is no need to hire professionals to get this task done because this article has some incredible and easy steps through which you can remove it easily by yourself in no time, thus making your floor ready to install new flooring over it. If you follow the steps accurately, you can remove vinyl flooring very easily without wasting your money on professional services.

Easy and Simple Steps Of How to Remove Vinyl Flooring?

The steps given below are quite simple and easy, which will help you to remove vinyl flooring on your own so that you can prepare your floor for the new flooring which is going to get installed. Follow these steps of How to Remove Vinyl Flooring in a very accurate way and get this task done quickly, without any frustration.

1. Get Yourself Ready With All the Equipment to Remove Vinyl Flooring

Equipment to Remove Vinyl Flooring

First thing first, you should get yourself ready with all the equipment so that you could easily remove the vinyl wooden flooring. Get the flat pry bar, hammer, 5-in-1 tool, utility knife, or heat gun. Along with that, don’t ignore taking the safety measure so that you won’t get injured during all this removing process.

Get some work gloves to protect your hands. Also, you will need some woodblocks for the completion of this task. When you find yourself ready with these types of equipment, then you can start the removal of vinyl flooring from your living space by applying the following steps in an appropriate way.

2. Remove the Quarter-Round Trims

Remove the Quarter-Round Trims

Most often, people install the quarter-round trim in front of the baseboard in order to cover the gap between the baseboard and the flooring. Quarter-round trims actually, fulfill that space and make the Epoxy flooring look much more attractive. So, while getting the removal done of your vinyl floor, you should first remove those quarter-round trims with the help of a flat pry bar.

3. Remove All the Baseboard Trims

Remove All the Baseboard Trims

For your query How to Remove Vinyl Floor? You should baseboard trims are commonly used by everyone after getting the installation of flooring done in their space. In that case, after the removal of quarter trims, you need to remove the baseboard trims, so that it will be easy for you to get the vinyl flooring removed. Place a wood block against the wall to remove those baseboard trims, a few inches above from it. Then, put the flat end of the pry bar on the top by noticing where the wall and the trim meet.

After that, force the bar under the trim so that it could get removed. Otherwise, you will need to use a hammer or a rubber mallet for this task. Make sure that you put on some hand gloves with the purpose of not getting them injured. Remove all the trims against the wall in the very same manner, making the removal task easy for yourself.

4. Remove the Center of Your Vinyl Flooring

Remove the Center of Your Vinyl Flooring

If you ever noticed then you probably might know that only 6 inches of the perimeter of luxury vinyl tile flooring gets glued down or stapled down. This thing makes the removal of vinyl much easier and faster. The center of it lay loose. That’s why you should first remove its center as it takes no time and gets removed easily.

In order to check if the center could come out easily of vinyl floor. Cut the flooring around the perimeter against the wall, almost 8 inches away. And then, try to pull up its center and see if it comes out or not. In most cases, the center of it gets removed even by a gentle pull. If not, then you can take it out by following the next step.

5. Start Cutting the Strips of Vinyl Flooring

Cutting the Strips of Vinyl Flooring

Start cutting the strips of your vinyl with the help of a utility knife in a very careful manner. Getting them cut into narrow and long strips is an ideal way to remove the flooring. Make sure while cutting that strip should not be wider than 18 inches.

After that, start pulling and rolling up all those strips of vinyl floor that you just have cut down. Or, if you want to reuse those strips into another small area of your house, then don’t try to pull them up hard and get them rolled as this step will make the strips look unworthy.

6. Remove the Glued Down Part of Flooring

Remove the Glued Down Part of Flooring

If you are wondering to know How to Remove Vinyl Flooring? then follow the simple steps. No matter if it is the entire vinyl hardwood flooring that is glued down at your space or some portion of it. The best practice to get it removed is the use of a pry bar. Start removing the glued portion as much as you can by using the tip of a flat pry bar. Well, the pry bar is blunt so it will remove only that part of the flooring which is lightly glued.

For that portion, which is making a strong bond with the underlayment and is not getting removed by the pry bar. It will be better if you move to a sharpened tool, i.e. 5-in-1 tool. Use the sharpened end of this tool to consummate that bond between the vinyl and subflooring. While the tool is removing the adhesives, use your other hand to pull the strips back.

7. Remove the Last Stubborn Portion of Vinyl Flooring with the Help of a Heat Gun

Remove the Last Stubborn Portion of Vinyl Flooring with the Help of a Heat Gun

As you have removed most of its portion, now you might sew some area from where the flat pry bar or the 5-in-1 tool was unable to remove the flooring strips. For such areas, it is recommended to use a heat gun. Turn it on low. It will help loosen the hard adhesives from the floor so that you could easily remove the remaining strip of vinyl flooring. Weave the gun around the junction between vinyl and subflooring. Then, remove the strips by pulling them back.

And, here you are done with the complete removal of vinyl flooring on your own. Now, do the disposal of this old flooring away, and get your floor cleaned. Do vacuuming or clean it up with the broom, so that it will take the installation of new flooring easily over it.

To Curl Up

At the end of this article, I will recommend following these steps of How to Remove Vinyl Flooring in an appropriate way so that you could easily remove vinyl flooring, without any frustration. Although it will take time, you’re gonna save a lot of money by not hiring any professional services.

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